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Colorado: Most People Think That Marijuana Legalization Is Good For The State


colorado marijuanaBy Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director

Colorado voters do not have buyers’ remorse.

The majority of Colorado voters believe that legalizing cannabis has been “good” for the state and 54 percent say they support the new laws regulating the plant’s retail production and sale, according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released yesterday.

Fifty-five percent
 of voters approved Amendment 64 in November 2012, which allows for the personal possession and cultivation of cannabis by those age 21 and older. Separate provisions in the measure also allow for the state-licensed commercial production and retail sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products. Retail cannabis sales began on January 1 of this year.

Other results released by the Quinnipiac University poll include:

49 percent of voters admit they’ve tried marijuana, but only 15 percent admit using it since it became legal January 1;

Driving has not become more dangerous because of legalized marijuana, voters say 54 – 39 percent;

Legalized marijuana will save the state and taxpayers a significant amount of money, voters say 53 – 41 percent;

Legalized marijuana will have a positive impact on the state’s criminal justice system, voters say 50 – 40 percent;

Legalized marijuana “increases personal freedoms in a positive way,” voters say 53 – 44 percent;

Legalized marijuana has not “eroded the moral fiber” of people in Colorado, voters say 67 – 30 percent.

A strong majority of Democrats (69 percent) and Independents (56 percent), but not Republicans (28 percent) said that the passage of marijuana legalization has been good for the state.

The Quinnipiac poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.7 percentage points.

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  1. Cristina4Jesus on

    “voters say”– the facts say differently. People have died, pot related car fatalities up dramatically, huge increase in middle school and high school students smoking marijuana (and a study just came out that shows smoking pot as a young person does big, permanent IQ drop). So, it is not all roses, mostly thorns. In the end, the tax money collected will be noting compared to the social and regulatory costs of all these new druggies. Drug addiction is a loss for everyone.

  2. There’s enough blame to go around. A lot of baby boomers deserve my wrath for flipping from “Make Love Not War” in the sixties to “Make Money” in the eighties. Many boomers felt it was better to go along and get along in the eighties. Marijuana should have been legal by 1980 if many boomers didn’t sell out. Even among some of the young, there are some that don’t want legalization because they feel that it would take the joy of being a rebel rockstar criminal away from them. Be careful when you blame the elderly because you will be one someday.

  3. Always 420InPhilly on

    Pretty excited about the goings on in Colorado. Can only hope we’re responsible with the privilege this fine state has givin its people. The power of the vote IS strong, lets not let this opportunity in front of us fuel the evil of those who oppose it. GO CO!!

  4. Brion Eduardo on

    My mom is an older lady, and even though she has been a lifelong prohibitionist, she IS seeing the light and has recently opened her mind to the fact that medical cannabis might benefit her if/when her health declines.

    Do you really want to kill my mom?

  5. KillTheElderly on

    So, bottom line, looking at the breakdown, is that Republicans suck, and that old people should hurry up and die.

    The irony is, if all those old farts who think driving is dangerous (because of legal pot) were to stay off the roads as a result of fear, driving would in fact become far safer!

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