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Clergy And Faith Leaders From Across Colorado Have Endorsed Amendment 64


colorado amendment 64 clergy faith leaders endorsementEndorsements Highlight That Ending Marijuana Prohibition Is A Moral Issue

By Betty Aldworth, Advocacy Director, Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol

We’re proud to announce that a group of more than two dozen clergy and faith leaders from across Colorado have endorsed Amendment 64!

These endorsements are crucial because they highlight that Amendment 64 is a moral issue. It impacts about 10,000 Coloradans who are arrested each year; it harms their families; and it affects their neighborhoods and communities of faith.

We have an obligation to talk openly and honestly to our loved ones about Amendment 64, and vote our consciences.

Perhaps Reverend Bill Kirton put it best:

“How we punish people and what we punish them for are central moral questions. If a punishment policy fails to meet its objectives and causes harms to humans, I believe we have a moral obligation to support change. Our laws punishing marijuana use have caused more harm than good to our society and that is why I am supporting replacing marijuana prohibition with a system of strict regulation with sensible safeguards.

“As we seek to teach compassion and love, it seems inconsistent to support, in cases of private personal adult marijuana possession, the use of police, guns, and courts. The faith community, parents, peers, and educators are the appropriate institutions in society to address this kind of personal behavior.”

Please take Rev. Kirton’s words to heart, and spread this message far and wide. Forward this message to your family and friends, and if you are a member of a community of faith, please be sure to share it there, as well. Tell them how much this means to you, as someone who seeks to advance the cause of justice and practice love for all of your neighbors.

Start a conversation. It may make all the difference on Election Day.


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  1. The most sensible words I have heard, in this war against drugs. A heart felt thanks for standing up for my right to have God sit on the throne of my conscience. I hate smoking and I am ashamed that I smoke, But my pain I can bare with cannabis. Your sister in Christ.

  2. PS
    Currently the federal government’s objective, is to wipe a plant God created, off the face of the earth.
    Is that good or evil?

  3. Bible reference; The garden of eden (Genesis 2-3)
    In the garden of Eden God commanded Adam and Eve to not partake of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. God did not command them to cut down the tree. Eve then Adam partook of the tree’s fruit and God made them suffer the consequences. He did not jail them or kill them.
    God created every living thing on the face of the earth and he wants us to have our agency to use or not use any of them.

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