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Colorado Scrambles To Determine What ‘Too High To Drive’ Means


By Monterey Bud

Before recreational marijuana can be sold to any of the eager state residents of Colorado, a few of the stickier regulatory issues need to be addressed. For instance, where should these pot shops be allowed to locate and do business? At what percentage rate should marijuana be taxed? And last, but far from least – at what level of THC saturation should the hammer of justice be dropped on a driver, thought to be too impaired to perform their duties.

While the Colorado Senate struck down the most recent proposal, which asked for a THC limit of 5 ng/mL, by a 4-1 vote in mid-April, that battle is far from over.

As the Colorado Senate grapples with the new science of marijuana intoxication,  many are left scratching their heads wondering what constitutes ‘stoned driving.’

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  2. also “waiting 2 hrs and you would be ok” is true for your peformance , but you would still be WAY over the arbitrary limit of a blood test !!

  3. Why does most everyone automatically jump to the automatic, knee-jerk,
    and FALSE assumption that cannabis impairs drivers much the same as does
    alcohol? Why let uninformed opinions be the basis of new laws? It took
    me very little time to do a search, and find actual scientific studies
    which indicate just how incorrect such an assumption is.
    See: http://norml.org/library/item/marijuana-and-driving-a-review-of-the-scientific-evidence

    Se Drugged Driving Laws and Traffic Fatalities concluded that, as
    currently implemented, making it illegal to operate a motor vehicle with
    drugs (or drug metabolites) in the system, has no discernible impact on
    traffic fatalities.
    See: http://ftp.iza.org/dp7048.pdf

    Driving High on Marijuana Is Safer Than Driving Drunk [ or driving sober ]
    See: http://blogs.lawyers.com/2012/04/cruising-the-high-way-safer-than-drunk-driving/

    FOR some Top Ten Reasons Marijuana Users Are Safe Drivers
    See: http://www.theweeklyconstitutional.com/news/headlines/1035-why-you-should-always-spark-up-before-hitting-the-road

  4. I saw this & one they didn’t tell you what kind of Cannabis they were smoking. 2nd they did the test right after toking on a bowl. If people would wait like two hrs or more before driving I believe most people would do ok. Now there are people who don’t smoke & I wouldn’t want them behind the wheel…

  5. This YouTube video explains a lot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw1HavgoK9E
    The idea of an arbitrary amount of THC in the blood makes no sense – it’s the degree of impairment that matters. Cops should be administering the old “walk a straight line, touch your nose, etc” tests, or the digital-age equivalent, not getting blood samples.

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