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CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Marijuana Should Be Legal


cbs marijuana pollBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

A majority of US adults believe that the consumption of marijuana ought to be legal, according to the results of a nationwide CBS poll released today.

Fifty-one percent of respondents answered affirmatively to the question, “Should marijuana use be legal?” The percentage is the highest ever reported by the survey, which has been tracking public opinion on the issue since 1979 (when only 27 percent of adults endorsed legalization), and marks a six point jump in support since the last time pollsters posed the question in April 2013.

Forty-four percent of respondents opposed legalizing cannabis.

Age, gender, and political affiliation influenced respondents’ opinions regarding legalization. A majority of all respondents under age 65 now support legalizing cannabis. Most men (57 percent), but not women (46 percent) back legalization. Most self-identified Democrats (59 percent) and Independents (54 percent), but not Republicans (35 percent) support making marijuana legal.

Separate, recently released nationwide surveys by Gallup and CNN also reported that a majority of Americans are now in favor of legalizing cannabis.

When asked about their views on the therapeutic use of cannabis, 86 percent of respondents told CBS pollsters that physicians ought to be allowed to authorize marijuana use to their patients — an increase of 24 percent since 1997, when pollsters first began asking the question.

Sixty-two percent of respondents also endorsed letting individual states rather than the federal government specify marijuana policies. That figure was up slightly (3 percent) since November 2012.

Over 1,018 adults nationwide participated in the survey, which possesses a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

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  2. Controlled Substances Act. By the Constitution, the federal government only has the power that the Constitution gives it. States are supposed to cover all other laws by the 10th Amendment. There is 0 drug law in the Constitution, so they claim that illegal drugs create a black market that affects interstate commerce. The main problem is that the government created the black market required for the drugs to be constitutionally illegal by making the drugs illegal in the first place.

    The Supreme Court once ruled a farmer growing more of his own wheat (for personal use) than was allowed by law at the time was violating interstate commerce because he wasn’t buying it from somewhere else.

  3. Johnny Bloomington on

    No but their message is the same and if you don’t go to relab then its still jail for you if caught. Reforms need to be the right reforms! Not putting lipstick on a pig!

  4. There is no known contact between Sabet’s group and any of the governors. And I am sure that they are making their statements for political gains, but the fact that their statements are more favorable to reform, signals the time for change is here to stay.

    Have a nice day

  5. I highly doubt that 51% figure is a national number, If your barely polling over 50% in a state like Colorado and California, then if you include the south, the real national number would be more like 35%. These polling organizations act like all the space between Boston and San Francisco doesnt exist.

  6. Prohibitionists think we should lose our freedom family & fortune because of pot; and feel we should be OK with them thinking that.

    Prohibitionists have no heroes (witness Ted Cruz) just liars, fibbers and stupid’s. Our side has thousands of heroes. Marc Emery is my favorite

    Prohibitionists are condescending judgementalists – every perceived personality flaw they see; is somehow related to pot.

    Prohibitionists are terrified at the possibility that Pot is a (performance / life) enhancing herb. They do like the falsehood that Pot dumbs peoples senses

    Prohibitionists will be lumped in with the temperance league (of alcohol prohibition) when it comes to smarts. Only they will be considered even stupider. The temperance league were right on a few points. Like violence and physical damage

    Prohibitionists are sure they know more about Cannabis than someone that has spent their whole life with the Marijuana plant.

    Prohibitionists especially the intelligentsia can’t imagine they were lied to and have been wrong all their lives

    Prohibitionists talk about stupid stoners. You won’t find anything dumber than a Drunk. That is another Marijuana fact.

    Prohibitionists think that the Legalization crowd are the ones that are lying.

    Prohibitionists are afraid of legalization because when they don’t toke up with their friends; they will know that they were talking behind their backs and were Judgmental Condescendings

    Prohibitionists will say there are downsides to everything. “NAME THEM” I bet you can’t name any.

    Prohibitionists try and switch the topic to other drugs when they don’t have a leg to stand on when discussing pot.

    Prohibitionists think everyone that doesn’t agree with them is trolling

  7. I’m doing what I can to help Kansas free the weed and I tell you it is frustrating but I ain’t gonna stop there

  8. Johnny Bloomington on

    Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie are only changing their tunes for project SAM’s “forced Relab”

  9. The stuffed shirts up on the hill that are against pot will hit happy hour right out of work then off to home for a few more whiskey and waters prior to dinner with wine. The usual couple nite caps and then off to bed to drunkenly dream about beating up hippies. Their true fear is that pot will be legal and because of alcohols’ damage to the body, booze will become illegal. (remember, the govt. decides your health care now!) Let’s see how they like prohibition!

  10. I think, it was about 45% in favor and 51% against, just 16 months ago on the same CBS poll. So even by their standards, the support for this issue is steadily growing, while opposition is declining. Uruguay will enact its laws pretty soon, Washington state will start recreational sales in a couple months and president Santos seems to be going for an easy reelection in Colombia. You got Obama and Harry Reid softening their positions and even Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie changing their tunes just to mention some. Introduced legislation used to be medical, hemp or decriminalization bills. Now there is medical high CBD strains proposed legislation, to allow treatment of Dravets and other childhood seizure disorders, diversifying more the bills and sparking the debate..

    Once that 2015 brings major changes on the next UN meeting on the subject, and the 2016 US elections show the strength of the generation X, millennials, and younger retiring boomers voting blocks, with less influence by the conservative great generation and older conservative boomers ones, the changes are going to be rolling (no pun intended) very fast. By 2016 women’s support should be over 50%, 65 or older and republicans somewhere around 45%.
    Cannabis prohibition is ending.

  11. Which doesn’t make sense if you consider yourself a conservative and want less government intrusion into the privacy of your life and love the Constitution. Voting to keep cannabis illegal does exactly the opposite, giving the government unconstitutional power to violate your privacy and rights. The CSA itself is not legal at all and should have required an Amendment, except that they claim it affects interstate commerce. But they claim anything does.

  12. This is so simple. If people would open their brainwashed minds and study the scientific data! You don’t like cannabis don’t smoke it! I hate alcohol so guess what, I don’t drink it!

  13. Man, those are all conservative pollsters. The numbers are much higher, and lots of cannabis lovers haven’t even come out of hiding yet. (I don’t count President Obama, as he is not a cannabis lover in any way whatsoever, like, he is the exact opposite.)

  14. Bill Conway Sr. on

    51 % that’s all.If you walked down the street by me I’ll bet it would be HIGHER! Lol

  15. The momentum is building and the tipping-point is near. This *will* be a deciding issue for voters in 2016. The days of politicians laughing off questions about cannabis legalization are over.

  16. Well? Are we a representative democracy or what? What are your state representatives and senators doing about it? Call or email them!

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