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Colorado Voters Consider Marijuana Legalization A Success


marijuana legalization support coloradoPeople like Kevin Sabet will try as hard as they can to convince the American public that marijuana legalization is harmful, and that states should avoid it. Kevin Sabet will try to convince people that they will regret marijuana legalization down the road if they vote for it. Almost a year and a half after Colorado voters legalized marijuana, it’s very obvious that propagandists like Kevin Sabet are clearly wrong.

Below are results from a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling:

Two months after legal marijuana sales began in Colorado, its legalization has become more popular in the state. 57% of Colorado voters now say they think marijuana usage should be legal to only 35% who think it should be illegal. That 22 point margin in support represents an increase since the November 2012 legalization ballot measure that passed by 10 points with voters in the state.

“Colorado voters are generally having a positive reaction to marijuana being legal in the state,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “There’s even more support for it now than there was when voters passed it at the ballot box 16 months ago.”

As the poll clearly shows, marijuana legalization is even better than people initially thought. If you are fighting for reform in your state, make sure to share this poll with people that are on the fence!


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  1. Absolutely right. It’s hilarious watching try-hards like Kevin Sabet misinform the world with fear mongering tactics.

    As a CO resident I am EXTREMELY happy for us to lead the country with legalization. There are a few hiccups IMO such as being a bit overtaxed, and also potential corruption-related use of tax revenues courtesy of Gov Hickenlooper. IE he has strong ties to the alcohol industry and plans to spend millions of our cannabis revenue towards “use prevention” campaigns. I agree that minors should not use cannabis unless for therapeutic/medicinal relief, but their prevention campaigns could easily turn into misinformation campaigns.

    Anyhow, the only issues I have so far do not involve consequences related to citizen use. There is no reefer madness, there is no rising crimes, there are NO OVERDOSES still in history, and so on. All of the problems are related to government/politics. IE the tax is too high, the Federal illegalities are still getting in the way of good business (Banking services anyone?) and many of CO’s counties are still dry – but that will change.

    On the PLUS sides we have reduced crime rates and LOADS of growth injected into our economy. Through legalization, CO will enjoy thousands of new jobs/careers created as this new industry generates hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. Moreover, CO is likely to be the healthiest state in America thanks to our ready-access and consumption of cannabinoids. This is greatly expounded by the 300+ families who have already moved here specifically for high-CBD strains (Charlotte’s Web).

    Meanwhile, other states are struggling to pass smart legislature. CBD-only legislation is popping up everywhere and it’s a great disservice to the citizens. Rightful, whole-plant access (cultivate + posses) is the ONLY right way to do this. The pharmaceuticals are jumping all over the industry and CBD-only legislation means no citizen will enjoy rightful access; it will all be pharma profits. See Michigan’s Prairie Plant Bill for other examples of what pharma is pushing for. GW Pharmaceuticals as well.

    The takeaway from that is citizens who live in states other than CO need to push their politicians. If you do not get the rightful access you deserve, your state and local counties will be cheated out of millions of dollars of revenue. If profits go to pharmaceuticals, that short-changes the citizens. In CO we are not only raising giant tax revenue purses, but all of these millions of dollars are recirculated amongst locals. The shop owners live here, as do the growers, tenders etc. The “pharma plan” actively robs citizens of these opportunities. Moreover, the other states are greatly missing out on the medicinal, recreational and enhancement properties of cannabis – read Dr. Grinspoons philosophy on “enhancement” for more info.

    In short, if your politicians don’t support RIGHTFUL ACCESS legislation, tell them to take their private interests and go home, you will vote for someone who does.

  2. As the old farts who believed the propaganda die off the younger generations will support legalizing .

  3. Roger Turner on

    thank you god please share this with the American public as more information is passed the sooner it will tip the almighty scales the other direction

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