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Colorado Amendment 64 Debate Part 1


Josh Kappel And Rico Colibri Debate Colorado Amendment 64

Below is video footage of a debate over Colorado’s Amendment 64 initiative. I was at the Cannabis Cup in Denver at a very heated debate over this issue. I’m glad to see this debate was more civil :)

A64 Debate: Pro and Con – Josh Kappel & Rico Colibri


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Johnny Green


  1. Good question. At times, it also seemed the moderator was siding with the antis, double-teaming against Mr. Kappel.

    So yes, who conducted this debate and what is the name of the moderator?

  2. Wow. Once again, the antis cry about a legalization initiative “not being good enough,” and totally ignore they stop arrests of all adults with one ounce or less. They also ignore these initiatives carry reform 90 percent down the road to the ideal marijuana policy – and will cause the quick collapse of the already shaky, fraudulent national marijuana prohibition.

    The antis give NO reason to vote against A-64. The primary thing they seem to be concerned about is that it may take some business away from current medical marijuana dispensaries. What a surprise. For that, they are willing to continue the war on marijuana consumers.

    These people sicken me.

  3. Alphonso Lakersman on

    Why was there not a swap of the rebuttal time? It was always the A-64 opponent who had the last word. Who organized this?

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