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Cannabis May Treat Brain Damage Caused By Heavy Alcohol Consumption


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new study published last week by the journal Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior has found that cannabis may reduce the brain damage associated with long-term, heavy alcohol consumption.

According to researchers, “the current study aimed to advance the preclinical development of transdermal delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.”

For the study, rat models were treated with two forms of administered cannabidiol (a compound of cannabis), through a transdermal gel, and an intraperitoneal injection.

Researchers found that a gel which consisted of 5% cannabidiol “resulted in a 48.8% reduction in neurodegeneration in the entorhinal cortex”, which “trended to statistical significance.”

Researchers studied the results of a gel which contained 2.5% cannabidiol, and an injection, and found “similar magnitudes of neuroprotection following both routes of administration”.

Researchers conclude that; “These results demonstrate the feasibility of using CBD transdermal delivery systems for the treatment of alcohol-induced neurodegeneration.”

The study was conducted by researchers at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences for the University of Kentucky, and the University of Maryland.

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