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Cannabis Bills In The Maryland Legislature With Dan Riffle Of MPP


Maryland medical marijuana hb 1101Join SSDP and NORML Terps for an exciting update on the progress of cannabis bills being debated in the Maryland State Legislature. Learn the ups and downs of the medical marijuana bills, the decriminalization bill, and the recreational legalization bill, as well as the current laws on the books.

for those of you coming from off-campus, the official address is:
3100 Stamp Student Union
College Park, Maryland 20742
& directions can be found here! http://thestamp.umd.edu/about_us/directions_to_stamp

Free parking is available (after 4pm until 7am) in Lot 1, which is the huge lot after you pass STAMP, then Cole Field House, on your right. Once you see tennis courts, you’re there! Be sure to read signs that you’re parking in the correct lot. ANY lot that says its only monitored through 4pm is free to park for the evening! There are also plenty of pay-to-park stations a little closer to the Stamp for $2/hour.

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  1. DavidTheExpert on

    A political event at Maryland’s Stamp Student Union is about as impacting as chicken being stuffed into a small plastic bag. Trust me, I know.

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