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Colorado Marijuana Sales Set A Record In June


marijuana legalization support gallup pollRecreational marijuana sales started in Colorado at the beginning of the year on January 1st. Sales numbers climbed every month through April. There was a dip in May compared to April, which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering that April 20th is the biggest marijuana day of the year. People from miles around flooded into Colorado during April to celebrate the holiday.

Statistics are out for June, which saw Colorado sell more recreational marijuana than any other month. Per the Denver Post:

June was the best-selling month yet for recreational pot in Colorado, with $24.7 million in total sales, according to state tax collections reported Friday.

Recreational pot sales were up more than 19 percent from May sales, an increase likely attributable to more stores opening.

Since January, Colorado has brought in more than $29.8 million in taxes from marijuana. Is there any state in America that couldn’t use an extra $29.8 million dollars for schools and other things? I know I ask this a lot, but why is every state not doing this? It’s time that every state considered taking a new approach to marijuana laws, with the exception of Colorado and Washington. I’m very hopeful that my home state of Oregon will join Washington and Colorado this November.


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  1. There was a mainstream piece (on yahoo) a few days ago that “proved” teen usage had increased with legalization in CO. The only problem is that the statistics “proving” it were for the years 2012 and 2013, obviously before legalization was implemented. There should be a special part of hell reserved for people who write such outright lies.

  2. Unrelatedbut related topic that just blew my head gasket. My wife shied me a picture on facebook. The pictures were of X-rays of lungs it’s X-ray caption cigarette smoke with a small black spot on the lung. The second X-ray said marijuana user and this picture was all black. I just wanted to put this out there since it is such major bs.

  3. Apparently there are some states that couldn’t use an extra $29.8 mil. Mississippi comes to mind. Its economy seems to be zipping along just fine, with plenty of high quality jobs and an educational system that is the envy of the nation. What could it do with all that extra income? (Pardon the sarcasm.)

  4. Opponents will still try to say “…the increase is due to Teen Usage going up because of increased accessibility”. hmm.. hmmmm… cough… cough… Kevin Sabet. Even though the latest results show an actual slight DECREASE in Teen Usage over the FIRST 6 months of Colorado legalization.

    These States politicians that don’t have legalized marijuana, should be TRIED for “Fiduciary Irresponsibility”. $30 MILLION! That’s A LOT of money! That’s just money MADE off of taxes. Imagine the money SAVED from marijuana offenders NOT going to jail. The money saved from IRRESPONSIBLE night time “Military style Entrances” into our homes as well as what SHOULD be a drop in “violent crime” and a drop in the use of HARD drugs because they’ve got more time to do investigations to STOP that from coming into the U.S.

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