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CBS Poll Finds That A Majority Of Americans Say ‘Marijuana Use Should Be Legal’


legalize cannabisBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Fifty-six percent of Americans say “Marijuana use should be legal,” according to the results of a nationwide poll commissioned by CBS News. The percentage is the highest ever reported by news agency.

Only 36 percent of respondents said that they opposed legalization.

Seventy-one percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said that marijuana use ought to be legal, an increase of 10 percent since CBS posed the question last year. Among those age 35 to 64, 57 percent of respondents backed legalization, while only 31 percent of those age 65 or older did so.

Men (59 percent) were more likely than women (54 percent) to support making marijuana use legal. Democrats (63 percent) and Independents (58 percent) were far more likely to support legalization compared to Republicans (44 percent).

In response to a separate polling question, 51 percent of Americans admitted having consumed cannabis, up from 34 percent in 1997.

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- four percent.

The CBS survey results are similar to those of other recent national polls, such as those by reported by Gallup, CBS, and Pew, finding that a majority of Americans now support ending marijuana prohibition.

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  1. james f vandeventer jr on

    i’ve smoked marijuana for 40 years and I have never had a wreck while high not one time but did have a wreck while drinking so don’t tell me that marijuana is as harmful as alcohol ever and as far as a gateway drug i believe alcohol sure is it makes sane people insane and do just about anything

  2. The rise in ER visits over marijuana was actually touted as a Good thing, by Dr’s in CO! In that people no longer feel like they’ll be arrested if they go to an ER after using marijuana! They feel more comfortable dealing with a Dr after they use something that they’ve NEVER used before. Generally isn’t done under supervision of someone responsible enough to STOP the beginner from ingesting too much! But I’m happy that if they DO take too much marijuana, that they’d go to the ER, if they felt it necessary!

    Now, lemme ask YOU a question! Out of EVERY ONE of those ER visits for marijuana? How many of them DIED? How many of em WALKED OUT of that hospital within 4 hours?

    Using your logic, there’s a 20% increase in visits to the ER over children eating “Tide Pods” laundry detergent, too. Are you gonna outlaw those? 1 Child per DAY visited the ER for that VERY problem.


    What you’re trying to do is show a correlation over 2 yrs of data! That’s the 2nd rule of scientific research. Have an ample sample size! Rule #1 of scientific research is… “Correlation does NOT equal Causation! You’ve violated the first 2 rules of scientific research and trying to show a CAUSE!

    Honestly, it’s WAY too EARLY to start showing causation from legalization one way OR the other! So far, the numbers have been very impressive overall that legalization changes NO ONE’S life if they don’t choose to use it when it’s legal.

    It also shows that overall usage rates of marijuana, stayed the same AFTER legalization as they were BEFORE legalization. It doesn’t change things overall for those who DO choose to use it or those who choose NOT to use it! With exception of their not being incarcerated for using it, and $100 Million in Tax Revenue that wasn’t previously available to our schools!

  3. Yeah, and can you imagine the REAL numbers; seeing that this “report” was from an Establishment medium and source ????

  4. David Murray on

    There was an idiot named Sandra on here a little while ago. She believes that a person is constantly high as long as there is any THC in their body.

  5. ” Why has there been a huge jump in marijuana related traffic fatalities, marijuana related emergency room visits, marijuana related school expulsions and teen marijuana use and all at the same time when dispensaries started opening? ”
    This entire manifesto above is all a LIE. Where in HELL did you get this garbage ????
    Please stay home and keep chokin’ your chicken.

  6. You MAY be preaching to the choir, but one of these days, the choir is going to have to start singing our song. Those in the “congregation” who are not listening, well, open up your ears, your eyes, and most of all — your thinking.
    This is NOT 1937 anymore, nor is it 1960 anymore, nor is it 2010 anymore !
    There’s no stopping this train. Screw Big Business, Big Tobacco, Big Alcohol and Big Pharma ! You’ve been outed and NOW the VOTERS will tell you to GET LOST !
    This election and the elections in 2020 will put this issue on the other side of the proverbial, crooked fence. Asslinger and the likes can go pound salt —- OR if they wish, go help someone trim some plants …

  7. Wrong. You are a sucker for “massaged” numbers, at the very least. IF I wanted to, I could put together a chart that shows traffic fatalities have actually gone DOWN in areas where cannabis has been made legally available (both medicinal and recreational).
    You have to go somewhere else to spew fake data to the informed.
    Are you distantly related to Anslinger — maybe a great-grandchild ???

  8. “Days” , MY ASS ! I had the THC metabolite in my system for over ninety (90) days ! In fact, my THC reading spiked twice (2 times) from strenuous bicycling, whereby my fat cells released the metabolite due to dehydration from the exercise.
    These laws are all SHAMS ! You can NEVER determine who is affected or NOT affected by THC, based on levels in their urine or even their bloodstream.
    Why doesn’t law enforcement go after the REAL danger on the highways ———— legal alcohol and legal opiates … THERE’s an idea to stop the carnage on the highways. You are a fool if you think that there are many people at all that are causing accidents due to having a positive reading for THC.
    NO WAY could some type of law be remotely fair when it comes to this. Alcohol and THC are apples and oranges.

  9. ” What of the oath all in office take to protect everyone’s constitutional rights? ”
    Answer : It exited with the murder of JFK.
    Ever since then, the People don’t count anymore .
    What an embarrassment we are to ourselves and the rest of the world.

  10. I’ll just put this here for you then…


    Talk about cherry-picking stats! I’m using stats reported to the Federal Gov’t. (NHSTA) Not some anti-marijuana group with an agenda. Most times when you look at Statistics you must look at the big picture! Not just the snapshot! I actually went and READ many parts of this study you purport is gospel. The ONLY problem with your stats are that they cover up through 2007-2013. That’s a common method that prohibitionists use to make their argument. The ONLY problem with that is that Marijuana WASN’T legal in CO in 2013! That’s why I told you in my last post that “you’re using out of date stats”.

    Again I’ll alert you that although teen usage has risen in CO. It’s STILL lower than it was in ’96. It is across the nation. There was such a negligible affect on the stats that it fell WITHIN the margin of error of the study! Therefore it’s questionable at best!

    I’m also presenting you with yet ANOTHER study that I used before. A study performed by the Anti-marijuana Federal Gov’t. The study that shows NO correlation between “Teen Usage and Legalization”. This was a PUBLISHED article in “Lancet psychiatry”. It’s peer reviewed. http://www.ibtimes.com/teen-marijuana-use-did-not-increase-state-legalization-study-finds-1976560

    It’s not cherry-picked, OUT of date statistics and innuendo. I’ve READ the study you’re using. Have you READ ANYTHING I’ve posted as reference, or did you know better and didn’t need to read the study?

  11. And how accurate were the pre-election polls for legalization in CO, WA, OR and AK? Pretty much on the mark, as I recall.

  12. California: Prop 19 polls.
    April 20, 2010 SurveyUSA
    56% Support
    42% Oppose
    3% Undecided
    Sample Size: 500

    July 23-25, 2010 Public Policy Polling
    52% Support
    36% Oppose
    12% Undecided
    Sample Size: 614

    September 19-26, 2010 PPIC
    52% Support
    41% Oppose
    7% Undecided
    Number polled: 2,004

    Election Day: November 2nd 2010

  13. Ohio: Issue 3
    September 25th 2015
    Kent State University Poll.
    56% Support
    36% Oppose
    10% Undecided
    Sample Size: 500

    University of Akron Buckeye Poll
    October 1st 2015
    46% Support
    46% Oppose
    8% Undecided
    Sample Size: 1,074

    Bowling Green State University Poll
    October 16-17, 2015
    44.4% Support
    42.9% Oppose
    12.7% Undecided
    Sample Size: 782

    Election Day: November 3rd, 2015

  14. I sure could have used cannabis as a kid with crohn’s disease.

    I’d like to know what right any so called traitor of an american has to war with and discriminate to keep me from a good paying job?
    What right does any preacher on the radio have to blow on about drug free is the way to be, when in the Septuagint, which predates the bible, Kanehbos was used as a holy anointing oil, and Jesus was said to have used it to heal folk

    People have used it for centuries, and the usa comes along and pretends it has no benefit for no one
    why then did the usa file a patent for cannabis products? no value?
    the problem i see is the war dogs maintaining a consistency of truth, and freedom for all

    it would be a nice thing to know the usa is protecting us all.
    It is troubling to think that the usa might be warring on us all instead.
    What of the oath all in office take to protect everyone’s constitutional rights?

  15. saynotohypocrisy on

    -There’s no huge jump in marijuana related traffic fatalities, I explained that to you twice today, troll, as if you didn’t already know. If people UI cannabis are causing fatal wrecks, where are the criminal charges?

  16. If most of those numbers are irrelevant, there shouldnt be a big permanent spike with commercialization/legalization in the late 2000s. Why has there been a huge jump in marijuana related traffic fatalities, marijuana related emergency room visits, marijuana related school expulsions and teen marijuana use and all at the same time when dispensaries started opening? Thats too much of a coincidence. I dont know what could be more irrefutable than the data Im posting.

  17. Jamie Terrell on

    You have zero clue what you are talking..Like Jetdoc points out the trace of THC in their system could been from days prior to any accident and had zero role in the cause.

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    Your definition of cannabis-related deaths is bogus and you know it. It’s not cannabis they are testing for, it’s cannabis metabolites that have no bearing on whether you’re actually under the influence. It’s like saying that someone who used alcohol yesterday or last week is still under the influence and any accident they’re in is alcohol related.

  19. You cant run on the argument of fewer kids smoking pot. ITS UP. Colorado is number 1 in teen marijuana use. In 2012 ranked 4th and in 2006 it ranked 14th! Right before those pot shops opened. PWNNNED!!!

  20. Anti legalization people say “pot related traffic fatalities are up”
    Pro legalization people ran on the cherry picking argument of “but total traffic fatalities are down”.

    That was until 2011. Pot road deaths got so bad, its causing the total number of traffic fatalities to rise when for decades straight they were dropping. Thats outrageous.

  21. You’re also using 2014 data! It’s 2 yrs out of date, already! Although there WAS a rise in 2012-2014. As well as a rise in suspensions in HS kids.They were STILL LOWER than the teen usage rate of the 90’s.

    Those numbers however, went down in 2015 and so far in 2016. Back down to National averages again. Definitely within the margin of error of the study.

    But I don’t understand why you’re continuing to try to MAKE a connection between Teen Usage and Legalization? According to this Govt study, there is NO correlation between legalization and teen usage rates


  22. NO they’re STILL shit numbers! It’s actually very simple.

    These Statistics use the standard that if there’s a traffic fatality and the Person had ANY TRACE of THC in their system at all! Regardless if the guy blew a .27 on the breathalyzer, it’s counted as a Marijuana fatality.

    It could’ve played ZERO role in the accident and actually didn’t play any role in it, but they count it as a Marijuana fatality. It’s easy to get those stats when you’re standards are that low!

  23. saynotohypocrisy on

    I GAVE you a response the first time you posted this, on another thread. It’s YOUR turn to respond. That’s why you’re a troll, you never respond to your critics.

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