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College Football Coach Resigns After Being Near Marijuana


Reefer MadnessReefer madness has been a part of sports for a long time. I was kicked off my high school basketball team because I smoked marijuana, despite the fact that I didn’t have any discipline issues, and I know that’s a common story across the nation. Student athletes are booted from teams in college for marijuana only infractions, and many pro athletes are reprimanded for their marijuana use. It’s ironic, because athletes over the age of 21 can drink alcohol all they want and it’s OK, but if they fire up a joint to relax or alleviate their pains they are considered heathens. Below is a message from the Marijuana Policy Project describing a recent unfortunate scenario where a college football coach was forced to resign for simply being around marijuana:

This Wednesday, head coach of the Florida Atlantic University football team, Carl Pelini, was forced to resign from his position in the dawn of his second season. It wasn’t Pelini’s 5-15 record or past personal issues that forced his hand, but the reaction to rumors of a party he attended. According to these rumors, Pelini and one of his assistants attended a party where marijuana was present.  That’s it. The university told Pelini and his assistant that it would be best for them to step down immediately.

While there are rumors that there was marijuana present, there is no doubt that there was alcohol available at this party, as it is at almost every other social event in college or elsewhere. Alcohol is far more toxic to the human body and dangerous to our society than marijuana. Yet, there would have been no repercussions for Carl Pelini for attending a party where alcohol was present, or even for drinking it.

Prohibiting marijuana use while allowing, and often encouraging, alcohol consumption is a hypocrisy that needs to stop. Pelini never would have had to resign for drinking alcohol, so he certainly shouldn’t have to for attending a party where some people were making a safer choice.

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  2. The guy smoked dope and did cocaine. I have no problem with the weed, but you can’t have a coach who’s an admitted cocaine user. It violates his contract and deters other players from wanting commit. Someone said FAU is a D2 school that is not true. They are full on Division 1 who just play in a shitty conference. Imagine being a recruit and you have to choose between FAU or another school, most would probably go with the school that doesn’t have a coach who admitted to using cocaine. Weed ain’t bad, I love that shit, but coke is you can’t deny it. Of course if he would have done this in his own privacy he wouldn’t have been caught, unless he failed a drug test, rather than assistant coaches blowing the whistle.

  3. Someone who helped slaves escape also “broke the law,” but did they do anything wrong?

    No marijuana reformers should be casting any stones at this fellow for his harmless partying – no matter how unwise some may consider it.

    Ultimately, the only thing criminal about marijuana is the monstrously destructive, counter-productive, freedom strangling fraud of its prohibition.

  4. Lefty, you’re right, he should be held accountable for breaking his contract. If they can prove that he broke it. I think they would need a drug test for that.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know much about football (or hockey for that matter). Could you define “FAU alumni”? Are you talking about football players that want to transfer out of FAU? Perhaps there are some NCAA rules involved that I didn’t know about (not hard).

  5. I’m sure Obama would still be President if, as a young black man, he was caught with the cannabis and cocaine he admits to using. /s

  6. He needs to be held accountable for breaching his contract, as I showed up above. It might not seem to important to us, seeing as we are not playing for his team, but if any of the FAU alumni wish to transfer to other schools they will have to be bench a full year before being allowed to play. Now tell me painkills2, does that seem fair to you?

  7. Perhaps the point you are missing is the accountability factor. What does he need to be held to account for? If all he did wrong was be around or take drugs, then the question would be, well, what kind of drugs? How much and when? Responsible or irresponsible? Not, well, he broke the law, fire his ass.

    The drugs on the list of controlled (illegal) substances shouldn’t be on that list. The definition of “drug” is up for grabs at this point, unless you want to add alcohol to all these banned substances.

  8. In this particular occasion he did it at a party with several witnesses and officials have two sworn affidavits stating they both saw pelini smoking the weed.
    And if that wasn’t enough:
    Pelini’s contract specified that if he used,” any narcotic, drugs, or other controlled substances” he could be subject to firing.
    The NCAA can strip any athlete of their football schoarships just because they receive a couple extra bucks or incentives to play, so why shouldnt these coaches, who sometimes get paid close to one million dollars a season, be held accountable for their own actions?

  9. He was doing drugs in his private life. So what. Was he getting high with students or his players? Was he selling drugs to students or players? Was he high and driving the team bus?

  10. Ok obviously u can’t read because I clearly stated I had no problem with the marijuana aspect of it. This was their head coach, some one who they looked up to. Someone who was supposed to help mold them into mature adults and maybe one day help them reach the next level(NFL). We also have to understand that this is a division 2 team, meaning these kids either had partial football scholarship( look it up not everyone gets a fullride) or they had to pay out of pocket to even go to this particular college. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the mere fact that you would say something as stupid as, ” well at least he’s not touching other kids.” just goes to show that you have no idea what you are talking about and just want to put your “two cents in.” By all means, spit yo shit bro. Just don’t go talking outta ur ass ok buddy.

  11. Actually he admitted to smoking the weed and using other party drugs like cocaine on occasion. Personally I’m all ok with weed, god put this here for me and you :) but allowing a known drug user to continue to coach on any campus would be down right stupid.

  12. I wonder how many people Carl Pelini kicked out of sports and school for marijuana during his career?

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