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CannaPoll – A Social Inquiry


Smoking marijuanaCannaPoll Releases The First Of Four Surveys Investigating MMJ

CannaPoll is a series of 4 surveys developed to investigate the American experience, as medical marijuana patients, businesses and communities emerge across the U.S.

The “efficacy” or anecdotal value of marijuana has been established consistently and steadily over the past 40 years. A recent article in the Sacramento Bee recaps the 12 years and 18 million dollars of research most recently confirming the medicinal efficacy of marijuana. “California’s famed Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research — established by the [CA] Legislature to answer the question, “Does marijuana have therapeutic value?” — has now completed America’s most comprehensive studies into the efficacy of pot, (Sacramento Bee, July 12, 2012, pg1A). Marijuana is well established in the worlds of Science and Medicine, Nationally and Internationally.

What is unknown and what research is not available or funded, is the impact these historical and wide reaching developments have on society. How is the national uprising of medical marijuana patients, communities, and businesses impacting society? How is the conflict between federal and state law impacting marijuana patients, communities, and the marijuana industry? What is the impact on people’s health, lives, livelihoods, jobs, families, relationships, communities, and cultures, as the Federal Government and more than 1/3rd of U.S. States clash over the legalities of marijuana.

National Marijuana Patient Advocacy Groups are working towards resolving this National conflict. CA NORML, for example reports that “HR 2306, ‘Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011,’ prohibits the federal government from prosecuting adults who use or possess marijuana by removing the plant and its primary psychoactive constituent, THC, from the five schedules of the United States Controlled Substances Act of 1970.”. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) campaigns for “House Bill 6134“, also referred to as the “Truth in Trials Act”, which aims to provide a defense in federal court for medical marijuana patients and businesses. Currently, in federal court, being compliant with state laws are not considered a defense.

The Federal Government remains unwilling to acknowledge marijuana’s established medicinal value, which is resulting in the federal prosecution of marijuana patients, businesses and communities. Conversely, 17 U.S. States currently recognize marijuana’s medicinal value and have established regulations that assure their citizens safe access to medicine and freedom from prosecution. What is the impact of this national conflict on society?

CannaPoll is significant in that it is the first national research effort to better understand society’s experience as we work towards building Compassionate Communities and policy that works for all people. CannaPoll surveys are secure and confidential. Personal information, including e-mail addresses are not required to participate. After completing each survey, participants will be automatically directed to the “CannaPoll Survey Results”. Here they may compare their answers to the answers of others. Survey results are available to all as they occur at www.cannapoll.com. Click here to take survey.


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Johnny Green


  1. I took the survey , easy enough.
    federal agents keep people in fear , threatening property owners in Cali.
    so much for prop 215 and the promise of “safe and affordable” access to cannabis in Ca. arrests are down , but LEO keeps smash n grab tactics, take everything destroy the rest
    Last week the city council voted on a ban on dispensaries ,now every shop in LA is subject to police harassment.
    Private medical files are being taken from these shops during raids. LEO must be compiling a database of cannabis users

    The addiction to prohibition is apparent in all states , LEO is fighting for the status quo. ” i smell marijuana” you have just lost your civil rights.
    add that to the “patriot act” combined with homeland security and we now live in

  2. Right now the people who make the most money from it being illegal are the ones with the money that influence our lawmakers.
    If doing the right thing was germane to the decision it would already be legal.

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