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Check Out The NORML Nation Membership Drive


norml nation membership driveHello NORML Supporters!

NORML has big things planned for the 2016 election season, and we need more grassroots volunteers to help us fight for cannabis legalization!

That’s why we’re announcing the NORML Nation Membership Drive, taking place from August 5th to August 12th!

We’re working with multiple partners in the cannabis industry to build NORML’s ranks. The goal of this membership drive is to add 1,000 new members to NORML! We’re offering three ways to participate:

$25 Donor Package

  • Green “I Leaf NORML” Shirt (New design!)
  • Merchandise from Hemp Wick, Weed Maps, Mass Roots, and more!

$50 Supporter Package

  • Limited Edition NORML Nation Shirt (Only available in this drive!)
  • Complimentary issue of Freedom Leaf Magazine
  • Everything in the Donor Package

$100 Advocate Package

  • 30% off 1 month of 420 Goody Box
  • Weed Maps T-shirt
  • Special promotion from Spliffin (Details will be announced soon!)
  • Everything in the Donor and Supporter Packages

In addition to all of the cool merchandise you will get with becoming a member of the NORML Nation, we are also going to help all new members get connected with their local NORML chapters! The best part about being a NORML member is getting involved in your local area to push for marijuana law reform. We’re also holding a contest for our local chapters, by offering monetary grants to the chapters that refer the most people to National NORML!

The NORML Nation Membership Drive starts next Wednesday, August 5th and goes for a week, until August 12th. The 2016 election season is right around the corner, so this is the perfect time to get involved with cannabis legalization and support NORML!

Stay tuned for more updates about the NORML Nation Membership Drive!

Source: NORML - make a donation


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Johnny Green


  1. If you are in Missouri, we have ballot initiative (2016-013) for full legalization of this non-toxic plant that has been unjustly prohibited. If you care to join the movement (since NORML isn’t collecting any signatures or reforming anything, let alone actually trying to legalize this plant) look us up at Hempeers.com, or on Facebook at Hempeers United or Missouri Christians and Cannabis.

  2. pedroliberty on

    Tell it sister! I attended one of their “roundtable” meetings. It felt more like a sales pitch than an information gathering campaign. The people of norml got very upset when someone mentioned another initiative and the word decriminalization. It was just sad.

  3. how about NORML stops striving to protect the corporate profiteers of the cannabis industry, and actually strive to make this non-toxic miraculous and health-filled plant readily available to the we-the-people without restriction. The initiatives NORML supports are NOT anti-prohibition; NORML merely modifies prohibition in a manner keeping dollars in certain pockets, keeping the prisons full, lawyers busy, and government well fed. That kind of “reform” I can do without. Thanks anyway.

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