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Colorado Amendment 64 Campaign Releases New Billboard


Colorado MarijuanaColorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign Releases New Billboard – “Please, card my son”

Our opponents are fond of saying that we must keep marijuana illegal so that we don’t “send the wrong message” to teens.

But the only message our current laws send to children is: “We do not care that you may eventually attempt to purchase unregulated marijuana from potentially dangerous people in an underground market.” Teens currently say that it is easier to purchase marijuana than alcohol or cigarettes. If we regulate marijuana and force sellers to ask for proof of age, like we do with alcohol and cigarettes, we can restrict teen access to marijuana.

Today, we hope to educate hundreds of thousands of Coloradans about how regulations will help parents who are trying to keep their high school-aged children safe. We are unveiling a new billboard with the phrase, “Please, card my son.”

Click here to check out the billboard — then use the buttons on the site to share it with friends and family in Colorado.

This week is “Marijuana Regulation Week,” during which we are highlighting the benefits of regulating marijuana like alcohol. While we all know these benefits, our goal is to educate others about them.

We kicked off the week by sending hundreds of messages to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper about the economic benefits of creating a regulated marijuana industry similar to the regulated alcohol industry through which he built his personal wealth.

And we continue the theme with the crucial message conveyed by our billboard: Parents who are trying to ensure that their children are safe need public policies that support — not undermine — their efforts.

Please take a moment to see the billboard, and then share it with everyone you know.

If you have friends or relatives in Colorado who are not yet certain how they will vote on Amendment 64, please make sure they visit www.RegulationWorks.org, where they can see the billboard and find out more information about the benefits of regulating marijuana like alcohol. They may be surprised by what they read.

Thanks for spreading the word. With your help, we will win this campaign and make history.

colorado amendment 64 please card my son billboard


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  1. Please card my son , so he can get a dui from the 5 nanogram law in 64 and ruin any chances of a good job.
    Oh well…. Its a win win for progressive insurance thats pushin this. Stoned drivers are safer….yet stoned drivers with duis pay higher rates while driving safer than most…..sound business plan

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