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Cato Institute To Host ‘The Law And Politics Of Marijuana Legalization’ Forum


cato institute marijuana legalization policy forumIn another sign that marijuana is invading all levels of American politics, the Cato Institute is scheduled to host a policy forum dedicated to marijuana reform. Below is the information from the Cato Institute website (I will gladly attend with anyone that will take me!):

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
4:00 PM (Reception To Follow)

Featuring Asa Hutchinson, Former Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration; and Robert A. Mikos, Professor of Law and Government, Vanderbilt University Law School; moderated by Timothy Lynch, Director, Project on Criminal Justice, Cato Institute.

The Cato Institute
1000 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001

If you can’t make it to the Cato Institute, watch this event live online at www.cato.org/live and join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #CatoEvents. Also follow @CatoEvents on Twitter to get future event updates, live streams, and videos from the Cato Institute.

Voters in Colorado and Washington recently approved initiatives to legalize marijuana under state law. However, the federal law that strictly bans marijuana possession remains in place. Asa Hutchinson, the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, says “The stage is set for a confrontation of massive proportions.” If a confrontation is inevitable, how will the courts resolve this conflict? Join us for a wide-ranging discussion of federal supremacy, state prerogatives under the Tenth Amendment, and drug policy reform.

Cato events, unless otherwise noted, are free of charge. To register for this event, please fill out the form found here, or emailevents@cato.org, fax (202) 371-0841, or call (202) 789-5229 by 4:00 PM, Tuesday, December 11, 2012. Please arrive early. Seating is limited and not guaranteed. News media inquiries only (no registrations), please call (202) 789-5200.


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  1. >>>”Asa Hutchinson, the former head of the Drug Enforcement Administration, says “The stage is set for a confrontation of massive proportions.”

    Such bluster. That just begs the question – What crucial interest is at stake that would compel such a “massive confrontation” on the feds’ part? It certainly isn’t the well-being of the people.

    It’s time to put the Inquisitors under the microscope!

  2. I don’t think the feds are too likely to take this to court. The chances are too high that they’d lose. Then they’d have to overrule both the court AND the citizens’ votes, which is a bit much even for the feds. Instead, they’ll continue on with their “cartel-style” tactics (i.e., send in the armed gunman to terrorize the people) as long as they can.

  3. i really don’t know but from all the forum posts i have read that is one of many options the fed’s can use.

  4. no but federal court system can file an injunction :) if feds win pot stay illegal BUT if the feds lose,o Dear o mighty let the Flood gates open

  5. This will be interesting if not too
    accurate,,with Asa Hutchison sitting in and his past comments on
    marijuana any legalization plan from him will include sin taxes that
    will keep the DEA fighting illegal marijuana forever.

    That is the government’s plan,,legalization that charges so much taxes and fees that the retail price will underwrite the existence of a black market,,therefore legalization does nothing to stop the black market,,which is the government’s position on the subject now

    It won’t work because of the knowledge saturation that will occur with any kind of legalization,,as straight America witnesses the lack of actual harm marijuana does to people and our society their voices of doom will be drowned out.by the sledge hammers taking prohibition apart.

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