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Colorado THC/DUI Bill Hearing Today


colorado cannabisColorado SB117 (THC/DUI) Hearing today; Letters and Phone Calls Needed

The THC/DUI Bill is back this year. It is Senate Bill 12-117 (“Penalties For DUI Offenses”) sponsored by Sen. Steve King (R-Grand Junction).

SB117 seeks to ban patients from driving privileges by setting a limit on THC in their blood that most patients will always exceed. Any driver with an amount of THC over 5 nanograms/milliliter in their blood will be considered impaired and guilty of DUI per se and subject to loss of their driver’s license. This will greatly impact patients, because many of them will test over that limit due to their continuous need to take their medicine, but will not be impaired.

The hearing on it will be TODAY (Mon. 2/27). The public is encouraged to testify in person.

State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee
Hearing on SB 12-117
DATE: Mon., Feb. 27, 2012
TIME: 1:30pm
LOCATION: Capitol Building, 200 E. Colfax, Denver, CO
ROOM: Old Supreme Court Chambers, 2nd Floor
Please come and testify if you can.


Capitol Bill Room
*** Always call the Bill Room before you come down to the Capitol for any last minute time changes to the hearing time/date.
(303) 866-3055


State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee
rollie.heath.senate@state.co.us, bob.bacon.senate@state.co.us,
betty.boyd.senate@state.co.us, kevin.grantham.senate@state.co.us,
tim.neville.senate@state.co.us, steve.king.senate@state.co.us

Bcc: info@cannabistherapyinstitute.com

Sample Letter

Dear Senators:

Please vote today to kill SB117. There has been no evidence that marijuana has caused any increase in traffic accidents or fatalities in Colorado, so this bill is unnecessary. SB117 is also unfair, because it targets medical marijuana patients, who may always test above the 5ng limit for THC in their bloodstream because of their continuous need to take their medicine, but yet still be able to drive safely. SB117 will also force patients to take dangerous and expensive pharmaceutical medications that do not have nanogram levels and are not routinely tested for by the police.

The Colorado Committee on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) studied the THC/DUI issue extensively after last year’s bill was killed. The CCJJ was unable to come to a consensus on whether there was a need for this bill, so they did not recommend it to be re-introduced this year.

Please amend SB117 and replace it instead with an educational campaign like the CTI “Use Cannabis Responsibly” Campaign, which will educate patients about the types of cannabis, the potential side effects, and the time of onset and duration of these symptoms. Marijuana should be treated like Marinol, a synthetic THC approved by the FDA and widely-prescribed by physicians. There is no nanogram limit on Marinol.

The caution statement on Marinol prescriptions reads: “Patients receiving treatment with Marinol capsules should be specifically warned not to drive, operate machinery, or engage in any hazardous activity until it is established that they are able to tolerate the drug and to perform such tasks safely.”

Please treat Colorado medical marijuana patients fairly and do not criminalize the use of their medicine.



Please make a personal, polite call to each of these members, especially if you are in their District.

State, Veterans & Military Affairs Committee

Senator Rollie Heath (D), Committee Chair
Counties: Boulder
Phone: 303-866-4872
E-mail: rollie.heath.senate@state.co.us

Senator Bob Bacon (D)
County: Larimer
Phone: 303-866-4841
E-mail: bob.bacon.senate@state.co.us

Senator Betty Boyd (D)
County: Jefferson
Phone: 303-866-4857
E-mail: betty.boyd.senate@state.co.us

Senator Kevin Grantham (R)
Counties: Baca, Bent, Crowley, Custer, Fremont, Huerfano, Las Animas, Otero
Phone: 303-866-4877
E-mail: kevin.grantham.senate@state.co.us

Senator Tim Neville (R)
County: Jefferson
Phone: 303-866-4859
E-mail: tim.neville.senate@state.co.us

Counties: Grand and Mesa
Capitol Phone: 303-866-3077
E-mail: steve.king.senate@state.co.us

General Assembly Home Page
Go to the state legislature’s page to see the calendar or read the bill.

Capitol Bill Room (for last minute hearing changes):
(303) 866-3055

CTI’s THC/DUI Educational Campaign

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  1. Yeah, I wrote letters to all the Senators that CTI asked, but I think they got the timing wrong too. I went to view the legislative session through the live video broadcast, and it said they weren’t meeting today. I’m not sure if the letters will look dis-credible due to the misinformation given by CTI.

  2. Are you inferring that the hearing was scheduled for today because the legalization effort’s qualification for the ballot was also announced today? Because if so, that would make the article that much more important, as the marijuana community is encouraged to testify at the hearing. The marijuana community needs to speak at things like this, not avoid them.

  3. Can you elaborate?  We are not from Colorado, and now you have my curiosity going…We received it in our inbox and posted it for info.  I didn’t know there were ‘sides’

  4. The timing of this hearing is highly suspect.  Quite frankly TWB should have pointed this out. Cheese an rice, what side are you guys on? 

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