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Cannabis Consumers Union Launches In Colorado To Protect Consumers


cannabis consumers union coloradoThe Cannabis Consumers Union announces its official launch this week in Denver, Colorado. The nonprofit is educating the community by offering its members half off consumer safety certification courses at Clover Leaf University.

Denver, CO – The Cannabis Consumers Union is launching a cannabis consumer’s watchdog group working exclusively for consumer rights. Unlike other organizations that historically have worked towards legalization, the Cannabis Consumers Union is established by consumers, exclusively for consumers. This includes fostering relations with local, national, and international businesses who share the same philosophies of ethical business practices, consumers’ rights, and public safety.

The Cannabis Consumers Union will focus on issues that impact cannabis consumers directly. This includes protecting consumers against price fixing and gouging, chemical pesticide and fertilizer use, lack of quality control, bad customer service, and any other unethical business practices that impact consumers. Members are individual consumers and caregivers who want to ensure the highest quality products and services are being provided for the new industry. Additional programs being launched through the Cannabis Consumers Union are PTSD Awareness, which will focus on issues related to cannabis and PTSD, and Empowered Parents, which will be a resource for parents who use cannabis, or who have children who use cannabis to treat illnesses.

There are tremendous amounts of benefits for becoming a member of the Cannabis Consumers Union, such as participating in calls to action, group meetings that build stronger communities, consumers’ alerts, and most importantly, consumers get to enjoy 10% – 20% discounts at participating businesses. Businesses can become a Consumer Approved Merchant Partner by agreeing to the Cannabis Consumers Union’s guidelines and receive increased visibility via the Cannabis Consumers Union website and social media channels. Participating businesses also receive a sticker to display at their businesses to show that they are consumer preferred.

As part of the launch, the Cannabis Consumers Union is educating the community with Clover Leaf University, who will provide consumer safety certifications up to 50% off for members. Clover Leaf University’s Consumer Safety Certification course is the nation’s first consumer safety class, and part of the nation’s first approved and available four part cannabis business Responsible Vendor Certification Program. “Product education and public safety are of the upmost importance in this emerging industry,” says Clover Leaf President, Chloe Villano. “I am proud to be able to offer these courses in consumer safety to the general public, and offer discount courses to members of the Cannabis Consumers Union. I believe in their work and I am proud of an organization that is out there protecting the rights of consumers.”

The Cannabis Consumers Union’s headquarters will be in Denver, CO, and the 501 (c) (3) organization will be headed by Larisa E. Bolivar, a trailblazer and pioneer with 14 years in the cannabis movement. She founded the first dispensary in Denver, CO prior to H.B. 1284 that set the current licensing scheme, and is currently getting her M.A. of Policy with a concentration in national and international policy reform at Regis University.


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  1. I smell politics, and maybe this is a good thing. If a politician seeks the endorsement of this union, its a win win for both.

    Larisa, should think about hiring a political science graduate.

  2. Is this consumer group independent, or do they have ties to other groups? And if you want to protect consumers, you will need an additional legal group… I would suggest looking at how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau works, as they are doing some great things for consumers.

  3. They should consider developing an app to gather the apparent “anecdotal evidence” in a database to be used for researchers they could find so we can for research. Many researchers are willing to work for far less monetarily than they are worth most often. Though, I can see a basic rating system app with alerts and news that could give people real time safety info from the community.

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