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Colorado Shops Are Running Out Of Legal Marijuana


the clinic marijuana store denver coloradoWhat happens when you only have a little over 20 places to buy legal marijuana in Colorado, but have everyone and their grandma traveling there to buy legal marijuana? It doesn’t take an Economics major to figure out that supply won’t be able to keep up with demand, especially with a seed-to-sale model like Colorado’s. Multiple media reports are suggesting that Colorado marijuana stores are running low on supply, and in one Case (The Clinic) they actually ran out for a day as reported by Marijuana.Com.

Colorado has a very tightly regulated recreational marijuana model which makes it impossible to get non-regulated marijuana into stores. I remember a handful of years ago when Colorado didn’t have the 70% grow rule for medical marijuana dispensaries, and dispensaries were running out of supply and supplemented it with marijuana from wherever they could get it. A lot of my friends from Oregon were running a lot of pounds to Colorado during those times. But those days are gone.

Now that demand is clearly outweighing supply, Colorado marijuana stores are rationing their supplies and/or raising prices. The price raising has drawn some criticism, but mainly from veterans inside of Colorado and on the West Coast where marijuana prices are very cheap. I haven’t heard anyone buying legal marijuana in Colorado that is from a non-marijuana friendly state complain about prices. To quote my cousin from Idaho, “I’d LOVE to pay those prices for that quality of marijuana. It’s a far better deal than we have here in Idaho!”

The shortage of legal marijuana and high prices will be short-lived. More marijuana is being grown to meet the demand, and as more stores open up, the prices will come down with competition. Well, at least in theory. When all 136 stores are open, if people are still coming out in the numbers they have been so far, it might surprise people just how much marijuana people can smoke and/or eat in the form of edibles. Hopefully it will lead to even more retail licenses being issued so that the consumer can get the same price or better at a retail establishment than they can on the black market.


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  1. I just want to grow my own supply damn it! The dispensaries in AZ have the excuse of those prices to compare theirs to while they are raping us also.

  2. There are around 1800 retail liquor stores in Colorado. The Colorado Medical Marijuana Directory website lists about 175 medical marijuana dispensaries.

  3. Fortunately, there are more than a hundred pending applications for additional stores that will be opening in the next month or two. This shortage is just a temporary glitch.

  4. The old “summer shortage” is a thing of the past. At least in Colorado, where all medical and legal cannabis is grown indoors, the seasons don’t matter. Before medical marijuana was legal in Colorado, the price for 1/4 ounce of high-quality bud was $120 or more. Today, we are paying about $50 plus sales tax for better weed. Why won’t the same thing happen to recreational pot?

  5. I completely disagree with the shortage and high pricing being short lived. Take into account that as we get closer to summer there is less cannabis everywhere.When Washington opens mid year and Colorado still being open where does all the cannabis come from ?? I predict that this summer will be all time high prices everywhere. Simple supply and demand. What Colorado showed me is that Seattle pricing will be all time west coast price. Did anyone of you think folks in Colorado would spend $70and 1/8th ? As they are one of the biggest green states the writing is on the wall for everyone else.

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  8. stellarvoyager on

    And this is exactly why I think that it is a terrible idea that Washington is putting a cap on the total amount of marijuana grown and sold in the state for a year. And unlike CO, Washington doesn’t have home grow. If these regulators are serious about competing with the black market, they need to not be so overzealous with some of these silly and cumbersome regulations. It really creates a hardship for medical MJ patients. Hopefully when Oregon legalizes, we’ll do it much more intelligently.

  9. It’s like having 20 grocery stores with 28% tax on all items to supply all of Colorado with food.

  10. I wonder how many liquor stores there are in Colorado. I like to fantasize about the day the Weed stores out number them.

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