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City In Oregon Seeks To Ban All Outdoor Marijuana Growing


medical marijuana advertising ban outdoor denverSouthern Oregon is one of the best places on earth to grow outdoor marijuana. I know a lot of people down there that grow some of the best marijuana I have ever seen and/or consumed, especially in the Grants Pass area. I have personally made many a drive to Grants Pass for the Jack the Ripper strain. It is, and has been, one of my favorite strains to consume. Growing outdoor marijuana is very much a part of life for many citizens of Grants Pass, and with Measure 91 coming online in July, even those that aren’t medical marijuana growers will be able to cultivate up to four plants.

But, sadly, the City of Grants Pass is trying to ban all outdoor marijuana cultivation, even if its in a greenhouse. That is unacceptable. The Oregon Sungrown Growers Guild issued the following action alert in regards to the proposed ban:

This is the time for our community to come together to defend the right to grow our plant. Grants Pass has instructed it’s legal council to draft an ordinance which is expected to be presented May 20th at the city council chambers at 6 P.M. This ordinance will BAN ALL sungrown and greenhouse cultivated cannabis in the city limits. If we work as a unit to stop them before this new ordinance is drafted and voted on, we can prevent the city government, and perhaps many more, from enacting these prohibitionist laws. As Lee Berger will tell you, this is canna-bigotry at it’s worst. Please read carefully, and share widely. Although this is a city issue, we are asking our patients and activists from all over the state to reach out and let Grants Pass know that this type of irresponsible ordinance will not go unchallenged.
Mark Bartholomew, City Attorney 541-450-6000 Roy Lindsay, Ward1 541-291-0346
Darin Fowler, Mayor 541-660-3696

grants pass marijuana growing ban


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  1. freewheelinfranklin543 on

    My great great granny and gramps grew dank herb and hemp for retting with the same strain. Granny planted in big hills with cow,horse,goat and chicken dung plus compost and thinned it out to one big female in each hill and got rid of the males. She had a small seed crop grown the same way on the other side of her farm with a few good males. Gramps grew the hemp for retting by sowing seeds very thickly. The plants were inches apart,no branching for long fibers.He cut before they flowered,bundled them up and soaked them in the creek. These were my grampa’s grandad and gramma. He and his cousins used to smoke their granny’s pot out of their corncob pipes,drink shine and tell stories.Oh yeah! And eat one of their Granny’s pies. The stuff gave them fierce munchies. That and the shine didn’t seem to hurt him as he worked his way into being a millionaire a few times over.

  2. Too bad. They will have to find a way to co-exist. We are FINISHED with suppressing opportunities for ALL so a select FEW can benefit. We only require Hexahedron & Tetrahedron from Cannabis. Octahedron, Icosahedron & Dodecahedron come from Hemp. I’m sure mom and pop will be able to keep these plants separated for their Personal Medicinal Use. Commercial will have to find a way rather than prohibiting the Personal Use as is now the case. IF they cannot. Commercial will have to do without Commercial production. Really the Science & Math are simple for anyone without a greed gene.

  3. Are suggestion that reality in your world is not ideal, and should not be guided in the ideal direction?

  4. ted mishler on

    that is I believe what people in all weed selling shops need to do, they need to test cannabis with a beam test for degrees of rotation

    I believe that everyone would find that they all have their own thc beam tested rotation in degrees that they feel most comfortable with
    I might be wrong, but i have a hunch that the quantity of thc and cbd, and cbn’s percentage alone is not an indication of the experience that a person is always looking for. It could be that people will find, if true, that a smaller amount of overall cannabis cannabinoids in thc, cbn, cbc, etcetra, with a high beam tested rotation in degrees might be equal to a high cannabinoid cannabis strain with a lower rotation for instance… I sure would like to experiment and prove that theory if it is true
    the book entitled Cannabis Alchemy by Stephen Gaskin gave me the idea, a great book…Loved it

  5. ted mishler on

    ok, looks like i will not be able to clear enough on my check this week to obtain a bus ticket, but i will asap
    HELLO TO DENVER!!! :-)

  6. russell bowles on

    A junkie is someone that can’t afford the next hit, a junky is a rich person that can…

  7. Because it’s a great excuse to keep getting an unemployment check. I agree with you jonomas.. The intellectual laziness is strong in this one.

  8. Hemp doesn’t cause hermaphrodism. Always nice to be lectured on growing by someone who doesn’t know botany.

  9. newageblues on

    Medical marijuana is a herbal medicine. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription to use other herbal medicines, ideally, that how it should be with marijuana. As far as kids go, most parents can be trusted to decide if their child has a medical need for it.

  10. Ted Mishler on

    perhaps i was overly eager to resolve the problem, that i inferred that you meant harm, but after reading the article you showed me, perhaps i should apologizes for the last comment, its just gets old, to be told NO when one TRIES to live their life, with cannabis, and i am tired of it
    to be told no when i try for a good paying job
    to be told no constitutional rights for me, unless i become someone i do not want to be, and stop
    i really would rather just find a way to get along in life independantly anyway
    to be told that i have no right to section 8
    no right to foodstamps even
    to be told to get a good paying job, i must cheat a drug test, and stop consuming cannabis for 30 days, so that i can cheat a drug test that is not constitutional
    that is why i have decided i will move to denver, i never wish to return to this state of indiana again, and the way i feel, an economic depression is what this country deserves, i mean if the majority of the people are complacent to the wrongs of the corrupt government, it seems deserving to me

  11. Ted Mishler on

    who does not wish to defy those bent on taking away our constitutional rights?

  12. Ted Mishler on

    just say it like it is, I, here in bloomington indiana am suffering from those in office committing high treasonous war against my right to work, have a family, be happy WITH CANNABIS, i don’t enjoy being warred upon, and they act like they dont want us in their back yard, i dont want them in mine either

  13. Ted Mishler on

    did i disrespect those who go along with high treasonous traitors, how rational is it that a Missouri man is serving life for marijuana
    what of all those who die daily due to prohibition
    how is that rational
    how is 14 people dying per second due to pills rational
    how is it that money seems more important to the corrupt government to protect THEIR pensions and living wages and yet we are to only have at most minimum, if anything,as more and more are doing discriminatoryal urinalysis
    How have I disrespected anyone anyway
    are your comprehension skills in check?

  14. newageblues on

    When it’s regulated like alcohol, it will be priced like alcohol, and hardly worth stealing. That’s how to solve that problem.

  15. AethiopicPecan on

    Presidents Cannabis/Hemp Quotes:

    President Thomas Jefferson urged about cannabis hemp:

    “Cannabis/Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country.” [Eazy Smoke]

    President John Adams suggested on cannabis/hemp:

    “We shall, by and by, want a world of cannabis/ hemp more for our own consumption.” [Eazy Smoke]

    President George Washington advised on cannabis/hemp:

    “Make the most you can of the Cannabis Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere.” [Eazy Smoke]

  16. russell bowles on

    The geniuses running the politics on it are just coming to the realization that we came to in 1968, three pot plants in a locked room ventilated above the roof with a smoking room ventilated in the same way(like a bathroom) and a one ounce carry law for all of the U.S.A. and let states amend but not overrule the original federal law, if over three plants you need a state and federal license, it was simple, McGovern said “I’ll have no problem getting it passed, Carter said he would, bClinton smiled when asked if he would(to get elected), and Obama is not sure yet, he needs another 60 years of the American Families pain over a stupid weed war built on lies to steal our tax money and increase government unconstitutional overreach, it’s a cure for everything, say a drunk comes over at three a.m. and you have to work in the morning, just light a bowl and give them two sandwiches and they’ll be out in twenty minutes…it’s a bloom’n miracle drug…

  17. Bongstar420 on

    Your grammar is atrocious. Writing like that is why people “need” to be sober.

  18. Bongstar420 on

    I have still yet to voice my opinion to these people…I’m sure that the “weed blog” and its supporters really want equal hearing of all opinions and to encourage 100% honesty…

  19. Bongstar420 on

    …and regulating it like common agricultural crops won’t encourage theft?

  20. Bongstar420 on

    But hemp will poison the well for home producers and average skilled growers (most of em disappointingly) looking for easy yields…Who wants seeded bud with hop looper, mildew, and spray residues?

    To top it off…not only will the hemp spread hemoraphrodism, but there are non-cannabinoid producing hemp which will cause the offspring of cannabinoid producing hemp to be non-cannabinoid (that means pot with no THC CBD or CBG).

    There is a reason the first thing OMMP growers whined for after M91 passed was a ban on hemp production in the Rogue Valley..Its because they are lazy dumbasses that want to hold the world back so they can have an easy high (it wouldn’t change anything for concentrates and edibles)…I welcome hemp. It won’t change much for my grow other than I will start producing hemp at some point.

  21. I am sure there is a beam tested strain that would work both medicinally, and could help a person smile as they go about there day, why are the common people so down and against happiness from that plant, jealousy i suppose, as no human can come close to the happiness the plants’ potential
    that must be one reason the prohibs have of disliking the nifty plant, but they will learn to get over it

  22. Ted Mishler on

    by NOT going along i meant – sheesh
    oh enough of this, i am missing tom hanks on david letterman

  23. Ted Mishler on

    The real question ultimately is does everyone take responsibility of their own actions, and that means just that in a FREE society, if this place is supposed to be free, then make it so. I believe the country would be much better received by all if it didn’t come across as bullies

  24. Ted Mishler on

    Didn’t, umm, wasn’t it Spock, Leonard Nimoy who said paraphrasing something like “speaking before engaging brain is illogical

  25. Ted Mishler on

    the title was just misleading, it said the city, and stoners make up the city, and i am sure the stoners want to stay stoners
    the article said otherwise, which is not true, look, are we all to be forgotten if we do not pass a discriminatorial drug test? I think that is what is happening with the title of this article. stoners make up the city too, and then for anyone to say that the city decided to go against the stoners point of view is contrary to truth, now you know that, that was my point, drop it, as I ran rings around you logically:-)

  26. Ted Mishler on

    Thanks for that, I’ll download and watch it, in fact I will book mark it now…

  27. Ted Mishler on

    By going along with those in favor of high treaosn you mean? or because i choose not to be a yes man on this issue?
    You dont get it do you, the policy makers are not the CITY, the people make up the city, and that means EVERY ONE, including the stoniest stoner you can think of, that was my point, and you have to open up a MOUTH
    What happened to comradery, and good will to others?
    It seems sometimes, that if a person can not CHEAT a constitutionally illegal drug test that they may experience the uglier side of folk at times

  28. Ted Mishler on

    I agree, but I really do not think it possible to suffer the deadly effects that pills have by over prescribing marijuana, of course you didn’t say that, just my opinion, I mean of course accidents happen, people need to be responsible but that all should go without saying

  29. Ted Mishler on

    Not sure why kids should not be able to for medical especially, but what of everyone’s spiritual benefit?

    It seems integral for any religious experience for me personally, and I am sure others feel the same way, just because we do not congregate and assemble in a church, does not mean that we can not seek out and have religious experiences, as I personally have had many, and the entheogen called cannabis was very helpful.

    Parents it seems need to make their own decisions on how they raise their kids, if some family decides their kids should have the experience, who is to say they should not have that right?

    I just am sure it could have helped me long ago, and I spent from the early 60’s of my birth to around 1992 without cannabis, and without using cannabis, that life style brought on a hell all of its own,and I will never believe that that way of living for me personally is a preferred or and a better one, I will never believe that, and people that peddle that kind of thinking I do not believe are looking out for us who use cannabis of course, time to eat this caesars salad, I seemed to have worked up an appetite:-)
    extremely hot out today in this humid hot city
    denver is much drier, and cooler, thus desirable

  30. Okay. 8^)

    It’s not so much political “complacency” that makes barriers to justice. It’s political, vested interests. Various powerful groups profit tremendously from the war on marijuana consumers.

    Like, police, prosecutors, prisons, alcohol, pharmaceutical, and drug testing/”treatment” companies, money laundering banks and the billionaire drug gangs themselves.

    They all fight to protect their river of blood money.
    Fortunately, public opinion is so strong, we are now beating back even those powerful parasites.

  31. How much control the medical establishment has over certain prescription medicines is another issue.

    Marijuana is primarily a recreational drug, easily the least harmful of all – legal and otherwise. So it will no more be part of the prescription system than are alcohol, tobacco or caffeine.

  32. Bongstar420 on

    Point is…You need permission to access only if doc agrees..just like mommy and daddy.

    Yes. I decline Vicoden all the time and opt to get loaded of THC. Fortunately for me, I actually get way higher on THC than hydrocodone.

    With legal pot…no need for mommy and daddy to give you permission (OMMP)….you just go buy for any reason you want.

  33. I decide whether to take those drugs or not. I have no interest in medications that I cannot get a prescription for. I often decline medications. Medicine is often an art, and some aren’t too good at it. – Mostly, doctors over prescribe.

  34. Bongstar420 on

    So you can prescribe your own drugs without a docs permission?
    When I was a kid, I needed mommies permission.
    Now, I need my doctors permission.

  35. No. Doctors don’t replace parents in any situation. Each person is their own primary physician that makes all decisions. Doctors are just their health counselors.

    With children, that authority goes to their parents – unless those parents have demonstrated negligence. But that’s another issue.

  36. Really? – Your statement that started this thread was:

    “I didn’t read the article, cause I know that a few people from perhaps the city council does not make up the whole city, the article is a lie from the get go, so why read it?”

    Perhaps you better make clear what “article” you are referring to. It’s assumed it’s the Weed Map article we’re all commenting on here. that is found at the top of these discussions.

  37. Bongstar420 on

    Metaphorical for authority figures like doctors and patients…doctors replace parents because of knowledge and drug abuse issues.

    Are we to assume all adults are capable of being responsible “medical” users independent of regulation?

  38. I don’t know why you would assume I would advocate children consuming ANY medication on their own, without their legal guardian making all medical decisions.

  39. Bongstar420 on

    People have been growing covertly for a long time..You can still do it.

    I wouldn’t live in a town where these were things people actually made hub bub about.

    In my town, they are cool if you keep it down. No BS

  40. Bongstar420 on

    …and now we know why its up for consideration. It appears to be an actual thing that is occurring and is an issue for some people.

    Maybe you should complain about their chickens and horse shit.

  41. Bongstar420 on

    People could actually do it. I can think of several ways. You just need a brain and neighbors that keep to themselves.

    1st one off the bat…Don’t grow the stank> I got a kush pheno now with almost no odor

    No smell. No prob

  42. You certainly have the right to be here. Where have I suggested otherwise? However, you have not interacted rationally or respectfully.

  43. Bongstar420 on

    I was ADHD…They wanted to give me amphetamines.

    Yes, it would have helped..no the formulations that actually give you a potent high wouldn’t help so all that kind of use wouldn’t actually qualify as “medicinal.”

    You would be stuck to oral formulations of mostly raw extracts and CBD devoid of recreational potential. Now, the question is, would you choose actual medicine over the fun stuff that is less effective if that was your choice and no one could tell?

  44. Bongstar420 on

    Are you saying children should be allowed to get a card just like adults?

    Isn’t an adult always in charge to keep the child from abusing it? Or is there no limit to “medicinal?”

  45. What else besides confusion would cause you to launch into a tirade against me based on the wild assumption I would be against medical marijuana for children?

    That seems more “rude” to me.

  46. And to many of us. But balance, wide perspective and respect are crucial. Otherwise, we will have lost more than what we are fighting for.

    Mostly, life is good. – And we are winning!

  47. Ted Mishler on


    What did your statement have to do with my last one to you?
    you are a dictating wanna be arent you im out of here

  48. Ted Mishler on

    Why do you feel I am confused? Are you rude to everyone, or should I take this personal?

  49. Ted Mishler on

    I just wanted to add that I have chrohns disease, and arthritis, and cannabis helps a lot for both, and I fail to see why you think I have not the right to be here, whats the matter with you, perhaps you need to seek out medical help of your own

  50. Ted Mishler on

    I just took a temp job, and he was kind enough to work me in his schedule to fill in for folk when he needs me
    I don’t, but they want to discriminate through a urinalysis to get into their job program, the article was in the herald times, won’t be much longer though, and I will be back with my Denver pals:-)

  51. Ted Mishler on

    I do not believe I or anyone should should have to seek out your permission for how I or their kids in this particular scenario, what of a persons’ spiritual right? Thought of that? I do not know what the answer is, I suppose that should be up to the parents to decide, not you, or I, what right do we have to dictate policies contrary to oh, I’m over it, you did say you were cool with medical, so I’m content, and I just toked up, so all is cool for now, can’t wait to to get back to denver, I really feel out of my element here in my own home town, there, in Denver, there was a steady supply, and the quality was consistant, here, you have to take what you can get, i really fell like this state is doing us a dis-service, and I do not see why politicians are so complacent at times, its as though those in charge, are not doing there job, but Ron Paul has been pretty vocal, so has his son, according to youtube…
    I only can hope for a better tomorrow, good luck to you, I’ve got some toking to do, then to get a bite to eat…:-)

  52. It’s clearly time for you to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative in your life.

  53. Your employer doesn’t need you? – I see you have much more problems than access to marijuana. You probably shouldn’t waste your job-seeking time in forums like this.

    Why would you tell the employment office you consume marijuana?

  54. It’s clear you are a sick, very confused fellow. – I was talking about recreational marijuana. Of course, children should have access to medical marijuana.
    Are you going to say children should be able to consume marijuana recreationally?

  55. Ted Mishler on

    to stupid prohib popular belief, mistakes do happen by the prohibs.
    Mistakes are made with no cannabinoids in the prohibs stubborn lives, so
    why the silly thinking that pot has only negative effects?

    What if..What if the rotation of the right kind of weed makes a person a better person with fewer mistakes?

    if a cannabis imbiber who imbibes the correct rotation of weed has a
    better grasp on things to where they could out perform the ignorant
    warmongering lackeys known as prohibs?

    What if that idea is true?

    What if the real dangerous poison of the earth is the ignorance and warrior nature of prohibition?

    believe that anything said from a prohibs’ mouth should be questioned,
    as history shows just what prohibs are about and what they do and what
    they want out of life.

    And a prison war torn planet is the prohibs agenda, and the prohibs are wrong in doing so.

    Where is the prohibs love for people and the planet when they war against us?
    Where is their belief in God?
    How stained are their souls that they cant see the truth?
    How clean are they keeping their temples when they have blood on their hands?

  56. Ted Mishler on

    Prohibs are truly ill
    depending on their deadly pills
    long ago, there was a better place to live a life
    back then if one wanted to visit heaven and yes even Jesus Christ
    but the bullies stole the keys to that hidden portal
    as they war on the world killing all chances of being immortal
    paraphrasing, graham hancock who spoke on how the feds think they have the right to tell everyone how to live
    caring if the feds agenda differs from our own, as the prohibs tells
    all that we are nothing but chemicals with no souls and therefore the
    prohibs mistakenly believe there will be no consequences for their poor
    warlike ways and cold indifference to the cannabis community, and
    brutality on the world and so therefore the prohibs refuse to give
    but there really is a better world than the one prohibs are aware of
    that immortality and fun and a world where sickness is unknown through
    the healing powers of the magical plant created from above
    it occurs to me that haters believe
    that hate and intolerance is the goal to seek
    why do we allow our constitution to be ignored in our day to day lives
    by ignorant low lives who could care less about the constitution God or us as the prohibs only know how to spout lies

  57. Ted Mishler on

    I have no weed in me, I am out, my employer has not the need for me this week end as I had hoped, and the local employment office refuses to help people that use cannabis in their job program, more discrimination, so why would I be holding my water pipe?
    You assume an awful lot, and your going along with those down on bongs says a lot too, it tells me that you do not see any benefit from cannabis use for me, why do I even waste one precious moment typing this I do not know, as I believe prohibitionists are the way they are due to lies and ignorance, and since the prohibitionists are criminal though too, and since people die from their abuse of power, what is the solution? I haven’t a clue, so I will move back to Denver, where once again, I will be happy, and content. I will purchase my bus ticket with my next pay check. I am down, but I will not stay down. So there.

  58. Ted Mishler on

    Prohibitionists of Grants Pass are not the whole city, I do not respect liars, or you care to ban MY speech?

  59. Ted Mishler on

    Why prevent sales, and eliminate people from giving it to children? I missed half of my grade schooling due to an intestinal disorder. What makes you believe and wish to play dictator, and suggest it could not have helped me? Wait, I do not care to even hear your response, what prohibitionists are doing is criminal, and if you take part in it, you may have to answer as to why some day –
    remember Nuremberg trials, and all those who suffered and died due to prohibition, and many of them were children

  60. You didn’t read the article? – Three paragraphs were just too much for you?

    You have a lot of disrespectful nerve coming to a web site, calling what the author says “a lie” (without bothering to read it), then using that site to post reams of confused rants.

    I usually don’t tell anyone this, but perhaps you need to put the bong away for a while and establish a rational, respectful homeostasis.

  61. We are looking at marijuana policy from two opposing perspectives. You are looking at it compared to the IDEAL that exists in your, and perhaps some others,’ minds.

    I’m looking at it from where we are in our current reality.

    Sure, because marijuana is so near harmless, the only regulation it needs is to prevent sales/giving to children.
    But most people don’t know that.

    They’re still working at peeling off the indoctrination of the world’s largest propaganda campaign. Most of the country still conducts a war on marijuana consumers.

    Fortunately, the Internet broke the information blockade created by government and the mainstream media. Now, a growing majority of Americans want to end the fraudulent, destructive marijuana prohibition.

    That majority is even stronger in states like Oregon, of course. We can rely on that majority to prevent bans in most communities if we can defend that provision in Measure 91.

    That would be tremendous progress forward.

    I wonder which perspective will get us to the optimum marijuana policy quicker? – Going from current reality, step-by-step, to where we want to be?

    Or standing up and shouting, “That’s not perfect marijuana freedom!” ?

  62. ted mishler on

    Of course!
    It is so clear now how to re-legalize the constitution for the cannabis consumer.

    Ban alcohol AGAIN. Ban the staggerheads, take away their kids through welfare, take their cars, “confiscate”

    Those people will see to it that things are made rightwhats good for the goose

  63. Rhea Graham on

    The mills that used to be in Oregon towns (in the not so distant past) used to stink and spew toxins from their smoke stacks. They sure didn’t balk at that smell, in fact they said it “smells like money”.

  64. ted mishler on

    I disagree jontomas,
    No group of people have a “legal” right to war on and ban other groups of people, that is called high treason, which is a criminal act.
    3rd paragraph, second sentence

    So then, our government then according to our constitution, is corrupt, and has been for years, and since most people go about their day living in tradition, and since tradition of high treason has been taught is ok, most do not know that they are just wrong, and do not wish to give up their tradition of hating their neighbors that use cannabis, what right should any person have to do so?
    What if every politician in the nation’s houses were stolen, and called confiscation
    what if every politician was discriminated against from obtaining work
    what if they’re kids were taken from them through a welfare system?
    what if all politicians were to be told they are banned from driving any car?
    what if we could get the votes to do it to? it would be just as wrong to discriminate against the criminals of our own constitution, as doing so would not be doing to others what we would have wanted done to our selves

  65. This is a good example of why we must fight against politicians – state and local – who are working feverishly to destroy what citizens voted for.

    The ONLY legal way communities have of banning marijuana is by a vote of the citizens. – We should fight any attempt to subvert this important provision.

    It’s interesting to look behind these tyrannical attacks on the will of the people. What is the motivation? – It can only be bigotry or corruption.

  66. ted mishler on

    I didn’t read the article, cause I know that a few people from perhaps the city council does not make up the whole city, the article is a lie from the get go, so why read it?
    According to Wikipedia, Grants Pass’s population is 34,533, and I am sure there are good cannabis lovers there, and am tired of a few people in this country pretending that they’re hate of cannabis is best for all, and now, this article assumes no one out of 34,533 people are into marijuana.
    I am sure that the marijuana users there in Grants Pass have an opinion, and that their thoughts matter too, what of them? Marijuana lovers make up the city too. Citizens of cities across the usa make up what we call a city, not a few jerks bent on war on people who like happiness through flowers called marijuana…

    Graham Hancock was banned on TED talks, curiously, why I wonder did TED TALKS feel the need to ban Mr Hancocks’ free speech? And chose to use dick cheney’s advice, when he said years ago that everyone has a right to free speech, but not all have a right to be heard… What did ted talks feel is a threat to society? Truth?

    Graham Hancock said it best on coast to coast am:
    Some highlights of a past coast show with Graham Hancock:
    Caller do you think they just want to be the new kings and us be the surfs so to speak?

    I think there has been a systematic very dark enterprise going back at least 2000 years to dumb down human consciousness to turn human beings not in to the amazing potential that we have of our majestic consciousness, but to limit and narrow it down so that we are simply dumb unquestioning producers of goods and consumers of goods, and we have been alienated from our own consciousness.
    One of the things that I feel very strongly about that we must do in this coming new age which be the symbol of the new age is to regain sovereignty over our own consciousness. Right now, our consciousness is strictly manipulated and controlled by hidden forces. The kind of forces that you speak of which are invested in big business in the military industrial complex, in the dominated personalities that run our government and that simply want us there as fodder for there power games. We have to regain sovereignty of our own consciousness. We have to reject the mainstream media, which are specifically designed to shut our consciousness down, we have to question everything in the education system, anything that comes from government, we have to distrust. I believe this very strongly, if it comes from government, distrust it. If it comes from the big corporations, distrust it.
    Don’t believe anything you are told. We need to waken up. We have to regain sovereignty of our own consciousness because the ancient texts say that the darkening of human consciousness that we have been subjected to is part of a cosmic battle, and that we ourselves may be the fulcrum, of the cosmic struggle, and the choices we make now to reject fear and hatred and suspicion that have been hoisted upon us for far to long and to embrace love will resonate out into the cosmos as a whole. We play a very important roll and it is time we took the reins in our hands.

    Caller speaking about a book and in it was said that we are all one and that we all came from africa.

    …We are all one. You know we have been artificially divided from one another by trivial unimportant characteristics, I mean what could be less important than the color of a person’s skin, you know, whats important is the of a person’s ideas. What could be less important than the piece of land on which a person is born, whats important is the humanity of that human being. What could be less important than the religion that were given by our parents which we didn’t even choose to have hoisted upon us –

    “my interjection, I think personally, that religions mean well, in that they try to comfort and teach that God is love, donate to hospitals and charities of all kinds too and I am glad they exist personally”

    Whats important is our own spiritual values and beliefs and I think that what we are moving to in the new age is a community of ideas of people who share fundamental ideas, not people who are distracted by trivia, like nationalism, or skin color we are all one.

    Amen Graham Hancock

    And being that we are one, lets not forget about what the Churches intended purpose is supposed to be about and that is the good of mankind. Sure they need to come clean and stop with the secrecy, but that is not impossible you know.
    I’d like to add that I know there are good folk in the churches too, and lets hope they are wanting us to have and maintain freedom too..

    Why couldn’t a guy like him be our president?

  67. Pretty sure the law already states that it has to be grown out of public view, even outdoors. If someone is in the city limits and has a discrete back yard or porch, why restrict them? Legal is legal

  68. powertothepeople on

    You probably get drunk and beat your wife idiot.your so ignorant its not even funny…. How did they brake it. been basically unchanged since 98

  69. It’s already growing all over the place in town. When you walk around, note the high fences and interesting smell :)

  70. Thank you for explaining everything. After reading what you wrote, You made some real good points and now I agree with you 1000% plus. So I withdraw what I said before and I go with your statement. I have a open mind and I can change my thoughts when things make sense. Now they do. Thank you

  71. Nope, I don’t think so.
    First off not everyone with the desire is going to actually grow. Secondly there are many folks that may wish to grow that won’t be able to simply because a city limit ordinance is place upon them? Are those folks suppose to purchase a parcel on the outskirts of town so they can have fun with their leisurely activity?
    The only way a city or county may opt out of retail stores is through citizen’s initiative. If the folks of the city wish to make their region a retail smokeless area they are welcome to go through the necessary steps in order to appropriately ban said shops, but 91 was clear that home grows will be available to all regardless of where they live.
    Frankly it begs the question, why are they so adamantly opposed to inter city grows? The grows have to be out of the general population’s sight, which means backdoor grows will have to be kept either green housed or made certain fences are erected high enough to bar the average Joe/Jill walking down the street and seeing the plants.
    Is it the smell? Vegetarians and vegans alike [I am neither] have to endure backyard BBQs of meat burning or we all have to deal with drunks coming into certain establishments reeking of booze. Some folks hate the smell of certain tree blooms or perennial flowers popping up, but we don’t demand that those folks discontinue growing their pleasantries.
    It is an absurd push by a city committee that simply did not like the verdict and so they are going to be a thorn in the side of the average person who did vote for measure 91.

  72. No, 90% plus of the marijuana grown in the Grants Pass area, is grown OUTSIDE of the CITY LIMITS. So settle down, it’s not really that bad.

  73. They are only banning the OUTDOOR grow of marijuana within CITY LIMITS. First of all, the city limits isn’t that big. When I think about it, I don’t know if I want marijuana growing all over within the city. I think it is better to grow it outside the city. Just because we all voted for Measure 91 and all of the other measures, I don’t think we should get carried away and it has to be everywhere a person turns. We have to think about the non-users and have some type of balance. something to think about?

  74. Wow… The taxation and regulation of cannabis is really working to keep those freeloading so called medical marijuana activists busy trying to fix something that they broke …. OMMP ! Idiots every one of them ….

  75. Damn, in one of the best places to grow on the planet too. If it gets a foothold I hope the state will sue GP into compliance. Perhaps the city attorney will recognize the futility and advise the bigoted few that their selfishness and ignorance has to stop. In light of the obvious, this is less about growing cannabis and more about democracy…the people have spoken while the sordid in power subvert their vote.

  76. What does it mean when you have the “right” to grow 4 plants and vote for it? That cities can literally make up any law they want to thwart the initiative if they feel like it? I don’t get it.

  77. We just had some visitors stay with us from Ashland. They said a LOT of people in their neck of the woods have been complaining about the smell from outdoor gardens. Is that what this all is all about? Sending everyone indoors to waste resources because it smells bad to some people? GGGRrrrrr

  78. Mike Johnson on

    Columbia County has put an ’emergency’ ban on all new or expanding medical outdoor grows. It’s ok in the cities of our county to grow outdoors. As of now. If Grants Pass is allowed its ban, then many more cities will follow. You can bet Scappoose will jump right on that band wagon. Why don’t they do as some places have done, if more than two neighbors complain, then action can be taken. This helps with neighbors that just don’t like you, so would complain.

  79. Bongstar420 on


    They should just past a general odor ordinance. You know, like horses smell too. Can’t have that in the city. Can’t be growing aromatic flowers either like Jasmine or Daphne. LOL

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