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Celebrate ‘Medical Marijuana Week’ By Calling A Politician And Attending A Rally


medical marijuana saves livesThe medical cannabis community is under attack, and we must be heard!

More than 100 DEA raids, dozens of federal prosecutions, manipulation of the tax code, and threats to landlords and elected officials — the aggressive, anti-medical cannabis efforts of Obama?s Justice Department must stop!

Join Americans for Safe Access Chapters and Affiliates across the country in celebrating Medical Marijuana Week by standing up for our right to safe access. Take time each day to participate in the week of action outlined below.

During Medical Marijuana Week (Feb. 13-17), here are some other ways you can get involved and make a difference:

marijuana1. Monday, February 13: Call the White House at 202-456-1111 and tell Pres. Obama to keep his promise to not use Justice Department resources to undermine state laws, stop putting politics before science, and act immediately to reclassify cannabis as medicine.

2. Tuesday, February 14: Contact Congress, 202-224-3121, and urge your representative to sponsor legislation to reclassify cannabis, end federal interference in state programs, and provide licensed patients and provides a defense in court.

3. Wednesday, February 15: Ask your Governor to sign the DEA Rescheduling Petition. Find your Governor’s contact information by clicking here.

4. Thursday, February 16 @ Noon: Make your voice heard at a rally near you! Click here for a full list of rallies.

5. Friday, February 17: Join the movement and help fund the fight for safe access. Find out how by clicking here.

Message from Americans For Safe Access. Visit them online to find out how to join or donate.


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  1. -=MIdwest Mike=- on

    Iowa is under attack also!
    The House Public Safety Committee heard testimony on a bill hostile to medical marijuana on February, 2nd. Gov. Terry Branstad’s (R) bill, HSB 552, would reclassify “marijuana used for medical purposes” as a Schedule 1 substance under Iowa law – declaring it has no medical value. It would also strip the board of pharmacy of its authority to establish rules relating to medical marijuana. Please email your legislators and urge them to oppose this bill. Medical decisions should be left to medical professionals. Why? What would back up his claim to put marijuana is schedule 1?

    In 2010, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy voted to reclassify marijuana that is used for medical purposes as a Schedule II substance under state law. While this change made no difference in the availability or legality of medical marijuana, it was a symbolic victory — a state board of pharmacy recognized the medical benefits of marijuana. Unsurprisingly, a majority of this board are pharmacists. The governor is not. Shouldn’t trained pharmacists — especially those appointed to the state board by the governor — be trusted with making pharmacological decisions, not a lifelong politician with no medical training and has always had a shut mind when it comes to medical marijuana? Terry is trying to unravel all the hard work we have done for Iowa and the country.

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