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Cheryl Shuman And Bobby Black On Geraldo At Large Fox News


Last night I was hanging out at my wife’s parent’s house and something quite interesting happened. My in laws do not consume cannabis at all, and are a total product of the reefer madness generation. Naturally, they watch Fox News quite a bit, which is fairly hard for me to endure when I’m over there. However, last night as I’m playing legos with my nephew I hear the words ‘this is a marijuana vaporizer pen…’ Instantly I looked up to see that on the television was an episode of Geraldo at Large featuring friend of the blog Cheryl Shuman and another one of my heroes Bobby Black from High Times magazine.

I knew the show was coming up from some of the e-mails and tweets I had seen, but I had forgot about it probably due to the fact that I have been puffing off of my new vape pen all day. The show was about vape pens, which was ironic to say the least. It was awesome to watch the episode with my in laws, and especially watching my mother in law relate to Cheryl Shuman. My in laws were full of questions, which I was timid to answer at first for fear of what type of conversations it would create, but all in all it went very well. Below is footage from the episode. Go get ’em Cheryl!


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  1. Jimmy Carter is a wonderful man who has done much good in the world. Sadly, he seems to be fading and may not be thinking as clearly as his younger days. Patrick Kennedy is just an opportunistic, cynical dope who has never had an original idea in his life. I doubt anyone will pay much attention to either of them.

  2. Thanks for posting. I would never have caught this on FOX myself. I was impressed with both Bobby’s cool and thorough explanation of a vape pen, and Cheryl, although being just a little cheeky with the eye brow raising, for also being a sane voice on our side. Thanks to both of them for appearing on FOX and wherever else they show up to our benefit. Didn’t anyone else hear the cop whistle in the background. I thought someone was busted for sure! LOL

  3. But what about Patrick Kennedy and Jimmy Carter? They were on our team just a year ago and now theyre fighting against us! They just started a new anti marijuana organization which fights tooth and nail to stop marijuana from being legalized and will only further marginalize marijuana supporters. When you have high profile liberals on the dark side of the marijuana issue, then were really in trouble.

  4. When you have people like Patrick Kennedy and Jimmy Carter moving to the dark side on the marijuana issue, then we got some major problems ahead.

  5. While I certainly agree that legalization is a very important topic, I don’t think it is possible to keep politics entirely separate from the discussion. Clearly, neither party has been very honest and both have caused unnecessary pain and suffering over cannabis. But can you really imagine a Romney administration allowing Colorado and Washington to try this grand experiment? Sorry, I just can’t.

  6. I watch both left and right stream propaganda news outlets.
    I find that left stream people are much more religious about their politics, and right stream people are, well, more religious. One thing is for sure, hating one side or the other will not get us closer to legalization. So keep your damn political hate to yourself. Mason Tavert positively engaged both sides, and that is why Colorado, a battle ground state, has the best legal pot laws to date. Marijuana got more votes than Obama in Colorado.

  7. Thanks Johnny Green For posting this! Bobby did a great job! I was so proud of him and it was fun to share the screen with him :) We have broken in to main stream and we are not stopping until we are legal everywhere! Sending you much love and respect to you and the entire community.
    Cheryl Shuman
    Beverly Hills Cannabis Club

  8. Good program, but who told Geraldo he could call us “potheads” on national TV?

    Catch a clue, boozehound.

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