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Colorado: Proposals Would Limit THC At 16 Percent For Marijuana Products


thc marijuana cannabis skin allergiesI have heard a lot of illogical marijuana policy proposals since co-founding this blog in 2010, but the one that made headlines yesterday may be one of the dumbest to date. Apparently there is a push in Colorado to limit marijuana flower and marijuana products to a 16 percent THC level. Why anyone would think that is a good idea is beyond me. However, it sounds like not only is it being proposed in Colorado’s Legislature, but there is also a proposal on the table for an initiative that seeks to achieve the same goal. Per The Cannabist:

A proposed ballot initiative and an amendment to a bill in the state House would cap the THC potency of recreational cannabis and marijuana products at a percentage below most of those products’ current averages.

The initiative would limit the potency of “marijuana and marijuana products” to 15 percent or 16 percent THC.

The average potency of Colorado pot products is already higher — 17.1 percent for cannabis flower and 62.1 percent for marijuana extracts, according to a state study.

As many activists were very quick to point out, alcohol such as Everclear has a much, much higher percentage. One activist pointed out that there is no vitamin C limit in oranges in Colorado, so why would there be one with THC? The fact of the matter is patients would be most hurt by these proposals. The most suffering patients need the strongest medicine, and to take away that option would put a lot of the most suffering patients in very unfair (and non-compassionate) situations. And that doesn’t even get into the industry side of things. I hope these proposals go no where, and fast.


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  1. If alcohol was capped at 3 percent then there would be less crime because alcohol is a leading contributer to many of the crimes out there including drinking and driving. That would save thousands of lives and dollars (except for funding police to stop illegal manufacturing and distribution) but nobody, the people or the government, would ever vote for that.

  2. Actually this would make concentrates illegal to manufacture which would make it so people can’t buy it legally. Then your only two options would then be to buy illegally or make it yourself. With those 2 options left it leads to more houses going BOOM from the people making it to sell or for personal use. Either way people will still attempt to make it. The black market price of concentrates will rise if they become illegal so all the more reason to make it if you make more money

  3. So for all the people who want concentrates or some amazing bud will have to go to the black market. Isn’t that what were trying to avoid? Collecting tax dollars and to make a marijuana user not feel like a criminal. Not to mention the growers would have to get all new strains because how do you make a plant worse without killing it. Even then, it’s going to be hard to find a crappy strain now a days because EVERYBODY THREW AWAY THE SCHWAG SEEDS!!! Think about it, what grower will be like “this strain is not as strong as my others so I’d better save it”. Nobody bought those seeds from suppliers because they are obsolete so they abandoned them and switched to seeds that actually have a demand.

  4. Jack laughimore on

    It is hypocrisy for sure with fda approved methadone and oxytocin. But we are in a public relations/social stigma battle here and the limit they are seeking is directly related to extracts. There will be plenty of evidence to show negatives as people blow up houses making their own extracted compounds.

  5. Jack laughimore on

    Dabbing isn’t helping the cause. If you aren’t in serious medical pain dabbing is ridiculous. If you are in pain that bad you can get extracted compounds legally in Colorado, but dumb fucks running basically meth lab type setups to make dabs is gonna kill the legalization movement. Seriously getting that high for recreational use is like smoking crack to many outsiders. Some people always have to take shit to the extreme at expense of everyone else.

  6. The local papers are reporting that the backers of this brain-dead idea are a group called “Smart Colorado,” which is a front for out-of-state legal firms and drug-rehab con men. I’m pretty sure they aren’t growing anything except more ridiculous by the day.

  7. They don’t want to pass the opportunity of making the change appear legitimate.

  8. Nope…

    This is just low merit people trying to corner the market for profit. If the rich had the skill to produce tippy top shelf at scale, this kind of law wouldn’t be considered.

  9. No…unless by “prohibitionist’ you mean rich, low skilled owners hiring people to grow massive quantities of mid grade flower.

    Don’t forget, we live in a corportocracy/oligarchy. Evidence shows that policy is dictated by the rich 75% of the time and those policy decisions are independent of public sentiment.

  10. This is like blaming obesity on McDonalds.

    Guess what, I’m skinny no matter how much McD’s I eat. That is not McD’s fault.

    Also, guess what, no matter how much booze is available, I won’t ever be a heavy drinker…reason for that is I am not metabolically inclined to do so.

  11. Yes…they are doing their job. Making rules that favor fat cats

    Really…Marlboro is going to sling +25% chron…I think not.

  12. LOL…you Marlboro has no interest in eliminating products they can’t produce for a competitive advantage?

  13. This is good for low skilled/large scale growers…..15% is easy to produce compared to +25%

    It will lower prices substantially by eliminating elite options from the menu.

    Good market strategy by the fat cats and dummies thats for sure.

  14. – How does capping the THC at 15% or 16% prevent that from happening?

    The answer is it doesn’t … But actually encourages “every jerk off kid” to make “crack out of weed”

  15. This is because every jerk off kid is making crack out of weed and blowing up houses because they have no idea on what they are doing

  16. saynotohypocrisy on

    Since reefer madness is an addiction, maybe their nasty persistence in the face of reality isn’t as surprising as it seems.

    I’m particularly interested to see what happens next with medicinal marijuana. The large scale statistical analysis of opiate overdose deaths that the AMA Journal published in August 2014, and which has been supported by other studies since, is very strong evidence that the availability of medicinal cannabis reduces opiate overdose deaths, an effect that increases for each year that MMJ has been legal in a state. As far as I know, no one has proposed an alternative explanation for the study results, which are far too robust to be a statistical fluke. Estimates of the numbers of lives lost because of MMJ prohibition have to be radically scaled upwards. Elizabeth Warren deserves much thanks for raising this issue with the CDC.
    And this use of MMJ as a substitute or partial substitute for prescription opiates is hardly the only crucial use of MMJ that has been supported in the most recent studies.
    It’s very disappointing to me that there have been no high level defections from the war on weed since Sanjay Gupta’s mea culpa, but still, I wonder if the war on MMJ could be near collapse. Here’s hoping Florida, Ohio and Missouri help make that happen this November. And that the courts will understand that their claim that there is not enough gold-plated evidence that cannabis is medicine is no longer tenable.
    Not that it was ever reasonable or moral for the courts to only accept gold-plated evidence, especially since the feds were prohibiting almost all of those kinds of studies in this country until recently.

  17. Stupid bastards. Why? Death and mayhem run rampant? Doesn’t the legislative branch have anything important to do?

  18. saynotohypocrisy on

    Why should they cap alcohol at 3%? Just because it kills 100,000 a year in this country, and maims many more, and alcohol abuse has a very high correlation with domestic violence and pedophilia?
    Picky, picky, picky.

  19. TheSinnedAngel on

    I’m concerned that reefer madness will be with us for longer than anyone hoped.
    This kind of garbage is evidence of that.
    How about bringing this up again after they cap all alcohol at 3%?
    ..and aspirin?.. no more than 25mg baby aspirin without a prescription.

    The Sinned Angel

  20. It’s the same bunch of prohibitionists behind this pathetic initiative that rented billboards in Denver, warning us citizens about the hazards of demon weed. Ugh. I sure wish they’d take up some other hobby.

  21. Kylie Michelle Fraser on

    The limit is for retail sales, not medical. This is a way to shut down the recreational retail sales of cannabis. A lower limit on thc then is the current average will cause many shops to have basically no cannabis to sale.

  22. Superstorm250 on

    Like I already said over on the cannabist, it’s really shady that the lawmakers behind this potency restriction proposal are trying to get it approved through both the voters and the legislature. It’s like they’re saying that if the voters reject this, they can just ignore what they want and get it passed anyway! To everyone in Colorado, make sure that this ridiculous proposal fails miserably!

  23. Okay so I grow something that tests at 16.5%, what am I supposed to do with the product?

    Throw it away?

    That’s not going to happen.

    You can’t lower the percentages without destroying the product.

    You can’t be sure what the percentage is GOING to be when selecting strains, all have the potential of exceeding 16%.

    Just another way for the haters to keep this illegal.

    Pot over 16% will have to be sold on the black market, just what the cops want, another way to bust people for pot. This way they can serve 2 charges when busting them, one for selling without a license and one for pot over 16%, am sure that combo will be a felony.

    There is simply NO WAY anyone can guarantee the pot they grow will be under 16% unless they harm it, poison it, stress it or starve it and none of those ways are guaranteed either.

    First and foremost…….SO WHAT if the percentage is 100%, cannabis cannot kill you no matter what the percentage is.

    Lowering the percentage does nothing for human safety, cannabis is safe at ANY percentage.

  24. saynotohypocrisy on

    The shameless hypocrisy rolls on. Go have another drink of America’s drug, control freak bigots.

  25. Closet Warrior on

    Better start hoarding high thc beans, you never know in this crazy time we live in!

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