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Cannabis Cup Interview: Robert Platshorn


Robert Platshorn is an American hero, at least in my eyes. Robert Platshorn served more time in prison than any other person for a nonviolent marijuana offense (30 years). Since his release, Platshorn has turned his attention to activism – specifically extolling the virtues of pot to seniors through his Silver Tour. Every campaign in America should be hiring this guy to spread his message to the most vital demographic when it comes to reforming marijuana laws. HIGH TIMES caught up with Platshorn at the Seattle US Cannabis Cup.


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Johnny Green


  1. Many of us here are “convicts” but not from ever hurting anyone or anything. You got any proof that his affiliation with the YesOn2 vote in FL had a negative impact or are you just spewing shit?

  2. Hero, Really? You don’t get out much dude.

    He’s a stupid ass convict. Why would I want to know anything about this loser? HE GOT CAUGHT. He can take credit for hindering the YesOn2 vote in Florida. People from his generation see him for what he is… A flim flam artist.
    This dumb-ass calls his infomercial “Should Grandma Smoke Pot” thinking that his peers can relate to it. Something tells me he didn’t spend his prison time in a library learning social science. Black Tuna…? No, I would say he’s more like Snicklefritz.

  3. Should Grandma smoke pot? Hell yes she should! Seniors cannabis-gardening classes could help fund the video’s air-time/screenings..and the Churches esp.need more activist-education about God’s plant of renown!

  4. The feds know Robert is dangerous to their prohibition game, thats why they were so hard on him during Robert’s parole. I agree with the weed blog, we need to go after the people that voted no; seniors. Preaching to our base is not much of a net gain.

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