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Cannabis Oil Cures Terminal Illness


rick simpson oil cannabis cancer medical marijuanaIn the cold and sometimes inhospitable environment of Nova Scotia, those suffering from life-threatening terminal illnesses such as cancer were suddenly finding relief. They can thank Rick Simpson and his miracle marijuana oil.

Located in one of Canada’s smallest provinces, everybody knew Rick Simpson in the town of McCann. Some knew Rick because he has shared his secret to life with them, others because they believe him to be a crackpot; little more than a geriatric pot peddler.

Stating the most basic of facts, Rick points out ”you can’t deny your own eyes, now can you? Here’s someone that was dying of cancer… and they’re not dying anymore.”

As dozens of major scientific studies have recently demonstrated, Rick was right. In both the lab tests and tests performed on animals, the active cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant are nothing short of a miracle drug. Helping those without hope fight what was once thought as an incurable death sentence. Curing those that suffer from brain cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, colon cancer, skin cancer, pituitary cancer, melanoma and even some forms of leukemia. They do this by encouraging the death of cancer cells, cutting off their critical blood supply, while leaving healthy cells intact and unharmed, unlike conventional treatments.

Source: Marijuana.Com


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Johnny Green


  1. advice please…can i take it in the whole plant form (as I can’t afford the oil making process) with the same cancer curing effects? thanks x

  2. The hell there hasn’t been. Germany has carried out 4 placebo controlled studies and the Russian Academy of Medicine claims they completed theirs back in the 90’s so get your facts straight before you comment on subjects like this. Germany uses this oil for all brain tumors. Seems the only thing you are an expert at is not doing your homework…Dave!

  3. This is why our pharmaceutical industry has lobbied so hard to keep research on cannabis illegal in the U>S>A. God forbid they find something that will end the selling of billions of dollars of high priced drugs, in something cheap and available to everyone if legalized.

  4. DavidTheExpert on

    I feel uncomfortable whenever I see wild claims like this. Yes, research has shown that certain compounds found in cannabis can reduce or prevent the growth of cancerous tumors, but there hasn’t been a placebo controlled study showing that these humans who take cannabis oil have a higher rate of remission. For now, it is entirely anecdotal and speculative. It’s pseudoscientific. We need to fight for our right to actually do this research.

  5. Johnny oneye on

    Apoptosis – cell death . , RSO works not only as a pain killer but it cures the problem that created the pain
    “way beyond that”
    what a sham when people say” no medical use”

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