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Colorado Voters Even Happier With Their Decision To Legalize Marijuana


colorado marijuanaColorado legalized marijuana in 2012, and started selling it legally at the beginning of 2014. Marijuana opponents predicted that the sky would fall, and that people would look back on the decision to legalize marijuana and see it as a total failure. Obviously the sky is still in place, and according to a new poll, Colorado voters would approve marijuana legalization again if they could, and by a wider margin than during the 2012 Election.

“According to a new Quinnipiac poll, 58 percent of registered Colorado voters support Amendment 64, which legalized marijuana in Colorado. Only 39 percent oppose the new law. This is a modest increase in support for legalization over the past year. During the 2012 election Amendment 64 was approved by a vote of 55.3 – 44.7%.” according to Fire Dog Lake.

The world has been watching Colorado since it legalized marijuana, trying to get a glimpse of what it’s like when a state legalizes. States that are considering legalizing marijuana are paying close attention to what works, what doesn’t work, and how the mood is among voters. This poll should boost efforts in those states, as marijuana supporters can point to the fact that after a month of legal sales, and well over a year since voters approved Amendment 64, things are going just fine.

The same poll found that a majority of Colorado voters think that marijuana is hurting the image of the state, which I don’t agree with. Yes, Colorado is the butt of many jokes. I know in my workplace there are a lot of snarky comments about people that visit Colorado. However, the State of Colorado is raking in the tax dollars from legal sales, and organized crime is feeling the pinch I’m sure. So Colorado gets the last laugh, and they can laugh all the way to the bank.


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  1. I love it! Eventually, pot will be legalized in the whole country and those that don’t like it, should join all the hypocrites that are against everything from pot to cigarettes, to alcohol, to food. Someone is always going to think that something is bad for us. Why can’t we decide for ourselves?

  2. Largely Useless on

    Oh absolutely. Mostly my issue is with the whole middle man aspect of the tax tier (or perhaps just my lack of truly understanding it out of laziness), and the limits on how much can be grown. I think pot tourism could be pretty decent for Seattle’s economy, so I’m disappointed the cap is so low . (Plus the whole smoked too much paranoid worries of big business, and chemicals, and quality, and the farmers getting screwed, and what will happen with MMJ…) Definitely an exciting time to be a bystander watching history in motion though right?

  3. Well you have to understand that an entirely new system has to be created for retail weed shops to be open. We’re talking permits, regulations, and taxes. Not to mention finding entrepreneurs that will grow, distribute, and sell cannabis with the potential threat of the Federal government hanging over everyone’s heads. We have been waiting over 90 years for legalization to happen, and i for one can wait until the summer.

  4. We should have shops set up in June or July if I remember right. It’s just taking forever to figure out the laws and regulations because on the the MMJ side of Washington regulations were very loose. Plus a lot of the laws and limits being established are unfair to dispensaries and growers, so that’s still being sorted out. It’s still disappointing that there aren’t any shops set up yet though.

  5. Largely Useless on

    Colorado is sure handling it better than Washington state. Our legal shops still aren’t open. :(

  6. I would like to know how they believe it is hurting the state’s image. Is it because for the most part, major news outlets still focus on negative stories filled with misinformation about cannabis? They are getting better, though. Honestly the relative lack of bad stories seems to me to be something that should be good for their state image. They should try to track and compare alcohol and cannabis related crimes and also the regulation compliance pass/failures. Those should give a better perspective of positive/negative. I have a feeling they’ll be in the favor of cannabis.

  7. This is a good start. We now have to get Numbers and trends in crime,tax collected,and business start ups. Like politicians the people like money. So if people can see opportunity to make and keep their money. a good and safe living environment. They will be more likely to favor legalization.

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