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United Coalition Files Initiative To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol In Arizona


arizona marijuanaA unified coalition of organizations, activists, and marijuana businesses filed a statewide ballot initiative  with the Arizona Secretary of State on Friday that, if approved by voters in November 2016,  would end marijuana prohibition in Arizona and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.

“It was a long and deliberative drafting process involving a diverse group of stakeholders,” said Carlos Alfaro, Arizona political director for the Marijuana Policy Project. “There were some bumps in the road, but in the end everyone came together to produce the best possible law for Arizona. We are united in this effort to end marijuana prohibition and replace it with a system in which marijuana is regulated and taxed similarly to alcohol.”

In summary, the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act would:

  • allow adults 21 years of age and older to possess and privately consume and grow limited amounts of marijuana (it will remain illegal to consume marijuana in public);
  • create a system in which licensed businesses can produce and sell marijuana to adults and establish a Department of Marijuana Licenses and Control to regulate the cultivation, manufacturing, testing, transportation, and sale of marijuana;
  • provide local governments with the authority to regulate and prohibit marijuana businesses; and
  • establish a 15% tax on adult marijuana sales in addition to standard sales taxes.

Marijuana tax revenue will be used to fund the implementation and enforcement of regulations, and any additional revenue will be allocated to the Department of Education for construction, maintenance, operating costs, and full-day kindergarten programs and to the Department of Health Services for public health efforts.

The full text of the initiative is available on the campaign’s website at http://www.RegulateMarijuanaInArizona.org.

“Marijuana should be produced and sold by licensed businesses in a regulated market, not violent criminals in the underground market,” said J.P. Holyoak, a representative of the Arizona marijuana business community who participated in the drafting process. “Arizona’s medical marijuana businesses have proven that regulation works. It’s time to take that lesson and apply it to all marijuana sales.”

Initiative backers must collect the signatures of at least 150,642 registered Arizona voters by June 2016 in order to qualify the initiative for the November 2016 ballot.

“We’re looking forward to hitting the streets and starting conversations with voters about the benefits of ending marijuana prohibition in Arizona,” said Mikel Weisser, political director of Safer Arizona, an organization supporting the initiative. “Marijuana prohibition is an irrational policy that causes far more harm than good. Adults should not be treated like criminals simply for using a substance that is safer than alcohol.”

Source: Campaign To Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol In Arizona - make a donation


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  1. Lorraine Vaughn on

    Hi…I’m confused about what my PA told me in April regarding over dosing when smoking marijuana …I got my medical marijuana card 3 yrs Ago and I have chronic pain,severe migraines, herniated disc in my neck,degenerative bone disease, fibromyalgia,hyshimotos etc etc…I’ve been going to desert Pain Management Center between Peoria and Cactus for 20 some yrs.my Dr was John C. Porter who left The center before medical marijuana was voted in after Dr Porter left Dr.Dale Radcliffe was my Dr Until the beginning of 2015..And Then the Owner Of Desert Pain Took Over My Care Dr.Goodman Which Saw Me A Couple of months without no problems regarding my occasional Use of smoking Marijuana due to Anxiety and Chronic Pain etc.Dr Radcliffe and Dr Goodman continued writing my Prescriptions without any questions then In April A New PA Took Over My Care and I informed her that I Occasionally Smoked Marijuana for Anxiety because Dr Radcliffe Stopped Writing Scripts For Dizapam 10 mgs because After several yrs.of taking dizapam for Anxiety Radcliffe decided I couldn’t my Pain Meds With the Use of Dizapam..I also told The PA that Dr.Radcliffe made a Copy of my Medical Marijuana Card she informed that they couldn’t find the copy of my medical marijuana card..I looked in my wallet and couldn’t find my medical marijuana card..I renewed my medical marijuana on May 9 2015 and Showed Her The Copy Of My Renewal Application and The PA Just Set it Aside and Told Me I Needed To Find Another Pain Management Center..And Refused To Write Me My Pain Medicine…Instead She Wrote Detoxification Script’s Without Informing Me After I Asked The PA To Let Me Talk To Dr.Goodman..The PA Said I Was Being Disruptive Because I Asked To Speak To My Dr On Record “Dr.Goodman…Is It Legal For A PA To Refuse To Write My Pain Medication Because I Smoke Marijuana For Anxiety And Drop Me As A Patient Because I Misplaced My Medical Marijuana Card And They Either Couldn’t Find The Copy Of My Card Or This PA Just Didn’t Agree With The Fact That I Had A Medical Marijuana Card..Even Though I Showed The PA Proof Of My Renewed Application for My Medical Marijuana Card And Offered To Give The PA My Medical Marijuana Card ID # So She or her Staff Could Look it Up on the Az State Data Base Where They Keep Copies of The Medical Marijuana Card’s etc…The PA’s Name Is” NANCY KOLERMAN VIDALES”. HOW CAN THE STATE OF AZ GIVE OUT MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD’S AND ALLOW PA’s OR DR’S TO REFUSE TO WRITE A PATIENT WHO HAS CHRONIC PAIN AND MANY MORE MEDICAL PROBLEMS JUST BECAUSE THEY DON’T AGREE WITH THE VOTER’S, STATE OF AZ GOVERNMENT TO ALLOW PATIENTS OF 20 SOME YRS OR LESS BECAUSE THE PA REFUSED TO WAIT FOR MY NEW MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD TO BE PROCESSED AND MAILED TO ME OR AT LEAST LOOK AT MY RENEWAL APPLICATION OR LOOK UP MY OLD MARIJUANA ID # WITHOUT GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO PROVE I HAVE A LEGAL MEDICAL MARIJUANA CARD…I’M A LAW ABIDING CITIZEN WHO VOTES ETC AND NEED’S MY PAIN MEDICATION FOR CHRONIC PAIN ETC.MAKES ME WONDER IF VOTING TO LEGALIZE A SMALL AMOUNT OF MARIJUANA LEGAL…IF DOCTORS OR A PA WHO HAVE ALL THE POWER TO DROP YOU AS A PATIENT OF 20 YRS…JUST BECAUSE I SMOKED A LITTLE BIT OF MARIJUANA DUE TO HIGH ANXIETY AND CHRONIC PAIN…I ASKED THE PA WHAT MY URINE TEST LEVEL SHOWED FOR APRIL 2015 ..THE PA SAID MY PHC MARIJUANA READING WAS A 13… AND AFTER THAT QUESTION THE PA SAID SHE WAS DROPPING ME FROM THEIR PROGRAM AND THAT SHE WASN’T GOING TO WRITE ME MY 4 PRESCRIPTION’S FOR MY PAIN MEDICATION BECAUSE I WAS BEING DISRUPTIVE..REALLY I SAID BECAUSE I ASKED QUESTION’S AND ASKED TO SEE DR.GOODMAN WHO WAS WALKING DOWN THE HALLWAY ON MAY 14,2014..I CALLED OUT DR GOODMAN AND DR GOODMAN TURNED AROUND AND WALKED AWAY INTO THE PA’S OFFICE “NANCY KOHLERMAN VIDALES” CAN YOU PLZ HELP ME WITH ANSWER’S TO WHY THESE PA’S OR DR’S CAN REFUSE A PATIENT WHO SMOKE’S MEDICAL MARIJUANA ONLY AS NEEDED FOR CHRONIC PAIN AND VARIOUS OTHER MEDICAL PROBLEMS AS NOTED AT THE BEGINNING OF MY STORY…THANK YOU…I’LL BE WAITING FOR YOUR RESPONSE ASAP..

  2. Prohibition results in a complete lack of control that allows sales to kids and the recruitment of kids as drug dealers. Colorado does not have a marijuana problem. Since the first retail marijuana stores opened on January 1st, 2014, the state of Colorado has benefited from a decrease in crime rates, a decrease in traffic fatalities, an increase in tax revenue and economic output from retail marijuana sales, a decrease in opiate overdose fatalities, and an increase in jobs. The use of marijuana by Colorado teens is reported to have decreased since January 1st, 2014. A recent poll suggested that 62% of those in Colorado continue to believe that they made the right decision. Colorado’s state economy is reported to be the fastest growing in the nation.

    Prohibition leaves the manufacture and distribution of drugs in the hands of the Mexican drug cartels who have killed over 80,000 people in Mexico since 2006 in the war to control the American drug trade. It is incredibly naive to think that the violence and corruption magically stops at our southern borders. Have you noticed that the PACs that determine many of our elections are now anonymous and that we as voters are not allowed to know who contributed? How much influence would a 64 BILLION dollar underground illegal industry buy that depends on marijuana prohibition for about 60% of its money? The cartels and the gang bangers that they hire to sell drugs settle their disputes with guns on our streets and in our neighborhoods every day. Additionally, they make available black tar heroin, cocaine, and meth to our kids and any seeking to purchase marijuana. We are all better off to have marijuana sold in a legal retail market that asks for ID’s, pays taxes, sells only marijuana, and settle their disputes in our courts. Marijuana Prohibition results in blatant institutionalized racism, financial gain for those who Police for Profit and 64 BILLION dollars a year in sales for the Mexican drug cartels. Legalize and regulate like alcohol in 2016! This is the right thing to do for Arizonans and especially for our kids who may seek marijuana but be offered crystal meth by cartel dealers.

  3. Great news for Arizona! The most important part of this effort is the “united” aspect. It’s an aspect I wish Ohio figures out sooner than later, for Ohio’s sake.

    It would be *very* funny for Arizona to legalize recreational cannabis just two years after the University of Arizona fired Suzanne Sisley. Maybe the board of regents will realize the fantastic mistake they made after this initiative makes the ballot and passes. Of course, that’s assuming 150k signatures are gathered between now and June 2016, which should not be an insurmountable problem.

    Special congrats to Jetdoc and the other AZ advocates! Keep it up! The fight is in your backyards, now.

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