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Chris Christie: ‘I Will Crack Down’ On Legal Marijuana As President


new jersey governor chris christie medical marijuana kidsI cannot fathom why anyone would vote for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for President of the United States. His track record is awful, and that’s putting it lightly. When someone looks at his views on marijuana, whether it be medical or recreational, it becomes rapidly apparent that he is completely out of touch with a majority of Americans. He talks a lot about states rights when it doesn’t pertain to marijuana, but when it comes to marijuana, he is all about trampling the will of voters.

Chris Christie’s reefer madness was on full display this week when he stated that he would crack down on recreational marijuana if he were President. Per the Huffington Post:

If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) becomes president of the United States, he said on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Tuesday, he will “crack down” on those states that have ended prohibitions on marijuana.

When asked by Hewitt if he would enforce federal drug laws in those states that have legalized and regulated cannabis, Christie responded unequivocally.

“Absolutely,” Christie said. “I will crack down and not permit it.”

Chris Christie went on to say that no state should be allowed to sell and profit from legalized marijuana. In the past, Chris Christie has stated that he believes medical marijuana is just a front for recreational marijuana. He also stated that New Jersey would not legalize recreational marijuana on his watch, and has made previous comments that he would not treat states well that have legal recreational marijuana on the books.

Last time I checked, true Republicans believed in smaller government, and less federal interference in state matters. But I guess that only applies to issues that Chris Christie supports, and anything he doesn’t believe in should be stopped at all costs, regardless of what voters want. While I don’t think Chris Christie would win in a Presidential race (he has yet to technically announce he is even running), if by some miracle he did, I would probably move to another country.


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  1. Kristi.
    .I’ve been smoking for 46 years this new years…BP has been 129 over 72…pulse 71..180 bad cholesterol. ..what’s yours? Influence young kids to smoke weed, and you should be jailed..10 years. Otherwise it’s an incredible option to booze…you must have spun a bearing on a martini..stopping weed at this point would be the dummest, most selfish move any president could do..Hey Christi…pull out now..it’s a done deal..your kids probably have or will try the evil weed..A bit naive Christie

  2. C.C.’s comments do not (Donut) dignify a response. He and the rest of the “donut-eating” law enforcement officials he seeks to protect are clearly worried. This is a bait and switch tactic that will be used by the GOP side to put in a similar GOP member who will appear to be more sympathetic at the Convention.

    The first sampling was the CARERS Bill with Corey, Paul, and the sharp alpha female from NY (whose name escapes me now). This C.C. outburst was tested on an alternate news site like Huff Post.

    Someone mentioned that this is a polarizing topic for ALL politicians and that they will create a national distraction to avoid addressing the real “will of the people.” I concur with that analysis.

    What truly concerns me is if they really did “legalize” this plant. I cannot see how “big business” wouldn’t inevitably profit; like Big Tobacco or Pharma. This is what NY and the Red States are being set up for…. in the future.

  3. Wouldn’t it be something if he got pulled over and the po-po find a crack pipe and about 10 grams of crack. What would people think about him then. He got enough crack to fill up 50 pipes.

  4. Just getting this information out there: The personal opinions of the “Elected” do not matter. The “Elected official’s” job is to just be “The Voice” of the collective will for all of their districts “Persons” (AKA: Humans and private corporations) who contact them and tell them their “Official” opinion. Sure personal opinions gets them elected. After the election is over their personal opinions fly right out the window.

  5. He’s not a real Republican. He’s a DEA RINO that for some reason thinks his views on Marijuana are in the majority. Rand Paul is a Republican and he does things to help out the cause. Please don’t put this guy in the same boat as people who are genuine. He’s only a genuine dick!

  6. Seriously who will vote for this blowhard! He likes to piss people off and I can’t imagine the majority voting for this dick.

  7. That bastard was voted in by the people to represent those said people!!! Those same people need to vote his sorry ass out!!!

  8. Mike Filarelli on

    Chris Christie is as crooked a government official as we have had in the US in a long time. He has already demonstrated his miss use of his office to further his agenda. I only hope he does run because that is what it will take to show his true self and what he is capable of doing.

  9. You’re right about Rand Paul and prohibition. But I don’t think I could vote for him. The gap between rich and poor is too big in this country, and growing, and I have to assume a libertarian would make that worse.

  10. Crack away … you fat porker… at least in the u.k. you know it’s illegal.

    Like that’s going to stop anyone !

  11. Legalize it! on

    I love the GOP,they clam they want smaller gov. Yet they made the biggest dept yet, homeland security and it’s nothing more than a clearing house for taxpayers money. Unless we the voters clear all politicians out that are not listening to the will of the voters we all loose.

  12. This guy is a complete toolbag, we need less idiots in office. Words can’t even depict how annoyed I am, after reading and watching that clip on CNN. Chris Christie is ANTI-American after that rhetoric position on pot.

  13. I think her current stance is that she’s watching the polls carefully Or as she and a lot of other bet hedging pols are now putting it, watching the experiment of state legalization.

  14. Well you are in luck. Republicans don’t like him either. The TEA Party likes Rand Paul. The most anti-Prohibitionists candidate from either party. So far

  15. He may be angling for vice president. If he’s elected as part of a Republican ticket, christie could become a real nuisance.

  16. Republicans are supposed to believe in smaller government and less state interference, but other than rand paul they don’t. I wish we could get an independent or libertarian in office so we could stop this bullshit drug war.

  17. Who cares what that silly also-ran is blabbering about. I just wonder what kind of vanishing minority demographic he’s hoping to appeal to with reactionary nonsense like that.

    One thing I take issue with in the article though: “Last time I checked, true Republicans believed in smaller government, and less federal interference in state matters.” – Nope. That’s just Republican *talk*. They have never at any point in history walked that walk. The GOP stands for huge government, just the same as the Dems. Even Rand Paul wants to slash Medicare and Medicaid only so that he can instantly use that money to increase the military.

  18. Denny, I’ve been lurking for a few months and have read your lopsided opinions frequently. Please watch some C-SPAN and actually watch these legislative folks speak. Watch how they vote. If you still speak from as far right as you do after watching your lawmakers work then you really aren’t part of this movement.

  19. I agree obesity, smoking, alcohol, and prescription pill abuse are way bigger problem s than weed and these idiots just.wont accept it, makes no sense.

  20. Our being the MAJORITY is added reason to hate these degenerates who refuse to have a full and HONEST discussion about cannabis. They’re not just trampling on human rights,l science and public safety, they’re trampling on DEMOCRACY. Politeness is too important to be wasted on rude punk bullies like Christie. that would be casting pearls before swine.

  21. The filthy control freak hypocrite needs to control his own waistline before he worries about us. Alcohol supremacist bigot pigs like Christie have been kicking me in the face for 45 years. They deserve all the hate we’re giving them and more. Wouldn’t bother me if someone kneecapped that corrupt fascist.

  22. Obesity is a far bigger public health problem than adult cannabis use. Instead of controlling his own waistline, corrupt bridge man goes control freak on people who haven’t done anything to anyone. He’s really being a fucking pig about this.

  23. They should ask him how he feels about tobacco being legal? Tobacco is the most addictive thing in the world and anyone 18+ can buy it with no doctors Rx! Why do voters vote for this guy in the first place?

  24. There’s no way she will do anything positive about legalization given her track record of saying whatever it takes to appease the audience in front of her at the time, and promptly getting amnesia within minutes after leaving that fundraiser for another one.

  25. I don’t know about that. They might attempt to keep those therapies quiet/out of the media and continue their hypocritical stances afloat.

  26. How do these douchebags just refuse to look at the facts over and over again and live with themselves While lives are being needlessly destroyed by these bullshit drug laws.i just don’t know how these assholes live with themselves.

  27. If it was his wife or loved ones who needed it to cure their illness (God Forbid)… it would be legal yesterday…He will wake up on the wrong side of history come election day…

  28. Pretty excited to read this, because it just goes to show how out of touch he is with the right-wing constituencies. Those in favor of states rights, and hold that the 10th amendment is sacred, will not support a candidate that actively claims to oppose said amendment.
    He should continue to be honest about his position so there is no confusion about who he really is. We want that scum to be crushed on stage when a debate begins about this subject.

    On a related topic, if these upcoming primaries do not have at least a question [per debate] about medical legalization [and states rights] we will know definitely that federal agencies will continue to arbitrarily raid places until we, the people, march on Washington and demand change.
    Wasted tax dollars on arrests and litigation, unjust incarceration, and continued support of black market creation should no longer be tolerated.

  29. I take it that Kristi is building a jail the size of Texas for all us weed smoker s when saw him say that,I was in complete shock. I live in Oregon legalization takes place on July 1st…2015. I’ve been smoking for 45 years going on 46 this year and I thought I had heard it all this guy is thinking like Nixon…Chris Christie has sealed his fate…for god sakes what’s outlaw alcohol and bring an LSD never lost a friend on the LSD lost many on alcohol this world ass backwards! I’m going to go fill up my Bowl…

  30. AntiIgnorant on

    He does realize his position confirms he is uneducated on the subject, right? What an ignoramus….

  31. I guaranteed this man will not be elected- solely because he has more than four chins. His Diners Card bill could feed Botswana.

  32. Lawrence Goodwin on

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t hate Chris Christie in New Jersey, Doc Deadhead, nor his fellow anti-cannabis tyrant New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. I deeply love the founding principles of my country (which included unfettered cannabis growing, thanks to such luminous men as T. Jefferson and G. Washington) and I simply cannot sit idly while men like Christie rant about “crack downs” targeting cannabis plants. I live in New York. In which state do you live? California? Do you have any idea how often both Christie and Cuomo cite California’s cannabis policy as an example of what NOT to do? There are hundreds of thousands of cannabis lovers (and potential medical cannabis patients) in New Jersey and New York who are living under pure tyranny, Doc Deadhead. People are fed up with this crap. They don’t “hate,” they are justifiably angry in response to an arrogant politician’s caustic comments.

    Jimi Hendrix, if I’m not mistaken, said it best: “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, then we will know peace.”

  33. I won’t bring up the weight but he’s a fathead, even worse than these other politicians.why can’t these guys look at the facts and chill out they’re all on a power trip that just makes shit worse.

  34. Doc Deadhead on

    Hey folks it’s not about being fat, knock it off.

    I can’t believe the hate coming out of your mouths.

    This is about a hater and you all are no better.

    It is about being an uneducated hater willing to go against the will of the people for an outdated belief.

    Fortunately he speaks this crap now and not after an election.

    WE ARE THE MAJORITY, it’s time the Governor found out.

    VOTE OUT ALL who are against the forward motion of legalization.

    Oh yea, stop ALL THIS HATING, you are not doing the movement any good.

  35. Pádráig O'Gáirmléadháigh on

    I hope President Hillary Rodam Clinton cracks down on gluttony in America, especially on fat assh0les like this clown Christie. He is a prime example of a fat ugly American…..

  36. Lawrence Goodwin on

    Thanks, Chris Christie, for breathing new life into the age-old expression, “Roll a fatty!” Millions of cannabis consumers across our great land should say that proudly next Monday when they find happiness smoking these plants’ flowers (the cherished date of 4/20) and think of your relentless arrogance. Indeed, you are a modern day FASCIST, sir, whose views toward cannabis growers, distributors and consumers are NO different than the “purest of races” mentality imposed on Germans by Adolf Hitler and his underlings. Same goes to your neighbor, Gov, Andrew Cuomo of New York, who hates “weed” as much as you. Year after year, both of you ROB hard-working taxpayers of tens of millions in a totally insane campaign to block free cannabis enterprise in your states and deny ‘offenders’ of their liberty. THAT is the real crime here.

  37. Not even the modern Republican Party would run Governor Christie for President. He isn’t stupid and probably realizes he has no chance, but can get a lot more money from consulting fees, speaking fees and book sales by pretending to be a viable candidate. Cynical and disgusting.

  38. Well he has reason to not like marijuana. If his doctors recommended it for medical needs and used it as prescribed bing up one question. How many lanes on the George Washington bridge will he close to get his munchies delivered?

  39. To be certain, it’s rigged at every level at which it can be. Mostly, the electoral system is broken at the state level, as states are allowed to draw their own district lines. The group in power redraws the lines after the census to ensure they stay in power for another ten years by corralling the opposition party into a few squid-shaped districts and ensuring the districts where they’re from have populations at the low-end of the distribution. That’s how you elect more people with fewer votes. That’s how a political party that doesn’t have a majority keeps their whithered claws on the levers of power.

  40. Dang, you people sure hate fat people.
    With a guy like this, you can attack his ethics all day long, which is far more relevant to the topic, and it makes you look less like a schoolyard bully.

  41. This is typical of a lawyer appointed to be a US Attorney — Chris Christie built his political career as a drug worrier, so he cannot fathom a world in which cannabis is legalized. Thankfully, there’s no way in hell he’ll ever be President, so there’s not much reason to worry.

    To be sure, he’ll do it — if he becomes President. However, despite what he’s saying 18 months out from the actual campaign, he won’t campaign on this issue at all, if he can avoid doing so. He’ll be able to avoid doing so as the GOP nominee if the DNC’s nominee *also* conveniently omits cannabis and the drug war, generally, from his/her campaign. Put simply, both candidates will refuse to talk about cannabis until they’re in office so they don’t elevate or dash anyone’s hopes in a way that might cost them votes.

    Basically, if Chris Christie gets the nomination, it’s almost guaranteed we’ll get 4-8 years of drug war status-quo no matter who wins. Unless by some miracle the drug war finally gets put center ring for the 2016 campaign. But I’m getting increasingly less and less optimistic about that happening. Politicians are slime, which means they’ll manufacture an issue to put center ring before they let cannabis take the spotlight. Even if we weren’t at war and the economy was doing stellar, they’d simply threaten to take some woman off life support — again. Or they’ll dust off pictures of a dead border patrolman. Or worse, they’ll make the word “personhood” important.

    On a positive note, I *am* increasingly confident that public opinion has changed irreversibly. Sure, “crafty” politicians can do what they can to delay things, but they’ll never unplug the Internet. It used to be that you could make it through high school and college never knowing cannabis is perfectly safe. Now, every kid has a smart phone by age 13 and they don’t make it out of junior high without discovering the truth for themselves. Legalization is inevitable, despite Chris Christie. We just have to keep up the pressure.

  42. I could run as an independent with three felonies on my background and garner more votes than that fat imbecile by publicly endorsing the complete de-scheduling of Cannabis by executive order. I’m almost tempted to do it just to show that idiot how much America hates him.

  43. So sad a human being can have such a closed mind …..

    Wait a minute maybe he isn’t human!

  44. Don’t worry, this fool has NO chance at getting elected President. His campaign strategy seems to be to alienate every possible demographic.
    He came out with this anti pot stance, on the same day that new polls came out showing overwhelming support for legalization with young Republicans. Then he angered seniors by supporting cuts to social security. By the time we get through the primaries, he will be unelectable to ANY office.

  45. This guy is a crook and a walking heart attack. I hope he chokes on philly cheese steak. He has no chance of being president. If he lost some weight he might get a gig at subway. This guy has more Chins than a chinese phonebook

  46. stellarvoyager on

    I’d worry about him getting in a lot less if I weren’t absolutely convinced that our electoral system is rigged.

  47. ĐΣFΣCŦΣĐ on

    Only a fool would vote for Chris Christie. This moron is willing to hurt millions and cause billions in damages. You wonder if Chris Christie is backing drug lords. he is so far out of touch its dangerous.

  48. gabriel chang on

    Wow this Chris bean bag is a total idiot. You obviously don’t listen to the people. You know the ones who vote. Marijuana should never had been illegal in the first place.

    Marijuana has been ILLEGAL for 70+ years!

    What are the results?

    *Today marijuana is America’s #1 cash crop.

    *Marijuana is stronger and easier to get than ever before, albeit much more expensive than it should be. To smoke casually from the “black market”, it will run you $100/month. This is much more expensive than it needs to be. More expensive than my cell phone ($20/month from Tmobile), car insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), netflix ($10/month), and gym ($15/month from Planet fitness) COMBINED!!! Would you rather put money into the hands of violent gangs and drug dealers… or into taxes for schools, hospitals, public infrastructure, etc.???

    *Today American kids can buy marijuana easier than they can buy a beer.

    *Today marijuana is the #1 source of income for violent drug gangs and drug cartels who are richer and more dangerous than ever before.

    *Guns are illegal in Mexico yet Mexican drug cartels are buying machine guns, rocket launchers, grenades, airplanes, armored vehicles, anti-aircraft guns, and even submarines.

    *The DEA has been having sex parties funded by drug cartels.

    *The ATF/DOJ has given thousands of guns to drug cartels.

    *There are over half a million Americans in jail right now for non-violent drug crimes.

    I have this stupid thing I do called THINKING, and clearly I can see that marijuana prohibition can never work! America should have learned this simple lesson from alcohol prohibition!

  49. Fat piece of shit, he would only crack down on weed because it interferes with his mob family profits in booze.

  50. Do not vote for this idiot!!!! If the guy ran his legs like his mouth, he’d be a helluva a lot thinner!!!

  51. Oh cause precrepion medication, alcohol, and cigarettes are so much better then marjiuana he will never become president acting like that so something that doesn’t harm u in anyway is a harm but the legal shit they have today is not killing us right lol wow

  52. Jordan Shorette on

    Well considering he just alienated at least the four legal states and DC plus all other states that have a pro rec majority I don’t think we have to worry about this moron lol he’s terrible at his job he’s terrible at PR so just about all chris christie is good at is making enemies.

  53. Canadian immigrant during the Bush II regime. If this fatass becomes prez, guess I’m going back. Oh well, if its okay for the Mexicans to jump a fence 1 country to the north…….

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