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Chicago Hospital Wants To Dispense Medical Marijuana


swedish covenant hospital chicago medical marijuanaMedical marijuana will soon be available to Illinois patients that qualify for the Illinois medical marijuana program. Illinois has one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the country. Illinois recently added epilepsy to the list of qualifying conditions. The rules surrounding distribution of medical marijuana in Illinois is still getting worked out. But at least one hospital would like to dispense medical marijuana, eventually.

Swedish Covenant Hospital in Chicago understands that until federal law changes, they will likely not be able to dispense medical marijuana. But it hasn’t stopped the hospital from expressing interest in eventually becoming a dispensary. Per the Chicago Tribune:

“As long as there’s no change to the federal law, we couldn’t jeopardize services by becoming a dispensary … but we’re not afraid of making the noise,” said Marcia Jimenez, hospital director of intergovernmental affairs.

Some hospitals have taken small, limited steps toward working with marijuana. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, for instance, has been granted federal permission to take part in a clinical trial of Epidiolex, a non-psychoactive marijuana derivative used to treat children with severe epilepsy.

It makes me sad to know that a hospital, which is in the business of helping sick people, can’t dispense a state approved substance because of federal law. The hospital can dispense harmful pharmaceuticals all day, but cannabis is singled out because of political posturing by the federal government. I can’t wait until Illinois gets a real medical marijuana program, or even better, full legalization, so that patients don’t have to go without their medicine.


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  1. Way to go Swedish Covenet Hospital. But the problem still remains that the F.U F.D.A has still classed marajuana as no medical value. Even though state after state is admitting and legalizing medical marajuana for medical (medicine) and for recreational use. So untill the ignorance of the F.D.A some government people who fail to see the facts in front of there face. The strongest naysayers in our government say they are religious (until they get caught with their pants down) so they won’t vote any marajuana legalization. First of our countrys chatter is separate church and state. So our government only needs to vote logically and the logic is marajuana works and helps so many people get through some very debilitating medical problems. Yes medical problems. This means marajuana is a drug and has medicinal benifits and is helping millions of people. Wake up FDA .

  2. Weed is the future of medicine, There are no coincidence that weed is so popular at this very time in our history. It’s hear to help humanity evolve and heal everyone and everything on planet earth.

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