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Colorado Sold A Record Amount Of Recreational Marijuana In February


colorado price legal marijuanaColorado set another record for legal recreational marijuana sales in February, breaking the previous months record. The opening of new stores contributed to the increase in marijuana sales. I have yet to travel to Colorado to make a purchase, but I know many that have. Legal marijuana is fairly expensive in Colorado, but most people don’t mind. Per The Cannabist:

Around $39.2 million of recreational cannabis was sold in state shops in February, according to calculations based on data provided by the Colorado Department of Revenue. The previous monthly record for recreational sales was January 2015-s $36.4 million.

Much of that growth comes from additional shops opening up in still-new recreational cities, including Aurora, Colorado’s third most populous city that only started selling retail pot last October, experts say.

“We just opened the ninth store in Aurora,” said Meg Collins, vice president of business development for Good Chemistry, which operates a shop in central Denver and its brand-new flagship store in Aurora (in addition to being part-owners of Denver shop Wellspring). “The activity in Aurora has helped boost those sales and tax numbers, and people are also getting more comfortable with purchasing legally, knowing that it’s available and becoming a bit more mainstream, and that’s helping sales, too.

For the second month in a row, Colorado’s legal marijuana industry generated more than 2 million dollars for Colorado schools. I don’t think there’s a state school system in America that couldn’t use an extra two million dollars in its budget, let alone a monthly boost of that amount. Every time I see encouraging numbers like this from Colorado, I picture Kevin Sabet taking shots of whiskey in an attempt to drown his sorrows. Why isn’t every state doing this?

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  1. Quinnipiac just came out with a poll showing Coloradans support legalization 62%-34%. That’s up from 54% last April.

  2. It will be really interesting when recreational marijuana sales are higher than the Alcohol sales.

  3. Just goes to show you how successful legalization can be and how much tax revenue can be generated. Hopefully within ten 10-15 years it’ll be legal everywhere.

  4. I recently remarked to a bud-tender in a Denver shop that I had visited quite a few MMJ and recreational shops in the last couple of years, and none were ever empty. There are always customers, usually a few waiting in line, despite the fact there are more more than 100 shops in Denver alone. She correctly replied, “Well, it’s because we have a product that people want.” I think she’s right.

  5. taternuggets on

    Just got back from a trip where I went through Colorado. Went to a couple different shops. Was just amazing to go into a store and see all the possible selections.

  6. The government don’t want it to be legal it will hurt the big pharmaceuticals that line there pockets to keep it illegal.

  7. cannabis and hemp on

    Just the beginning, Colorado will see $100 million within 36 months

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