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Colorado To Start Legal Sales Of Marijuana Tomorrow


colorado legal marijuana salesThe eyes of the world will be on Colorado this New Year’s Day as adults 21 and over become eligible to legally buy marijuana for the first time anywhere. Sales will be tightly controlled, regulated like alcohol is currently, and subject to a number of restrictions preventing sales to minors, intoxicated driving, smoking in public and other undesirable behavior. The Colorado Legislative Council estimates marijuana will generate $67 million in tax revenue annually.

“This Wednesday Coloradans stop buying marijuana from street gangs and cartels and start buying it from licensed, regulated sellers who create jobs and pay taxes to the government,” said 36-year policing veteran Lieutenant Tony Ryan (Ret.), a board member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group of law enforcement officials opposed to the war on drugs. “Soon our jails will be less crowded, our schools will be better funded, and our police more able to focus on violent crime.”

Initially only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in good standing (of which there are about 500) are eligible to apply for sales licenses As of early last week, the state had approved 348 total licenses, including 136 for retail stores, 178 for cultivation facilities, 31 for product manufacturing facilities, and 3 for testing facilities. Each shop must also apply for a local license, and localities are able to pass bans or temporary stays on the stores if they so choose. Adult Coloradans are eligible to buy up to ounce of marijuana; out of state visitors up to one quarter-ounce.

LEAP’s executive director Major Neill Franklin (Ret.) had this to say: “Though, as with any new system, there will be issues to be worked through at first, the people of Colorado are about to show the world that legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana benefits the economy, public safety and ordinary citizens. I predict that after a year or two, once the media stops focusing on anecdotes of people behaving badly and we start to see hard data on the real benefits of ending prohibition, there will be a domino effect that echoes across the world.”

Washington state voters also chose to legalize marijuana in November of 2012 and retail sales will begin there later this year. Since that election, the Uruguayan legislature approved President José Mujica’s legalization proposal and Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico City and many other places are considering adopting similar systems.

“It’s a tough day to be part of a street gang in Colorado. Not only did they just lose one of their biggest sources of income, now that police don’t have to focus as much on nonviolent offenders, they’ll be coming after real criminals with everything they’ve got,” added Franklin.

The first customer will be an U.S. Marine Corps veteran who appeared in several commercials for the Amendment 64 campaign which successfully legalized the drug. Sean Azzariti suffers from post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) caused by two deployments to Iraq, which is not among the conditions covered under Colorado’s medical marijuana law.


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  1. God given right, yea OK, but lots of states don’t give a f–k, I’m talking about smoking with a ‘good head’ (no pun intended,lol ) and leaving stash at home,,,whats wrong w/that? And Matt, that word COWARD doesnot work w/me,,,not wanting to put up $$$ for bail and court cost and hangin w/ not too cool people in jail, well if that makes one a coward,,color me COWARD.

  2. The ‘young’ ones will always be “pushing the limits”, and they are the reason why marijuana is where it is today. If everyone was a coward who simply followed a law just because it’s a law, we’d still be back where we were when cannabis was first illegal. Personally, I think a 1 oz limit is a bit low, and commend those who choose to possess however much they want, like alcohol. I think it is your god-given right to do so. Why follow a prohibition-lite law when it’s supposedly legal? Inevitably, if marijuana becomes legitimately legal nationwide, there would be no 1 oz limit, or any limit at all.

  3. The ‘young’ ones,,yea, I know that sounds ugh, but hell,,its true,,have got to keep it UNDER CONTROL, for the sake of having and enjoying this marvelous ‘gift’ around and just to show these SOB’s that it can be done. DON’T drive or carry more than is afuckinallowed,,,,I’m still in this ‘backward state of tejas’ but I spread the word to keep it cool and we or other states will reap the rewards. Mr. Green, gracias for all U do!!!

  4. Wait a month or two until they’ve gained significant revenue, then the DEA will sweep in like usual.

  5. Ft. Collins is not listed as a place allowing sales. These are all the stores opening tomorrow. Farthest north is Botanacare at 120th and I25 in Northglenn.

    Stores now fully licensed in Denver, Colorado:
    3D Cannabis Center, 4305 Brighton Boulevard
    Citi-Med, 1640 East Evans Avenue
    The Clinic Colorado, 3888 East Mexico Avenue
    Dank Colorado, 3835 Elm Street
    Denco, 3460 Park Avenue West
    Denver Kush Club, 2615 Welton Street
    Evergreen Apothecary, 1568 South Broadway
    The Green Solution, 2601 West Alameda Avenue
    The Green Solution, 4400 Grape Street
    The Grove, 74 Federal Boulevard
    The Haven, 777 Canosa Court
    The Healing House Denver, 2383 South Downing Street
    The Health Center, 1736 Downing Street
    Kindman, 4125 Elati Street
    LoDo Wellness, 1617 Wazee Street
    Medicine Man Denver, 4750 Nome Street
    Mile High Medical Cannabis, 1705 Federal Boulevard
    The Shelter, 4095 Jackson Street

    These stores outside of Denver should also be open on January 1:
    Annie’s in Central City
    Botanacare in Northglenn
    Breckenridge Cannabis Club in Breckenridge
    The Greener Side in Pueblo
    The Kine Mine in Idaho Springs
    Marisol Therapeutics in Pueblo West
    Northern Lights Cannabis Company in Edgewater

  6. On the eve of this new year, I take a moment to raise this joint, to congratulate the beautiful state of Colorado.
    (And please, ya’ll don’t frack this up…)

  7. The bud whisperer on

    There is talk that the stores will run out of stock quickly, what bullshit! They have had plenty of time to ramp up production. Most strains take 8 weeks, some 10, then maybe 2 weeks for drying and trimming. Do the math.

  8. Yes, if the prices aren’t very competitive, the “street gangs and cartels” will still be in business.

  9. Fine. You go your way, I’ll go mine. I think what’s happening in Colorado is beautiful. Many people jumped through the hoops so they can make weed available legally to the public, and I will support them for the efforts. The black market is dead to me, but if that’s what you want, have at it. To each, their own.

  10. firetheliberals on

    Now we must fight in the courts to eliminate employer discrimination for use of a legal substance in our off duty hours..

  11. I can’t till the domino effect happens in the next couple years… Just imagine… Murica, a free nation under cannabis order. *drool

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