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CNN Not Happy About Sanjay Gupta Medical Marijuana Strain


dr sanjay gupta marijuana cnnLast week a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado named a new medical marijuana strain after CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The namesake came after Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN episode ‘Weed’ and his admission that he was wrong about his previous stance against medical marijuana.

From PR Web:

Joining a long list of celebrities like Willie Nelson and Barack Obama who have namesake cannabis strains, a new type of medical marijuana has been named after CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta - Sanjay Gupta Kush.

“Dr. Gupta’s recent reporting on marijuana puts him at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement, and we thought what better way to honor his efforts than by giving him his own strain. We’d like to ensure he remains part of the annals of cannabis culture, and now he will,” says Jeff Kless, owner of Helping Hands Herbals Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado.

“Considering this new strain is grown organically in Boulder, which has a strong marijuana culture and is ranked the healthiest place in America, we think it’s a great fit.”

“We selected the strain carefully,” says Kless, “choosing one for those who suffer from debilitating medical conditions such as cancer, MS, severe pain, nausea, anxiety and wasting, and need physical and mental recovery without the use of pharmaceuticals – or for those transitioning off pain medication.”

Apparently CNN did not take kindly to the new name, and is demanding that the medical marijuana dispensary halt sales of the new strain. From AnimalNewYork.Com:

Within 24 hours of the official press release being released, CNN contacted the Helping Hands Dispensary in Boulder, Colorado and requested that it stop the sales of the “Sanjay Gupta Kush” strain, ANIMAL has learned.

“We may have to change the name,” owner Jeff Kless calmly told us over the phone. “CNN phoned us and asked us to remove it. I think we’ll leave it alone for the weekend and see what happens.” Kless alluded to waiting for CNN to send a cease and desist.


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  1. Gupta is the “Smith” of India, so it’s really common. This means CNN couldn’t make a stink out of it, legally at least.

  2. First CNN PERIIOD.. You’ve fucked us long enough.. It’s time to turn around.. You don’t tell the mass wdf to do they come to the collective intelligent agreement to do it.. Fuk ur laws that are shredding our economy, fucking lives up.. I’m sick of it I’m sick,of being nice.. They want to play ball we need to play hard fucking ball!,,

  3. JohnnycakeDrops on

    for a start, how can anyone own a name, nothing about “sanjay gupta kush” tells me that its the same guy (except they admitted it) and if you ask me i think just Gupta kush sounds better.

  4. who cares if CNN doesn’t like it, has Gupta complained?? Probably not!!! So keep it!! That is my opinion, and you know what they say about opinions!!! LOL! Keep making the medicine so we can keep getting it and getting better!! A great big THANK YOU!!!

  5. David A. Tiangco on

    I could name a steaming pile of shit “Sanjay Gupta.” What business would it be of CNN’s?

  6. bruce griffith on

    they let their paid medical reporter express how he was wrong about marijuana and now they are going to be bigots about naming a strain in his honor if they force you to not use his name I will be one less viewer of CNN !

  7. Gina de Miranda on


  8. anthony festa on

    CNN should try some Sanjay Gupta Kush. . My insider got me some and its awesome. And I think Jeff should name a strain CNN just for the hell of it.

  9. I think they should honor CNN with a strain that causes anxiety and cowardice. They could call it CNN Chicken Sh*t

  10. My recommendation is to change the name to Gup-Jay or Jay-Ta, and tell CNN to wank off. And be certain to use the good Doctors Video on a continuous loop, somewhere in your store, calling it “news”…..

  11. Drop the Sanjay and they have no backing, and everyone will still understand the reference.

  12. Some asshole lawyer is now telling some CNN executive, “See, I told you this would be a problem, this is hurting our brand.” Screw lawyers.

  13. Michelle Stacey on

    If Mr. Gupta is OK with it… what right does CNN have, to ask them to remove it?? They didn’t name it CNN Weed, lol!! If I was Mr. Gupta, I’d feel complimented! :D

  14. CNN has lost their minds. Dr. Sanjay Gupta deserves this strain to be named after him.

  15. Mister Fister on

    Seriously, like FUCK CNN, mainstream piece of shit news source. Just like any other propaganda I mean news network.

  16. Rita Jo Malone on

    They just want a CNN strain, he deserves the honor for being honest with the people.! I would be willing to bet the Gov. has something to do with this backlash, It makes it harder to explain the prohibition with the doctor giving his support to the benefits of Cannabis.!!! The drug companies are breathing down everybody’s neck to stop the truth from getting out.!~!~! “To Late-ROFL”

  17. The typical Taboo reaction. Chicken Noodle News, its derisive moniker at its inception, is obviously watching this rising star jealously. Time for a move Sanjay. Weed Health Alternate Medicine. WHAM.

  18. “SG Kush” will work just as well, without arousing the hysterical fears of any media outlet that they will be branded as complicit, or involved in anything…. controversial. Don’t make enemies if you don’t have to.

  19. Shouldn’t it be Sanjay Gupta complaining about someone using his name? WTF, is Sanjay Gupta a registered trademark of CNN?

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