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Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc to Release Prepaid Medical Marijuana Card


Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc, a leading company specializing in merchant payment solutions and financial products for the medical marijuana and health care industries, today announced an agreement for new merchant banking services including an open-loop prepaid medical card for patient purchases and discount prescriptions.

This new banking agreement and prepaid medical card will allow CMSI to offer an open-loop card for medical purchases, allow patients to receive discounts on traditional prescription medication through a national pharmacy network, include theft and fraud protection with online reporting, and finally allow patients to make transactions through a national ATM network and load the medical card through a mobile application. “We remain dedicated to the development and launch of cutting edge financial solutions not only for the medicinal medical marijuana sector, but for the m-healthcare sector as well. We are extremely excited about our new patient medical cards licensed by MediPayment, and expect to release the first cards in the state of Montana and Colorado over the next few weeks,” stated Michael Friedman, acting CEO for Cannabis Medical Solutions Inc.


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