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Colorado Sold Just Shy Of One Billion Dollars Worth Of Cannabis In 2015

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At the beginning of 2015 a lot of people were estimating that Colorado would sell over one billion dollars worth of cannabis. Recreational marijuana became legal to sell in Colorado at the beginning of 2014, with a regulated medical marijuana system already in existence. The roll out of recreational marijuana sales took a bit to ramp up, and 2014 was seen as a ‘warm up’ of sorts. 2015 was predicted to be the year that the one billion dollar mark would be crossed in Colorado, and Colorado came very, very close. Per The Cannabist:

Licensed and regulated marijuana stores in Colorado sold $996,184,788 worth of recreational and medical cannabis in 2015, according to new data from the state Department of Revenue.

“I think it’s ethical to round that up to a billion,” cannabis industry attorney Christian Sederberg said Tuesday upon first hearing the 2015 totals.

Colorado also collected more than $135 million in marijuana taxes and fees in 2015 — more than $35 million of which is earmarked for school construction projects.

My home state of Oregon just started collecting taxes on recreational marijuana sales, and even with limited recreational sales, revenue is being generated. I don’t think that Oregon’s industry will be quite as big as Colorado’s, at least not for awhile, but seeing legal cannabis sales generate tax dollars for public schools is a very cool thing. Will Colorado cross the one billion mark in 2016? Only time will tell. I know I hope to travel there some time in 2016 and add some dollars to the pile.


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  1. I just want a prohibitionist to, with a straight face, try to square the circle that all this nearly BILLION dollar of sales…went into the hands of legal, law abiding citizens….and if they had their way..this near BILLION dollars would have gone into the hands of criminals and drug cartels…

    seriously..I want one of these prohibitionist dicknoses..to tell me how this is a bad thing…!!!

  2. 135 million in ‘happy’ taxes, folks were happy to pay the tax for the right to openly purchase cannabis without fear of prosecution.

    Hey Johnny how about a follow up article showing comparisons of how much money was spent on things like cigarettes, pharmaceuticals, alcohol and a few other killing items like soft drinks, candy bars and potato chips!

  3. Good on them, both the students and teachers should benefit greatly from said tax advances and maybe Colorado can roll out the red carpet for The King(Bernie Sanders) when he comes to campaign soon, BIG SYNERGY!!! Btw, Bernie rocked balls in New Hampshire!!! People finally see he is genuine and the Clinton Machine w/both Bill and Chelsea mindfucking the masses still can’t fathom what happened? I’ll tell you what happened…people are sick of lying politicians and that chick flip flops like a walk on the beach!!! Voters are more aware due to social media along w/old video footage via you tube and public records act so, power to the people. We need a Revelation or a Revolution!!! Ben Franklin said all governments need a revolution every200 yrs because they become stale and Corrupt…Sound Familiar?

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