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Colorado’s ‘Yes On 64’ Campaign Releases Official Theme Song


The Yes on 64 Theme Song”

Colorado’s ‘Yes On 64’ campaign released their official “theme song” today. It’s set to the music of The Beatles hit, “When I’m Sixty-Four” and according to the website:

It’s fun, it’s memorable, and it gets across the main arguments in support of Amendment 64. We want voters humming this tune on the way to the polls, so please share it with every Colorado voter your know – especially those baby boomers who might recognize the tune.

Here’s the video, please share this with all your friends from Colorado:


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  1. I have been smoking Marijuana for over 40 years. I had the opportunity last year to talk to my sister who USED to smoke, and said it was addictive. I told her that I smoke, but have had whole years go by where I didn’t, or maybe only smoked a few times, due to work, school, raising kids, whatever.
    At the same time, alcohol is a dangerous drug IMHO, and when I was a young adult and saw my parents struggling with losing their business and become too enamored of alcohol, I was glad that I preferred marijuana for relaxation. I already knew at 21 that it was not dangerous.
    I now use it medically as well, and find it appalling that the US is the only civilized nation that does not recognize or test the medical effects. The plant has so many uses, it could boost our economy in many ways.

  2. Bye Bye Cartel on

    So what are the feds actually going to do if A64 passes (and presumably goes into effect)? Raid millions of homes joint by joint? Impossible. Currently, prohibition enforcement relies upon state and local police cooperation. If you take the state and local police out of the picture via A64 passage, then prohibition becomes de facto unenforceable.

    The ENTIRE prohibition scheme relies upon 100% state cooperation. If any given state votes to remove the criminal and civil penalties for INTRA-state sale and possession, which the Supremacy clause probably could not prevent, then the entire prohibition scheme topples. Its the exact same way alcohol prohibition fell. A ‘no’ on A64 is a vote for continued prohibition. It must end.

    YES on A64!

  3. cute. clever. i have dedicated my life and wealth to protecting
    MMJ patients, caregivers, and center owners.

    beware what you wish for…

    if anyone is paying attention one would find that A64 has the
    potential to provide a legislative victory (yea) – and a catastrophic failure
    for the Colorado MMJ industry, caregivers, patients and Amendment 20 (bummer.)

    recent rulings by State and Federal courts have shown again and
    again that federal laws trump State. until now, the feds have been busy in Cali
    destroying what earlier lobbyist, lawyers, and city councils failed to do.

    in the last month, over 800 MMJ dispensaries in Cali have been
    told to close or face federal and local action.

    in the last 90 days, over 60 MMJ centers in CO have been forced
    to close because they were within 1000 ft. of schools and therefore violated
    yet another federal law.

    A64 is designed to provide lobbyist, lawyers and their
    accountants to rack up a win – but at what cost?

    when i interviewed the head of the MMED, i asked him one question,
    “what about the FEDS?” the response… “we don’t poke the bear.
    if we do, the bear will come.”

    A64 may pass, but it may be a short lived high followed by a
    federal crackdown that could easily destroy Amendment 20, patient’s access,
    caregiver rights and centers.

    i support decriminalization, however, i would suggest that if
    you want to protect Amendment 20, you may want to vote ‘no’ on A64.

    how much does it cost for the FEDS or DA John Walsh to shut down
    any medical marijuana center, grow or caregiver? 44 cents. yep, that’s it.

    with 1 letter and a stamp, the FEDS and Colorado’s on DA have
    been able to shut down almost 1,000 small-businesses since Jan. 2012.

    protect Amendment 20. protect caregivers. protect patients. protect Colorado.
    NO on A64.

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