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Colorado Needs To Grow More Legal Marijuana


indoor marijuana gardenLegal recreational marijuana sales are booming in Colorado. The month of June saw Colorado sell more recreational marijuana than any other month up to that point. July sales statistics are not out yet. But despite the significant amount of legal recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, there is still a need to grow more marijuana in order to lower prices so that the blackmarket doesn’t seem as appealing to consumers. Per USA Today:

“Right now, we are pretty significantly under what should be produced,” said Ron Kammerzell, deputy senior director of enforcement for the state Department of Revenue.

“What that does is, (it) raises the prices and if the price is too high, then we can’t compete with the black market and that was our ultimate goal — we wanted to eliminate the black market,” Kammerzell said.

I think most customers are willing to pay a little more at a legal marijuana store than they are on the black market. Going to a store supports schools and other things that marijuana taxes go to, and the variety at a store is usually better than the local black market dealer. However, if prices are too high, the black market wins because people are willing to pay more, but only up to a certain point.


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  1. Thats right. There arn’t enough skilled people that are able to make it under those conditions. The higher standards are impossible for them to meet

  2. So the black market growers making more money completely unregulated and untaxed isn’t greed? Why is desiring no taxation and no regulation not greedy? Most large growers won’t produce top shelf. They won’t be willing to do the work. Huge growers will produce mids at best in the majority of cases. Outdoor mythology is popular exactly for this reason- people want it to just magically happen.

    If you think prices are too high, you need to produce your own and sell it for less or stfu. Just remember, cheap weed means you work for less if you are a grower…Why should top shelf Cannabis be cheaper than top shelf beer by the dose anyways?

  3. I agree 100%. The voters, not the government, agreed on the taxes. They need to be there to keep a regulated industry and provide tax dollars to keep those on the fence about legality happy.
    The expenses now are profit opportunism on the part of the retailers “making hay while the sun shines,” onerous regulations that treat cannabis like it was a weapon of mass destruction that increase costs of growing, and need of more product supply. I believe that this will all work its way out, like it did in the medical market, where top shelf was usually $150 – $200, with trimmings at $100 / oz.

  4. Master Grower on

    The prices are high even before taxes in Co, The taxation is not the problem its the greed of the shop owners trying to make their fortunes. The prices in Co will ensure the black market thrives. Black market prices in the south are a little over 200 an oz for top shelf bud. If the profit is not there for the smaller operations and they quit growing a bigger player will fill the void on a huge scale and still make a profit. The growers are the ones getting screwed. They do the hard work

  5. I totally agree with the last sentence. They both make really good money so money should not be a problem. Some people in relations are bullheaded and selfish and I have no place in my life for those types.

  6. If you really love someone, you want them to be all they can be and encourage them to pursue their passions. I hope your friend will find the means and the support of his wife. If he leaves she could file for divorce claiming desertion and the judge would be on her side because of twisted view most judges and christians have regarding Cannabis. He should divorce her and find a new partner or find a new partner once he has settled in Co.

  7. I know a guy in florida that is a cannabis genius and he has been wanting to move to colorado to become a grower but wifey wants to stay there. I think that if his wife won’t move with him it just means the love really isn’t there she knows how passionate he is on this but still refuses to move.

  8. Thanks but no thanks :) I use custom mixed organics and AACT. I am a student of Dr. Elaine Ingham

  9. High brix organic…Doc bud has a clear easy formula for growers to follow. If people try high brix bud they wouldn’t want to buy anything else.

  10. Really young people are being hired here in Co to save money because most people investing in Cannabis are fixated on making their millions. So many people with money and no common sense have set up shop from all kinds of previous backgrounds. Not only are rookie growers in charge of production but the trimmers are around 18 and they are paid a little over minimum wage. Outcome- Poor yields and theft among employee’s really ad up in the long run. Cannabis is much easier to grow than tomatoes which have over 35 diseases not including insect and other problems. Cannabis has only a handful of diseases and insects that bother with it along with macro and micro nutrient issues. Experienced growers like yourself will always have a place in the world of Cannabis production

  11. The problem is most of the growers do not know shit about getting the yields they should. This is true in Cali too. Growers with a dozen years under their belt tend to follow product trends regarding grow nutes that cost a fortune. Their yield per plant growing AK 47 and Green Crack was 6 to 8 Oz using Light Depravation ” Black Boxing” over a 60 day flowering period. I put their production at 16 to 24 Oz per plant for a fraction of the cost using all organic methods and without all the fungicides and miticides and other toxic shit. Most of the growers in Co are not hitting the yield potential of the strains they are growing due to lack true growing knowledge. Good growers can in yields 4 fold. This the real issue.

  12. The supply of cannabis will sort itself out. Cannabis always obeys the laws of supply and demand whether the government wants it to or not. But you have to understand the supply-side economics. The prices seem high but they are inflated by taxes; it is the profit to the grower that dictates whether or not more will be grown. If the (pre-tax) price falls too low then folks won’t find growing profitable. They’ll drop out and the supply will go down, forcing prices up. If on the other hand profits are high then new suppliers will be attracted to the market which will increase supply and force prices down again.

    Eventually the market will reach a point of equilibrium. But again, taxes are the wild card. Will the total price discourage buyers and dampen demand or will the prices remain competitive with the alternatives (black market, home grows, more aggressive use of medical cards, etc)?

  13. That is the problem when you overregulate and overtax a wild plant that grows out of the ground anywhere on earth. Remove all criminal penalties associated with cannabis and these problems go away.

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