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Cannabis Businesses Need To Lead The Way On Campaign Donations


donate to marijuana movementIf You Make Money Off Of The Marijuana Movement You Need To Give Back

I had a very unpleasant experience yesterday. I talked with a collective owner that I previously thought was genuinely fighting for the movement. Turns out I was wrong. I have been trying to network with collective owners, headshop owners, grow shop owners, and other cannabis business owners on the West Coast to try to build a database of people that are making money off of the marijuana movement. I am hoping that I can eventually start getting them to donate to the cause

I’m sad to report that I haven’t been too successful. It’s not for lack of effort I assure you. It’s not for lack of a refined sales pitch, because the pitch should sell itself – you make money off of the marijuana movement, it can be taken away at any time, therefore you need to donate to the people that are trying to help you. If you don’t want to donate out of the kindness of your heart, then do it out of your instinct to stay in business. I actually had a collective owner tell me yesterday that he has nothing to worry about, so he has never, and will never, donate to the marijuana movement. I’m still shocked.

When it comes to campaign contributions, I have seen some of the most backwards logic applied by cannabis business owners. If I owned a cannabis business that would benefit from marijuana reform in another state, I would jump at the opportunity. Again, if not out of the kindness of my heart, I would at least contribute to a campaign because it makes good business sense. There are a lot of companies in California and Colorado that would benefit from marijuana reform in their surrounding states. Yet I have seen cannabis business owners from both states scratch their heads when I ask them why they don’t donate to Oregon to bring ‘official’ dispensaries here.

‘Uh, but it’s in Oregon, not Colorado’ they will tell me. Well no sh#t Sherlock, and guess what would happen if dispensaries came to Oregon? A huge untapped market just opened up for your product or service. It’s not that I have some uncanny ability to see the future. I just have the logical reasoning skills to point out the obvious. This isn’t rocket science. I was once talking to a guy from California who said that he was hesitant to put his business name behind a campaign because he didn’t want to alienate customers that might be pursuing other campaigns. I told him there’s an easy solution – donate to all of the campaigns. If there’s some that you don’t agree with, then donate to an out of state campaign, such as in Oregon. It would eliminate any possible bad perceptions in state, and as I said before, it would be a smart business move.

I apologize if I sound like I’m ranting, but I’m really disgusted by some people. If it wasn’t for the marijuana movement, NONE of what they have going for themselves would be happening. If you own a cannabis based business, and you have the obvious means to donate, you need to do so. You owe it to the movement, and at the very least, you owe it to yourself. Some collective owners have had the audacity to tell me that ‘since we are non-profit, we can’t really afford to make donations.’ I always turn it around on them and say, ‘well since you are non-profit, and ‘donations’ are flooding in all day long, that’s all the more ‘non-profit’ money that you have laying around to donate to good causes right?’

P.S. – There are numerous cannabis businesses that DO donate. Please tell them thank you!


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Johnny Green


  1. Healthfreedom on

      What? You run a Medial Club with a big sign out front, your ads in the JEMM, you twitter your shops specials…yet you can’t give to a charity because your affraid you might be found out?  Weak!  Cowardly behavior from those who have the most to gain and lose…

     Plus there are many ways of helping a campaign, this seems to me to simply be greed or apathy… 

    Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something! The CCHHI2012 is the last initiative standing here in Cali…yet we’re crippled by lack of funds…800 vonunteers in the streets daily, growing daily, and we’re getting our signatures at $ .50 instead of $3-4 bucks per…so we’re cheaper than Colorado or anywhere else this year. 

    Check out http://www.IndeoGoGo.com/JackHerertelethon and see how ap(pathetic) this campaign is…I simply can’t be attached to how this turns out, I have worked on this movement almost 20 years now, a year straight in CCHHI2012, I know my karma, what about yours?

  2. Some cannabusiness owners have been donating to the movement for decades. I would rather be on a list of people that contributed to change rather than be on a list of inmates at the local jail.

  3. Johnny,

    Great effort. That said, Ganjapreneurs are notoriously self-interested. I’ve seen how federal raids scatter the ant pile of so called legalization supporters. When the chips are down, most people lose the nerve to stand up to the man. While puffing bowls and J’s with other supporters, the good fight rings clearly, but when the fear of prison leaks in, that good feeling is immediately displaced by the overwhelming urge for self-preservation. This is war, and our enemies believe they have God on their side. What unites us, that can stand up to violent tyranny? It takes more than past money made to instill courage in a person sufficient to send them flying into the bayonets of the enemy. 

    TJ Green

  4. I don’t blame people for not wanting to be ‘added to a list’ of people who make money off of marijuana. The problem is that the IRS would love to get their hands on such a list so that they can knock down the doors of all those people. A better way is to set up a political PAK and that way the people can remain more annymous. I just think you are being naive thinking that people want their names on a list of ‘who makes money’… There has to be a better way.

  5. Healthfreedom on

    No doubt! I have been working as SoCal head of operations for Jack Herer’s amazing “California, Cannabis, Hemp and Health Initiative 2012” for over a year now and I have found a mass of apathy from those I expected to be the most hip to the cause.  Most dispensaries and industry folks have been cold and distant about creating a progressive Cannabis law here in Cali.  It’s not like we’re even holding the ground we have well, plus there is SO much more we can do with Hemp besides smoke it…Food (best in the world), Fuel (I run my Benz on Hemp Oil), Fiber (let’s save the last 10% of the trees we had) and plastics (safe biodegradable plastics).  So we’re pulling it together with the help of average Herb lovers and common citizens who can recognize the larger issues here.  “CCHHI, it’s not just about your right to get high…”

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