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Columbia, Missouri Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance


missouri show me cannabis rolla town hall meetingBy Dan Viets, J.D., Show-Me Cannabis Board Chair

Columbia City Councilwoman Barbara Hoppe has made revisions in her proposed cultivation ordinance which are designed to respond to some of the criticisms made by two Columbia citizen advisory groups. The proposal amends Columbia’s decriminalization ordinance and its medical marijuana ordinance to include cultivation of no more than two marijuana plants.

Under the ordinance which covers general adult possession of less than 35 grams of marijuana, the penalties are limited to a fine of $250. The proposal would prescribe the same penalty range for cultivation.

Under Columbia’s medical marijuana ordinance, police are required to make no arrest and issue no citation to people who have a letter from a physician confirming legitimate medical need. If a defendant acquires such a letter while his or her case is pending, the charge is required to be dismissed. The proposal would add cultivation of no more than two plants to this ordinance.

The Columbia Daily Tribune, the Columbia/Boone County League of Women Voters, and the Columbia NAACP have all endorsed the proposed changes. So have the Central Missouri Chapter of the Missouri Association for Social Welfare, the Missouri Civil Liberties Association, and the Boone County Libertarians.

The Columbia Police Officers Association is expected to oppose the changes as has the superintendent of the Columbia Public Schools.

The Columbia City Council is expected to hold a public hearing and a vote on the proposed changes at its meeting on the evening of Monday, October 20. If you live in Columbia, please attend and voice your support!

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  1. Dysfunctional Marine Veteran : Too long to read ! I got more in my life than someone who sounds like there in there moms basement eatting Blue Berry POP Tarts !

  2. Dysfunctional Marine Veteran on

    Get off the your high horse, we get it, your better than all of us. Honestly, I gave the last fuck I had to give dealing with arrogant, self entitled civilian assholes like yourself when getting out of the Marine Corps. Every once in awhile though I stumble across someone who needs to be put in their place, called out, and most definitely humbled a little bit! It seemed as if you have gathered your information from a very early time period…perhaps a movie of sorts….black and white? If you didn’t already realize that I was speaking of reefer madness then please pause and go get an adult because I
    Unfortunately I can only break this down Barney style so much for you. Your literally the only person that is, in actuality, attacking anything. However, I noticed that in so much reading material you gave us “potheads” you have failed to actually offer one source, fact, or even one study. I was very disappointed coming to the end of all your bitches, moans, and complaints to come to the conclusion that you (the self righteous ass) have no idea what your talking about and are most likely sad, and bitter. The good news however, is that there’s a weed for that ;-) The importance of marijuana from any standpoint is just huge, regardless of ANY fact or how butt hurt it makes people such as yourself who think that it’s even constitutional to tell an AMERICAN citizen and an ADULT they are not “allowed” to smoke weed. I’m assuming you do not have this same negative outlook/approach when speaking to people who use tobacco, but hey, I’m not gonna beat that dead horse… Or the alcohol one either ?????. Now listen and try to hear the words without the biased ass opinion and brushing off what I say because of the “potheads are stupid, lazy, ignorant people” stereotypes that your brain takes as factual (it’s ok, you aren’t the only American that sadly can’t think for themselves and follows along blind, deaf, and dumb even when presented with facts. But I guess we gotta have followers in order to have leaders, free thinkers, and those of us who see the obvious potential in oh so many aspects of one simple, unprocessed plant that has never harmed anything more than big business, big pharma, and possibly the little debbie section of your local grocery store). For a brief moment we are going to pretend marijuana does NOT, as you say, have anything in its chemical make-up to ease physical pain. So, riddle me this batman, if an individual in pain states that smoking weed helped to ease their pain (of the physical type) it would be an obvious and correct assumption that it’s all in their head, yes? Does it make the fact that a person suffering a chronic pain or illness is able to have a brief moment of relief any less real or important to said individual? I honestly am curious as to how anyone, yourself included, could ever be that un-empathic towards any living, breathing, lifeform. What if it where your mother, father, child, or any loved one, And day in and day out you witness the pain and struggle they go through due to a condition, would you deny them something to ease their pain that even after hundreds of years of known use has never caused a death or extreme possibly permanent side effect? If you just said yes you would pls stick to blowjobs as you should never reproduce. But I’m gonna assume your not quite that cold hearted. Because I’m sure when you or they have a headache you will take your preference out of ibuprofen, Tylenol, aspirin, etc. I’m also willing to put some money on it that around flu season they are getting the vaccination or at min you will take or loved ones will take another pharmaceutical to help with their runny noses, soar throats, etc. oh boy if you managed to land a wife with the self righteous attitude you have and if she has gone through child birth I wonder, did she maybe have an epidural??? Or maybe your actually older than that with a daughter who is right around that age for “experimental behavior” Is she on birth control? Ehh maybe you called her a whore for asking I really don’t know. What I do know, is that those simple things aspirin included, are unbelievably more dangerous than marijuana. Do you drink soda? Throw it all away you good for nothing caffeine junkie cause even a simple Mountain Dew, studies have shown, is more harmful NOT ONLY to a full grown adult but a fetus still in the womb. let’s try another scenario…. I have a buddy named Eric from the marine corps, he lives in California and he is a bit of a health nut, and together we would a lot of workout sessions when time allowed. Both him and I agree that lifting the heaviest was not only counter productive but in some cases even dangerous if not careful, so we went low weight high reps with lots of cardio because definition is what we where going for. One day he gets online and sees a workout themed blog with the opinions of one person saying that they solely lift heavy weights and they think it is actually counter productive to lift low weight high reps. What did Eric do about this crazy opinion you ask? He exits out of the blog minding his own business because he doesn’t really care what someone else does to their body, he only cares about his. Let me guess, mind=blown??? It’s crazy to think how we could actually still live out our daily lives and not try to micro manage how a FREE AMERICAN citizen passes their time, or what they do to their bodies huh? By no means am I saying anything and everything should rightfully be allowed, but I strongly believe if there are countless positive sides to ANYTHING (not just marijuana)with little to NOTHING NEGATIVE then it is not harming you, your homestead, or the way you make a living,(unless you are apart of big pharma industry) then you literally have absolutely no right nor a leg to stand on to not only push your way of living, but to condemn, bash, put down, or ridicule (among many others) a fully grown adult for either choosing to smoke weed as a medication, OR because it was a long faced paced day and he wants to have a nice cozy relaxation followed by some food. Hell, whatever the reason may be for an individual to smoke or push for the ability to not be treated diff and slammed by our ridiculously flawed judicial system with outrageous prison sentences, that tax payers pay for mind you, over something that can grow naturally, picked, then smoked with no alterations to chemical make-up, no harmful side effects to the person smoking it or the control freak (who is most likely a keyboard warrior at best) like yourself who is ridiculing him. This “movement” as you so delicately put it is all in all just that, a movement. Like it or not it is happening, not exactly by drugged out hood looms as you thought, but by professionals, doctors, military members, teachers, disabled citizens as well as disabled veterans with more than enough good reason to not only be able to smoke a plant, but also to not have to explain themselves to anyone in doing so especially those of you who believe your way is best so let’s make it illegal to do anything other than your way. I don’t know you, what you have done in life, or how old you are. The only thing I truly know about you is that you obviously have a strong opinion (whether right or wrong facts behind the opinion) in regards to the consumption and/or cultivation of marijuana for any reason, correct? Well sir, your in luck!! Because like my buddy Eric from the scenario earlier, I actually do not care what you do or how you do it so long as you are not fucking with my livelihood, housing, employment, or somehow affecting my children. These outstanding professionals who stood up to not gain new rights mind you, but to reclaim those that have been TAKEN from us against our will then slandered, bashed upon, and down sized. And you see, unlike yourself and the few like you that chose to close your eyes and ears and play “Simon Says” this initiative and all others that are popping up all over the country at the rapid rate respects your opinions, your rights, as well as the right to express your opinions. No persons involved on my side of the fence are fighting to make a law that states all American adults HAVE TO partake or face outrageous prison time accompanied by even more outrageous fines. We Are more than willing to cooperate and respect each individual’s personal space as well as a general public space. We are not saying we want the right to smoke blunts, drink 40’s while driving down the block with our unregistered weapons. The privacy of my home is sacred. What I do there (so long as no person, child, or pet is being hurt, or in danger of such) is between my creator and myself. The government nor any organization, group of persons, Facebook page, or single individual has the right to invade it, and most certainly not have the right to jeapordize my life, property, and family’s well being because they have a differing OPINION. No mater what you think of myself and others like me for sharing the same viewpoints and beliefs, no matter how much you hate us, what we do, what we stand for it sounds like most like you are going to just have to put your big girl panties on, stop involving yourself so deeply in another’s life, grow a spine and think for yourself, and ultimately get the fuck over it. Just come to terms with the facts. Prohibition for marijuana will end one day everywhere in the U.S.A. What’s that old saying about history and repeating and such… When alcohol prohibition ended we knew it was harmful and toxic to our bodies, but guess what, it’s that whole god given right type of thing again, because we have the right to have control over our persons and possessions and to do as we please so long as we do not in danger or otherwise harm anyone else among other reasons of course we still ended the prohibition on alcohol and regardless of the lives lost to date due to consumption or indirectly such as accidents involving drunk drivers we still have not done anything except make age restrictions ensuring that when our kids can legally drink they have literally no concept of moderation and the loss of the ability to think rationally ultimately resulting in more alcohol related incidents. Knowing how it went with a far more harmful substance, do you honestly believe this initiative will not prevail? I encourage you to look up some no shit unbiased facts and studies. I also encourage you to humble yourself and have sympathy at least for those disabled who it helps. A little empathy will go a long way. I hope I truly was able to get the hate and discontent flowing through you. If your angry or stressed out for how much of an ignorant self righteous ass you made yourself look on here just know, there is also a weed to help with that as well. ????✌️?????????????????????

  3. I have a really simple test for whether or not a drug is dangerous.like there trying to do with MARIJUANA !

    How hard will users work to get it legalized?

    How much money will they spend.

    How many lies and exaggerations will they tell.

    How much rhetoric will they use, how hard will they work to indoctrinate other users.

    How willing are they to be dishonest with THEMSELVES.

    If a drug drives millions of people to lie, exaggerate, con, beg, and addict their friends….Every day on Facebook I see people willing to share absolutely absurd “facts” about marijuana. Anyone with half a brain can figure out that at the very least it’s an exaggeration, and more likely a flat out lie.

    And no one, to my knowledge has ever lied, exaggerated, mislead people to get Broccoli ! Ha ha ha Now start lying to yourself and others !

  4. Speaking of Delusional
    It is always funny to me when an article that posts something negativewhen about Marijuana–even ones from research from top Universities–that you STILL will have people dismiss it.
    They will think of EVERYTHING—and make up something that they think in their mind dismisses facts. It is truly unbelievable.
    Because when you attack there habit your attacking them ! Watch the posting attack me for speaking up ! ( just look at his grammar ) First they ask for where you get your research info. So they can TRY to dismiss it , then attack me some more , WE all know putting any carcinogen in your body is bad ( YES THERE CARCINOGEN IN MARIJUANA! ) no I don’t need to prove anything . Anyone who thinks putting any kind of CARCINOGEN in there body will be helpful to there health would never change there mind ! Now let the attack begin ! But for your information I don’t read or responded back because your a pot head , and you and your kind only attack my posting because your HOOKED ON YOUR DRUG ! And you feel the need to justify your habit or to join in with other DRUGIES to be part of some kind of movement

  5. columbia has always been a little bit ahead of the rest back ward missouri , I take my hat of to you Barbra , go columbia !

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