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Cannabis Can Treat Osteoarthritis, According To New Study


arthritis cannabis marijuanaCourtesy of The Joint Blog

new study published in the journal PLOS One, as well as by the National Institute of Health, has found strong evidence that activation of our body’s cannabinoid receptors – something done naturally by cannabis – can treat osteoarthritis (OA), which, according to the study’s researchers, is “a prevalent disease accompanied by chronic, debilitating pain”. It’s the most common joint disorder.

While studying the effects of cannabinoid receptor activation on OA-related pain, researchers found “new clinically relevant evidence that joint damage and spinal CB2 receptor expression are correlated combined with converging pre-clinical evidence that activation of CB2 receptors inhibits central sensitization and its contribution to the manifestation of chronic OA pain.”

They conclude that; “These findings suggest that targeting CB2 receptors may have therapeutic potential for treating OA pain.”

The study was funded by Arthritis Research U.K., as well as the National Institute of Health.

Source: TheJointBlog.Com


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  2. (They conclude that; “These findings suggest that targeting CB2 receptors may have therapeutic potential for treating OA pain.”)

    We hear this a lot with these studies, and while it’s encouraging to the cause, I dream of the day when all the “may haves” are followed up with real clinical trials and hardcore evidence to shove down the government’s throat (if it had a throat).

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