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Colorado Governor Tells Other Governors To Avoid Marijuana Legalization


colorado marijuana legalizationI have yet to hear a truly negative thing about marijuana legalization in Colorado. Tax revenues are greater than expected. No one has died. The sky didn’t fall. Tax dollars that were previously dedicated to arresting people for marijuana are now going to real crimes. As media outlets around the world have noted, marijuana legalization in Colorado has been a great thing.

But, apparently that’s not enough for Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. At this last weekend’s National Governors Association meeting in Washington the Colorado Governor was asked by many other Governors what he thought about legalization.

“It’s not a panacea,” Hickenlooper, 62, said in an interview according to the Herald Extra. “It’s not going to solve your revenue problems.” He went on to state, “I don’t think governors should be [in]the position of promoting things that are inherently not good for people,” according to the Huffington Post.

Governor Hickenlooper wouldn’t say which Governors approached him about this issue. I’d love to see an anonymous poll where Governors are asked if they would like nearly $100 million extra tax dollars a year, plus untold savings to law enforcement. I guarantee many of them would jump at that opportunity, but don’t publicly because it involves marijuana. In just about any other area of public policy it wouldn’t even be a question.

If you live in Colorado, how do you feel about the Governor’s comments? If you live outside of Colorado, do you feel that this will affect your state’s chances at legalization? I have to assume that this will be the new number 1 comment that we see from opponents like Kevin Sabet. Marijuana is inherently not good for people? I will end this article with a list of scientific articles that suggest otherwise:

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  1. i think its because they make so much money off the tourist and if outher states legalize then there would be less tourist which would cause less money for him

  2. I would smoke marijuana every day! I live in the Bible belt and dont see it getting legalized anytime soon here.. I have just been introduced to a form of cannabis that is legal in all 50 states!! CBD rich hemp oil..it comes in a vap pen and a salve..it is a new company and they have invested 70 million dollars doing research!!! They have a patent..you owe it to yourself to check this out!!http://thebuzzlaunch.com/video… watch this video! You want to look into this company! if you are not interested in being a partner you ABSOLUTELY want to be a customer!!! Do your research on CBD and Hemp oil!!! http://mycbdresearch.com/ I am so excited about these products. check it out!

  3. so why are you against legalization? because you think hick is smart and he is against it? seems to me YOU are the one who doesnt understand cannabis.

  4. I’m a Colorado resident, born and raised half an hour south of Boulder, and am actively against legalization (though support decriminalization). I’m not 65 and ultra conservative either – I’m 24 and out of a very liberal college.

    I just want to voice my opinion that there are people like me out there, and that I think we as a state/country are making a very big mistake because people like the author of this blog promoting something he either doesn’t understand or has a personal investment based off emotion rather than reason. Possibly financial. I don’t expect you to change your mind but I want you to take away from this that the decision to legalize is *not* unanimous, I am *not* a prohibitionist from the early 20th century, and care just as much as you do about what’s best for our country.

    PS: I’ve personally met Hickenlooper, albeit briefly, unlike the vast majority of the people posting on this forum. He’s an incredibly intelligent man who cares about his state a lot, but he’s a guy with a family just like any other. Chill out with the name calling.



  6. “Don’t legalize cannabis in your state, fellow governors. The amount of revenue rolling in is astronomical, and I don’t want it going down because Colorado loses its mid-west monopoly on dank nuggets.”

  7. I can’t IMAGINE why he would want to deter other states from taking part in this ‘new’, large, ‘free-market’ – that HIS state has (at-the-moment) a ‘partial-corner’ on…
    Yea, that would be hasty and dangerous = they have no idea what they might be getting themselves into- best let them take care of the “risk” for a few years… RIGHT!

  8. As a Colorado resident it sounds like a lot of the pressure is coming from local law enforcement, the city of Pueblo, Co. has a spankin brand new court house that needs to be filled with criminals, potheads make a cheap easy target to accomplish that, Follow the money trail- The Popo and Government have a vested interest in keeping the jails full. Legalizing marijuana means no federal grants to fight the evil weed… No fat check to buy new toys, no new surplus military hardware, no grant money to fill in budget shortfalls, no over crowded jails providing justification for a new courthouse/deputies/cars/etc.

  9. I respectfully disagree. As one of those (sic) dinodaurs I can tell you that a lot of boomers favor cannabis having lived with it back during the summer of love. We toked, got educations, worked and raised our kids often times stopping our use of marijuana for decades. Now, retired and our children raised, we are in a position to make a difference in a war against prohibition. To draw a demographic which excludes older people who are peers to the nay sayers is a waste of talent. Besides we are the natural rebels; many of us have absolutely nothing to loose.

  10. No offense, but ” I take exception to that that statement”, We are the Baby Boomer’s and the Woodstock generation all rolled into one. Our thoughts are the same as they were in the 60’s / 70’s, never changed. Always questioning the Gov., free thinking. Yet we kept them concealed, because we had to join the establishment in order to survive. Free love and a open mounth did not feed the kids or pay the rent. Now my kids score for me,, go figure….Peace

  11. I was just going to state that same issue. Why let other states make the big bucks.
    Right now Colorado is the only game (dealer) in town. Who wants competition in any given neighborhood.

  12. Thank GOD and you guys for this list.

    This has got to come back and bite him in his gubenatorial ass.

  13. He’s a freaking politician. Talking out both sides of his mouth while straddling the next election fence.

  14. Think about it. How many people moved to Colorado just for marijuana? If it becomes legal then Colorado state tax revenue would way down. This guy knows what he’s doing and saying. He’s keeping that green gold rush in Colorado. Point blank.

  15. I’m several years older than the Governor and beg to differ. The last time I was in a “recreational” store (which happened to be this morning) I saw several other geezers standing in line. And there are plenty of ultra-conservative young folks who would happily throw every cannabis-loving Colorado voter in prison and throw away the key.

  16. #projectmarijuana
    A Trip Ghetaway film which I am funding via Indiegogo. I am doing this project to fund a video documentary I want to do in Colorado to show the world life did not change since the legalization there. To interview dispensaries, and people with illnesses that have used medical marijuana and benefited from its healing abilities. As with anything like this I can’t win without support of the people that believe in it. Even if you can’t contribute I ask if you can at least share my project with others as I need as many eyes and ears as possible to see and hear about this. I thank you in advance.

  17. he may be suggesting others not to legalize so more people will move to Colorado and they will make that much more money. “not good for people” is shear ignorance…he obviously has not been part of any research than the legal system’s old way after the war on drugs. the war is over for bud people, lets get the crack n meth off the streets n give them weed to help their addiction. lets save our existence people. legalize all the way!

  18. I’d rather hear from the everyday citizens in CO who probably don’t have this conflict of interest like the Governor does. Come on Illinois, I know your money-hungry *** will legalize it soon!

  19. He’s a drunk. Most politicians are friggin drunks. That’s why our country is in such a shamble. Many of our national policies were designed and concocted during martini/cocaine lunches in Georgetown. Yup right there on M st. in Wall’s Grill, or Clyde’s, or CJ’s b&g. I know for a fact as I once waited tables in these places. I also watched as the drunk drugged up ying yang politicians partied on your dollars at the Govenors’ Mansion in Annapolis, Maryland. ( I was a sioux chef when Blair Lee took over after Marvin Mandel was “fired”.

  20. The asshole was CEO of Coors. The conflict of interest is palpable. He doesn’t have a personal financial investment in herb.Wanna bet he does in alcohol?

  21. “To be fair, he’s been against legalizing weed here in Colorado since the
    very beginning, so it isn’t as if he’s changed his stance. Also,
    despite his position against it, he has respected the will of the people
    and allowed us to conduct our business here without throwing a fit
    about it or making any threats.”

    That is why I have hope that he may yet come around, especially as the popularity of legal weed increases, so people should give him a chance, but for only so long, and if he doesn’t change, get rid of him. I think democrats in general need to get with the legalization program because it IS a political winner, and the right policy. If they do, they will have a whole new generation of loyal voters.

  22. I bet the Gov is getting a lot of flak from police organizations within Colorado about all the lost revenue Colorado is missing out on by not seizing vehicles, fining people, putting people in prison for marijuana offenses. I bet the whitey’s in charge are losing millions. They’re probably also mad that they can no longer justify their existence anymore by busting a couple of kids for smoking weed. The Colorado police actually have to work on solving crime for once.

    Career politicians like Governors aren’t the people that other Governors should be asking about marijuana legalization. The people that VOTE for Governors are the people that are DEMANDING marijuana be legalized.

    Don’t get it twisted: this is a generational issue, and in 20 years, when many of these old dodgers are too old to ruin people’s lives anymore, a NEW generation of politicians will be in place, who will vote for legalization nationwide, if anything, out of fear of not doing what the voters want them to do.

  23. But he’ll happily take the extra $180 million in tax revenue while bashing legalization. It would be unwise to bite the hand that feeds ya, gov.

  24. “I don’t think governors should be [in] the position of promoting things that are inherently not good for people,”
    Then stop taxing cigarettes.
    That said, no government is in the business of promoting anything, other than ‘the general welfare’ in the case of the federal government (general, not individual). They don’t promote walking, by not preventing me from walking. That is just them NOT violating my rights. Same with consuming cannabis, when they stop preventing you from consuming cannabis, they aren’t promoting consuming cannabis. they are just no longer violating your right to consume a plant.

  25. Dick-in-pooper, as I’ve just re-christened him, is angling for some sort of national office. To be fair, he’s been against legalizing weed here in Colorado since the very beginning, so it isn’t as if he’s changed his stance. Also, despite his position against it, he has respected the will of the people and allowed us to conduct our business here without throwing a fit about it or making any threats. So, I think all in all he’s a good dude, that just doesn’t known anything about weed because he’s actually a beer-brewing oil man underneath all them Governor clothes, and his lifelong pursuits stand to take a hit in the wallet now that hemp can be cultivated for efficient energy and weed can be smoked in place of dangerous, life-ending booze.

    Also, I think he thinks it would help him in a race for Congress or the Senate or even the Presidency, although I genuinely can’t imagine ever hearing the words “President Hickenlooper…” lol.

  26. In the two months since the first recreational marijuana store opened its doors, not much out of the ordinary has happened in Colorado, other than the legal collection of vast quantities of cash, much of which might have otherwise found its way to the coffers of Mexican cartels. Oh yes, and some small black market dealers have been quietly put out of business, quite a few people have gotten high instead of drunk and the sale of Cheetos has skyrocketed. If anyone has any evidence that vast social harm has been caused by an invasion of reefer-puffing snowboarders, they have yet to produce it.

    Our Governor Hickenlooper, like most politicians, is concerned with re-election and aspires to higher office. Therefore, he will say and do whatever he believes is necessary to attain those goals, without regard to actual facts, the welfare of his constituents or just plain common sense. And don’t forget, before he ran for public office, he was an owner of one of Colorado’s oldest and most successful brewpubs, and before that, a geologist for an oil exploration company, so we aren’t all that surprised that a beer-loving big energy guy might not be too excited by legal marijuana.

    By the way, Johnny, that is quite an impressive list. I’ve copied it for future use. Thanks!

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