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Colorado Legislature Approves Bill To Help Young Medical Marijuana Patients


Colorado CapitalYesterday, in a unanimous vote, the Colorado Senate approved legislation mandating that school districts establish a policy to ensure that young medical marijuana patients can take their medicine on school grounds. As a show of respect, the Senate directed their ‘yes’ votes to families and proponents in the gallery.  Last week the Senate Education Committee passed the legislation via a rare standing vote.

HB-1373 requires school districts to establish policies that allow use of non-smokeable medical marijuana for young patients in Colorado public schools.  The guidelines in the law do not require school employees to administer the marijuana-infused products but suggests parents or primary caregivers on campus administer the medicine.

The legislation, known as “Jack’s Law”, concerns 15-year-old Jack Splitt.  Jack suffers from spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and dystonia.  Jack and his mother Stacey Linn successfully fought last year to allow school districts to establish medical marijuana policy – but after none did, more legislation was immediately required to get things moving. School districts hesitated after last year’s law, titled Jack’s Amendment, stoked unfounded fears regarding federal funding. The current legislation ensures school districts can opt out of the policy if they can show an actual loss of federal funding, even though that’s unlikely to occur.

“We don’t have time to wait for school districts to do the right thing,” said Stacey Linn, mother of Jack Splitt and executive director of CannAbility Foundation. “Jack and many other children need their medicine to get through the day and learn, and it’s imperative that those responsible for teaching them show compassion and understanding.”

“The medical benefits of marijuana are undeniable at this point,” said Art Way, state director, Colorado, for the Drug Policy Alliance. “We applaud the sponsors of this legislation for saying enough is enough and establishing a baseline of support for the nearly 300 children in our state who need marijuana infused products to help them function while in school.”

HB 1373 now heads to Gov. Hickenlooper, who is expected to sign the bill.

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  1. Sharon Taulbee on

    Good Victory it is about time. Thank you to Jack, his family and all those who helped make this happen.
    I do not want to step on any toes or disrespect anyone but I do want to ask for those reading to help with the following.
    ❤ MOTHERS DAY REQUEST ❤ Please help and spread the word
    I sent an email to Ohio Senator Hackett because the Ohio House of Representatives have a committee writing legislation to legalize medical marijuana. Once again government is trying to pass impotent potency and stranglehold legislation. The weekend before this there were several more heroin deaths. One of which was a young mother and her unborn child. I offered to risk my own health and life to prove marijuana’s safety. I told Senator Hackett that I am willing to be taken to Colorado and consume THE most potent strain of marijuana in every available form to prove no overdose or adverse side effects death. I told the Senator that if I don’t die from overdose, he has to help convince the committee to allow higher potency medical marijuana and to remove the every 90 day grill fest on doctors who recommend it to patients. Please help to get the word out as I believe that action speaks louder than words. I don’t currently use marijuana so I have no tolerance built up and I feel intoxicated after 1/2 a beer. I would like to make a statement to Ohio legislators and everyone that marijuana is safe. To show federal government that they can no longer rely on antiquated fear mongering miss information to deny citizens this sacred plant and the healthful healing it can and does provide. This is what I would like for Mothers Day. Please help by getting the word out. I asked the Senator to have it recorded and to have a doctor or two monitor my condition to ease the fears of naysayers and viability document from a health professionals standpoint for legitimacy. Thank you

  2. saynotohypocrisy on

    Yes, this is a powerful rebuke to the schedule 1 no medicine for you deadenders who have misplaced their hearts somewhere along the way.

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