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“Cannabis Christians” Hope to Spread Their Church Throughout Colorado


What did Moses do after kneeling by the burning bush?

“He smoked it,” said the Rev. Roger Christie, who gave a lecture Tuesday at Penrose Library on ingesting marijuana to heighten religious experience.

“Moses was healed by the burning bush,” said Christie, who said he believes the holy bush is one of hundreds of references in the Bible to cannabis, the plant used to make marijuana.

Christie, a Hawaiian resident who founded the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry a decade ago, has started five cannabis churches in the United States, including one in Nederland, about a three-hour drive from the Pikes Peak region.

He hopes to found a Springs cannabis church where the drug is smoked, inhaled or swallowed as a sacrament.

Christie, 61, said all religions began with people taking mind-altering drugs. “Someone threw a branch on a campfire, inhaled and had so much fun with that,” he said.

The numerous biblical references to holy oils, Christie insists, are a mixture of myrrh, cinnamon, olive oil and cannabis. He’s re-created the mixture and anoints people during his services.

Christie, who has been ingesting marijuana for 43 years, believes that, when cannabis is used in a religious context, it brings one closer to God.

“Cannabis allows access to more information that God makes potentially available,” said Christie, dressed in a open-collar shirt, white sneakers and khakis.

Medical Marijuana has become a hot issue in Colorado as more than 100 dispensaries have been established this year to sell the drug. This month, two state laws went into effect that regulate dispensaries, causing patients to fear that their marijuana supply will be cut off.

To those patients, Christie says, the cannabis church may be the answer. The First Amendments protects religious belief and practice, including using cannabis as a sacrament, he said. Moreover, he said, Article II, section 4 of the Colorado Constitution protects freedom of religion and the practitioner’s “mode of worship.”

Christie said his experiences with marijuana have been mostly positive, though he admits to overdosing three times after ingesting food heavily laced with the drug.

That’s why Christie places safeguards at his churches to make sure the sacramental ingesting occurs in a quiet, thoughtful atmosphere and that no one overindulges.

“The sacrament is for sincere people,” he said.

Though Christie’s lecture only drew seven people, enthusiasm was high.

Rick Royer, 57, traveled from Denver. He recently started smoking marijuana for medicinal purposes and is intrigued by its application to religion.

“I’ve had thoughts of illumination” while smoking, he said.

As a Deist, I personally don’t live by The Bible, but I respect it and people’s faith in it. As I have always thought, Christianity seems to be all about interpretation and I wonder how well this interpretation will be received in today’s mainstream/Evangelical Christian community. It will also be interesting to see how many people jump on board with this new way of viewing marijuana consumption. Do I feel a Third Great Awakening coming on…?


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  1. Georg Haubenwallner on

    Kaneh Bosm(=Cannabis, not Calamus)
    was part of the holy annointing oil, which
    Jesus(Christ->Chrism, the name of the oil) used on people who 
    were not allowed to receive it(it was reserved for the Jewish
    kings and priests) in order to heal them from painful dermal 
    diseases and other deliberating illness. It was forbidden to
    do so on Sabbath and he didn’t care for the rules of the 
    self-righteous, but for the suffering of the helpless!


    What the Catholic church, most other
    (Pseudo-)”Christian” churches and
    Jewish religious leaders and scholars
    are doing is historical revisionism and
    historical fraud. “Kaneh” had been used
    to make shirts to bury the dead, it’s
    industrial hemp. “Bosm” means “fragrant”
    or “sweet” and therefore “Kaneh Bosm” 
    is medical marijuana with more aromatic
    and psychotropic substances than “Kaneh”
    (the industrial hemp we know and use around
    the world), it’s the form of Cannabis which
    gives you relieve from a variety of symptoms
    created by many different diseases and it
    has been used in medicine since thousands
    of years, till the beginning of the 20th century,
    when the prohibitionists polemic propaganda
    poisoned the world and enabled a system
    which would block resources for fighting
    real crimes with involuntary victims by
    creating criminals out of the blue, 
    who didn’t cause any involuntary
    victims, and building a global corruption
    pyramid that had been created with links 
    to the Mafia, the OSS/CIA, the Nazis,
    the Navy, the Vatican, the banking system, 
    especially the IOR, Banco Intensa/Banco
    Ambrosiano, Operation Overcast,
    Project Paperclip, Operation Condor, 
    Operation Amadeus/Pegasus/Watchtower, 
    Project BLUEBIRD, Project CHATTER,
    America, Iran-Contra-affair, KUBARK manual,
    Operation Northwoods, AIPAC, PNAC, The Trilateral
    Commission, American Enterprise Institute, Foreign
    Policy Initiative, Council on Foreign Relations,
    Propaganda Due(Licio Gelli/Silvio Berlusconi),
    Bohemian Grove, The Royal Order of Jesters,
    the AAONMS, the AASR, Operation Gladio 
    and ECHELON. ECHELON had been reported 
    due to global economic espionage by the EU 
    parliament on 07/11/01 and had been in use 
    till 2004 after PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor”, 
    when it was replaced by the “Dagger Complex” 
    which had been in use till the beginning of 
    the global economic crisis in 2008. 

    Controlling access, age and quality
    instead of guaranteeing Mafia monopoly:

  2. dmatt: If you think it ISN’T good for you, you should become literate and read books with actual words in them. You’ll be shocked to find that we’re “pre-wired” for cannabis, among other such eye-opening concepts. It may hurt, but grow a brain.

  3. Pavlos Nelson on

    If you think psychoactive drug use is the way to perceive the truth about God I’m afraid you’re horribly mistaken. Weed is fine for recreation, but in my experience all “Truth” perceived while on hallucinogens of any sort has been very very misleading. We exist in the midst of a spiritual war, and evil will almost always present itself as light. Prayer, meditation, fasting, destruction of the passions this is the way to perception of God. There are no shortcuts.

  4. Hi Roger. I’m still planning on coming out to see you in Hawaii someday.

    I thought it important to note that we (ZZCO–the ‘Merry Wonderers’) exist as well, and we are expanding, too.

    In fact, we just retired our first Bishop and replaced him. The press release is on the web site.

    Keep up the good work, Roger. Your brethren appreciate it.

  5. Aloha.


    The THC Ministry is NOT a Christian ministry – we’re a Cannabis Ministry for ALL those on the Cannabis road of life, whatever they believe in.

    I wasn’t there (obviously) so I don’t know what Moses did, however it makes perfect sense to me that ‘Moses inhaled’. Maybe yes, maybe no. If he did, I can certainly imagine that he received an opened mind just like most every human who inhales Cannabis receives. Simple as that. More later…

    All the best to everyone,

    Roger Christie, Founder

    THC Ministry



  6. these people are delusional but iam glad they think this stuff is good for them because they keep me with á job.. sooo sas for them and then trying to hook jesus in this mess shame on u

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