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Colorado Governor Calls For Over $7 Million To Fund Marijuana-Related Research


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In his 2014 budget proposal Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is calling for over $7 million in funding for “legitimate” studies examining the medical benefits of cannabis. Under the proposal, grants sized between $500,000 and $1 million would be distributed to universities, research hospitals, foundations and so forth, in order to study cannabis’ effect on conditions such as epilepsy, and post-traumatic stress disorder..

“The impetus is that we have about $13 million in the Medical Marijuana [Program] Cash Fund, and it needs to be used for purposes that relate to the people who paid for their medical-marijuana cards,” says Henry Sobanet, Director of the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting. “And the impetus really was that now there appears to be ways where legitimate research can be conducted on the use of cannabis or marijuana for medical purposes.”

If the state’s legislature approves this portion of the budget, the program – which consists of a full time administrator to oversee grant distribution – will begin in July of next year.

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  1. For a state that picked Rick Perry, I would imagine it wouldn’t be hard to be elected Governor of Texas.
    You should go for it.

  2. You mean there are medical research labs in Colorado that are growing cannabis without any federal approval? Or did they already acquire federal approval?

  3. With all these regulatory hoops that a potential cannabis researcher has to jump through, perhaps it doesn’t matter as much WHICH agency has to approve it, but which agencies actually WILL approve it. And as long as the FDA considers cannabis a Schedule I drug, then researchers have to jump through all these hoops. Doesn’t it seem like the Center for Medical Cannabis Research is the institution that was set up to obtain all these regulatory approvals? So, perhaps it’s just a middleman. (How do I feminize the term “middleman”? “Middlewoman” is too cumbersome and doesn’t look like it means the same thing. Suggestions?)

  4. I did, and it’s confusing because according to this page on their website you will still find the old feds document that lays out how research must be conducted and how you have to use their weed. Nothing has changed as far as I can see, look here:


    The Center for Medical Cannabis Research doesn’t conduct the actual research, they coordinate it in the state of Calif. And the feds still hold a grip on how and if it’s done. I hope someone can show me this is different now. Please….point me in the right direction.

  5. Melekalikimaka on

    Lots of people do, number one choice in the past for manic depression self medication. Unfortunately with the black market you couldn’t consistently get a strain that helped, sometimes getting those individual sativas that set the anxiety monster loose. A lot of the mood stabilization meds are also anti seizure meds, which makes sense in that Charlotte’s Web (high in CBD’s) is helping children with Dravet’s Syndrome a rare form of epilepsy. I believe if it can help epileptics it can help the manic depressives, if not on it’s own in all instances but also be included in a cocktail of meds required to keep the person even keeled. With enough study some strains could be a completely organic alternatives to chemical pharmaceuticals that cause liver and pancreas damage. In the Handbook of Modern Formulary of 1914, melancholia, or manic depression, was a malady successfully being treated with cannabis indica.

  6. Melekalikimaka on

    It’s actually legal to grow it in Colorado….a research lab could grow their own. There is actually privately funded research happening now.

  7. Did you follow the link provided by Duncan20903 below? So you think that the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research got approval from the NIDA? Or did the State of California go around the NIDA by creating the Center through legislation? (I don’t think I’ll ever figure out which government agency is responsible for what.)

  8. The governor of Colorado can see the dollars. I myself am running for Governor of Texas and I can see the dollars, the independence, and the equity of this plant.

  9. Not FDA for research – just final products Cannabis research has to be approved by the NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse). In the past they had to approve the project and then you had to use their gvmt pot. They wouldn’t approve any study unless the goal was to prove something bad about pot, so researchers had to get creative about their proposals. I think this is still the case. I just got this from MAPS web site:

    “Our efforts to initiate medical marijuana research have been
    hindered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and the Drug
    Enforcement Administration (DEA) since our founding in 1986. NIDA’s
    monopoly on the supply of marijuana for research and the DEA’s refusal
    to allow researchers to grow their own has paralyzed medical marijuana
    research, and for over 12 years MAPS has been involved in legal
    struggles against the DEA to end this situation.”

  10. I wonder where they’ll get their marijuana for research. If they’re going to depend on the feds for the only “legal” supply, then that money will never be spent.

  11. The truth is no matter how much ptoof one gives to a non believer they will turn a blind eye on the facts. Simply because he or she cannot or will not accept the fact they were wrong.

  12. I have been under the misconception that this research is not allowed by the feds. I didn’t know it was open season now for cannabis research. Can anyone shed a light?

  13. Andrew Bastien on

    I believe that they should definitely use this study to examine the effects of cannabis on people with mental disorders. I find that it helps tremendously with manic-depressive disorder.

  14. “…Cash Fund, and it needs to be used for purposes that relate to the people who paid for their medical-marijuana cards..”

    Thank you, Mr. Sobanet, for recognizing this.

  15. I wonder, is Governor Hickenlooper aware that the State of California did much the same thing starting in 1999 when the Legislature commissioned the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research administered by the University of California?

    It really is astounding how much legitimate research into medicinal cannabis is available yet people still claim that there isn’t any. It makes me suspect that they judge the “legitimacy” of research by how closely the results match what they think the results should be.

    For crying out loud, all he has to do is to give the Israeli Ministry of Health a call and ask them.

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