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Colorado Medical Marijuana Businesses Down Forty Percent


The Denver Post reports on the decline in the number of medical marijuana businesses in Colorado, but notes that the number of patients has remained steady. Medical marijuana patients appear to be getting their medicine somewhere other than the dispensary. Are they growing more of their own? Buying it the old fashioned way that doesn’t involve a storefront? Radical Russ Belville goes behind the headlines.


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  1. There’s still medical marijuana in Colorado? I think we are going to see MM dispensaries take a tumble as they transition to a cafe type of business for anyone 21 and over. The cannabis market in Colorado is still too new.

    This is the kind of news reporting that we have come to expect in America. Misleading headlines, shortsighted articles on a dynamic cannabis industry. Anyone that is over 30 has experience enough booms and busts to be able to see that a decline is expected. Anyone at the Denver Post should be able to discern this, or at least ask a fellow reporter from the financial desk.

  2. The prices above should be criminal, $50 for 1/8 oz is complete and total bullshit, no wonder people are going elsewhere for their herb. Except for being legal it no better price wise than prohibition. Everyone who grows it knows it is not especially difficult and not very costly to do. Anyone that is a back yard gardener can grow medical marijuana with a hundred dollars worth of seed. If it is legal for you – grow it. When cannabis increased in price from 20 to 35 an ounce i started learning how to garden.. You should too.

  3. This is so funny – “Medical marijuana patients appear to be getting their medicine somewhere other than the dispensary” No kidding, no one WILL ever stop this, get on board and tax this and regulate the business.

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