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Colorado Sees First Hemp Crop Harvest In 56 Years


This past weekend, volunteers gathered in Colorado’s Baca County to harvest the U.S.’s first commercial hemp crop since 1957. The crop was grown by Ryan Loflin, a Colorado resident. Hemp, a plant similar to marijuana but with only trace amounts of THC, is used to make cloth, rope, paper, oils, wax, and other products.  According to Hemp Industries Association, the U.S. market sold $500 million of hemp products last year alone, but because of U.S. drug policy, all of that hemp was imported.

Hemp is illegal to grow in the U.S. because of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970, the same legislation that categorizes marijuana as a Schedule I drug along with heroin and PCP.  Thanks to Colorado and Washington, growing hemp is back on the table and could be a profitable crop for farmers.

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  3. What do you mean by tolerance? Well, I know what you mean, but specifically… Since purchasing marijuana is not like walking into Walgreens for a Vicodin, there are times when you get weed that is not as good as… well the really good stuff you had a couple of weeks ago. :) And then you have to smoke more to get the psychoactive medicinal benefits. (A really nice way to say get high.) It ebbs and flows, ya know?

  4. What i dont understand is why Im so quick to get a tolerance to todays potent weed…. Yet that never happened to me smoking the low potency stuff in the 70’s? The confounding thing is that I only smoke a bowl at night these days. Whereas I used to smoke all fricking day as a youth. Hoping someone might understand the science behind that.

  5. Im originally from iowa. My folks still farm there. It still grows in large areas in rural communities. Hemp was once grown for its fiber there. Its actually falls into the obnoxious weed category. The old timer farmers said it was grown for many generations. Its absolutely impossible to get high on no matter what your tolerance. I tried a zillion times as a kid. All you will end up with is a sore throat and a headache. Its generally spread around your pastures where the cows like to congregate. See the seeds are in their manure. They dont eat it intentionally. They usually get it by eating the surrounding foliage. sounds like moldy has a different genetics in his area. The stuff in rural Iowa is pure sativa in appearance. Generally 7 plus feet tall at maturity. long skinny leaves. its not uncommon to see it in patches as large as a kmart parking lot. (which are small in relation to the size of a typical pasture) These patches are often around clusters of shade trees where they lay to avoid the sun. Tons of seeds. Again, the stuff in Iowa is absolutely impossible to get high on. However the weed comissioner will fine you if you dont attempt to eradicate. ive never seen any traits even remotely close to an indica back there. If you can get any kind of buzz on it I strongly suspect its gotten crossed somewhere along the line. rolled a bomber out of the rolling paper included in Cheech and chongs. “Big Bambu” album once. had to have been at least a lid in it. No effect. It still grows wild. Sounds like rural colorado must have different genetics. Good for them! When I live back there it was the late 70’s early 80s. Indicas werent available to us with any regularity at that time. We’d seen them in high times, thats it. We were all smoking that dirty brown “columbian” or “mexican” at that time. Huge sticks. roughly 1/3rd seeds. half your bag was usually “shake”. low potency. Harsh as hell. California sinsemillia didnt make it to our area until the mid 80’s. I knew lots of people who said they had smoked it. Pretty sure they were all full of shit. The rumors at the time usually traced this columbian back thru padre island, Tejas. Often it had serious mold issues. My sinuses were generally jammed up by the third hit. Prices at that time were $10 a quarter. $40 a lid. ( a fat four fingers in a sandwhich bag. ) $5 would get a “nickel” which generally started as an eigth that had been seriously “pinched”. funny.

  6. We smoked it back in the day. It had to be a huge joint but you could catch a buzz. It looked more like a indica / sativa cross vs. what they grew in CO. You had to catch it just before the frost. Many, many seeds but it had an aroma and was kinda sticky. There was hemp processing and growing in that area during the war.

  7. Got Hemp?
    I can’t wait to see blue jeans and T shirts made with hemp being sold at Wally World………..

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