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City Of Boston Denies Permit For Marijuana Rally, Citing Lack Of Police Resources


denied permit boston freedom rally marijuana masscann normlI know a lot of readers were planning on attending the MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally next weekend, but it appears the event could be in jeopardy of happening. This is due to the fact that the City of Boston denied the permit for the even, just 8 days before it was supposed to occur. Why would the City of Boston due such a shameful thing? Apparently there weren’t enough police officers to work the event, which seems like a ridiculously convenient excuse. I hope MassCann/NORML fights this and wins. Below more information from MassCann NORML:

Eight days before the long-planned first-ever two-day MassCann/NORML Boston Freedom Rally on the Boston Common, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, the City of Boston without warning has denied the permit for the two-day event as of Friday, September 6. This comes two months after representatives of MassCann/NORML met with officials of all affected city departments to iron out details, a meeting at which there was no hint of any such problems.

In a phone call with Bill Downing, treasurer of MassCann, Alex O’Connell, Esq. of the Boston Law Department informed Downing that the City had decided there were not enough police resources to police MassCann/NORML’s event along with other events happening that weekend. Ms. O’Connell offered no explanation why the City had figured out this was a concern only eight days before the event, given months of constant contact between city officials and MassCann/NORML about various aspects of the upcoming event.

Ms. O’Connell also offered no explanation why the police were needed at all, given that the event is famously peaceful and good-natured, with no alcohol allowed, and Park Rangers and EMTs are on hand to keep order and deal with emergencies.

This is not the first time the City has attempted to derail a Freedom Rally. In 1997 and 1998 the City imposed unworkable and unconstitutional restrictions which were overturned by court injunction. In 2008, the City attempted to siphon off any proceeds from the rally and redirect them to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Boston, a scheme that was also overturned by court injunction.

MassCann/NORML is considering filing for an injunction in this case as well and is confident that where freedom was born, freedom will once again prevail.

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  1. Rally is not in jeopardyof not happening. It’s going to happen with or without a permit….And I’m fairly sure they will get a permit via the court this week….Just as happened before. Court will likely chastize the city once more…..City of Boston are amateurs on this. The excuse is amateur time and will not hold water. Unless they’ve cancelled other events for lack of police? Bet not…If not, Rally goes on because court will know it’s the same old shit the city is pulling against the Rally…

  2. File! The judge already asked if the city if they were crazy and fined them heavily for suppressing the event! Fine them heavier I guess.

  3. The lack of police presence means it is more likely to be a peaceful event since the police won’t cause as much trouble.

  4. “Sorry, we just discovered we don’t have enough police resources to handle a two-day celebration of peaceful pot-smokers. Since they have only been doing this for two decades or so on the same weekend every year and have never had any serious public safety issues, there is no way we could have planned for this. Now go away, we have to work on plans for next March 17th’s St. Patrick’s Day parade… you have no idea how many police resources we need to keep pace with a hundred thousand green-beer-filled drunks?!?”

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