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Charles Bowden On The War On Drugs


Charles Bowden talks about a few things in this interview, including the war on drugs. I saw it come across Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’s Executive Director’s (Neill Franklin) Twitter feed and figured it was worth passing it along. How long will the world stand by and let the war on drugs ruin life after life?


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  1. Drugs don’t make seeds. Start there. It’s a simple matter of rightful jurisdiction. Why does the C3 (contemporary Cannabis culture) fail to recognize that “every herb bearing seed” is beyond the rightful jurisdiction of any court? The past two generations, back to 1937, made a gigantic mistake in conceding rightful jurisdiction over herbs, and Cannabis in particular. In the present, our generation is struggling to awaken to the fact that Cannabis is both unique and essential. Well, wake up dammit. The greatest threat to our children is their parents disintegrated responsibility in allowing such a thin lie to pose the ultimate threat. Time is the limiting factor in the equation of survival. How long will we continue to waste what time we may have left in pointless distraction and debate. Drugs don’t make seeds, herbs do.

  2. BRILLIANT interview! How hard IS IT, to realize that we’re at WAR with our own people? That we’re RUINING lives over something as harmless as marijuana.

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