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Compassionate Idaho Director Featured On ‘The View’


compassionate idaho medical marijuana the view lindsey rinehartFriend of the blog and amazing activist Lindsey Rinehart was a guest on ABC’s ‘The View’ last week. I was so excited when I heard it was going to happen, and even though I was at work while it aired, I heard good things. Below is a blog article that Lindsey posted on her site talking about her experience:

This is long because I wrote about the whole trip.  The View itself starts at about the 5th paragraph.  :)

When I first held my first sign at a rally for cannabis I never in a Million years would have thought that eventually that would put me on The View.  As I got the Text asking me if I wanted to go on, I was shocked.  So casual.  It was from Cheryl Shuman.  She wanted to take a patient on with her, would I be interested?  Due to our problems that we’ve had with CPS removing our children over my cannabis use a lot of people are mad, intrigued, or at least a little curious.  While I am Super Pissed that ANY of what happened with my family happened, I am Grateful for the opportunity to tell people that this is happening Right Now.  Cannabis patients, and recreational users as well, are losing their Children over the Mere Presence of the cannabis or it’s paraphernalia.  It’s Not right.

I saw this as an opportunity to do my best to spread the truth and if that means a daytime talk show across the country to get More Truth out there, then OK!  Let’s get it done.  I was Terrified.  I’ve never really wanted to go NY..  (No offense NY peeps!!  I completely Love You!)  It’s always been scary for me to be around a lot of people in closed off spaces.  In Idaho there aren’t very many of us 1.5 million, and we are spread out, 1 per 19 miles is the Average of the numbers.  Of course Boise has 258,000 and the valley has about half a million or so..  NYC has 8.5 Million people in ONE city.  One driver was Very happy to inform me “oh, there’s about 3 or 4 million that come in for work everyday.”  It’s SO big.  Most of the average buildings are taller that Idaho’s tallest.

I didn’t get to see much on the drive in, it’s another hour on top of the 6.5 hours of air travel.  From Salt Lake to NY was a 5.5 hour flight.. It was Nuts.  Did I mention I haven’t flown in over 13 Years??  TSA was ALL new for me.. and they weren’t that bad at all… kinda weird, but not horrible.  I accidentally left my suitcase behind when purchasing water.  Thank God it was in Salt Lake! I found it a minute later right where I left it!!  Once there I got in a nice black car that was sent for me.  I saw a hotel that disturbed me.  It wasn’t really a hotel.  It was apartments where very poor people lived.  It was Striking because it had a brand new playground installed next to it, with a Tall fence, and razor wire above it..  I saw a corner of Central Park, and the new tower for the Memorial of the twin towers.  The driver informed me that about half of the city says that they will never enter it due to fear…

I got dropped off at The Beacon on Broadway.  It wasn’t in The Middle of much but it was a nice hotel with a Super comfy bed.  It reminded me of an antique.  Their logo looked like a cannabis leaf and was everywhere.  Made me giggle a bit.  Cheryl Shuman comes from No where and gives me a friendly hug.  It was Great to see her.  I Love finding a familiar face when I know no one, especially a face that I’m thrilled to see!!  We checked in and cleaned up from travel, had some dinner, and then we were joined by Simmi Dhillon who is amazing!  We enjoyed a yummy beverage or two and talked over talking points and got on the same pages.  Oh, but before That, I realized I didn’t pack my pants for the show!!!!  I was going to hem them!  Sooo, I had to go across the street and buy that adorable dress.  I stayed up Way to late with a case of nerves.

I get almost 5 hours of sleep.  Nerves and pain.. rough night but once I fell asleep I was Out.  I woke up and got some nerves out.  Time to go!!  I was excited and calm and just ready to see what happened.  Another car came for us and took us to the studio where we met the producer of the show.  We had our own room to sit and prepare.  Enter Woopi!!  She pops in to say hi.  I about died.  I LOVE that woman, ever since Sister Act when I was a kid.  LOVE her!  She was so nice to us and hugging her was awesome because her energy is AMAZING!  She had to go for a minute and promises that she will be back.  We said a prayer, and then did a meditation to get some positive energy flowing.  Woopi’s Back!  She hung out with us the whole time.  It was awesome!!  We were so happy to Be there and She was happy that we were there.  just freaking amazing!  Time for hair and make up.  My hair does it’s self so that was easy enough, I just had one curl that was being out.  Then I’m told I wasn’t wearing makeup, lol.  I had eye shadow, mascara, and lip gloss.  The make up artist is a freaking Artist.  It has Never looked that good.  Very cool!

And it’s time.. walk down some long halls, get microphones, standing off stage watching the monitor with famous people.  I look over and there is Cherie.  I introduced myself, same with Joy.  They are both Very kind.  Woopi is still hanging out.  We have pictures with her, and Then other pics that She took of us!!  Oh, and I gave her my card.  She might e-mail me!!  Ok, deep breath, we walk out to the sofa, the cameras are off.  The audience is huge.  I didn’t even look until I was talking during the segment.  That was a lot of people.  Barbara and I shake hands.  I thought that she was going to be anti cannabis and be hard on me.  She was So nice..  Oh My!  I’m talking to Barbara Walters.  Heart races!  And it’s on!  It was over before a blink of an eye.  I speak for a few seconds, so does every one else.  Joy tells me to move… It’s crazy how fast it went.  I’m SO grateful that we got to go on there and Open a Door for other women to walk through, or for us to walk through again!!  Absolutely electrifying!  I hope I did well.  I hope I made you proud.  As soon I get more time I will do better!!  Here is the link http://watchabc.go.com/the-view/SH559080/VDKA0_hstyhrp3/the-view-628 The segment is at 12 minutes.

It’s over and we are backstage again, watching a segment about some guy who thinks that making a Gun for a Video game that Looks, Sounds, and Acts like a real gun is a good idea..  I can’t help but wonder why.. We would have done SO much more good if we had more time and this guy is just Wasting it.  Ugh.  But still, I then meet Jesse Tyler Fergusun from Modern Family.  Whoopi is back!!  I Love that woman!

We are leaving and saying another round of thank yous and goodby’s.  Back into the car and to the hotel.  It’s SO fast.  I got to hang out with Cheryl and then Simmi for about another hour and off to the airport I went.  I saw different things this time, and had another driver.  All of them were kind people.  This time I record 30 minutes of the drive.  It was so neat to drive down the side of Central Park and see everything.  It’s Huge!  New airport.  I ordered some food..  They deliver it and POOF coke a cola ALL over ME.   ALL OVER.  I had to go change.  Our plane is an hour late and I’m thinking of my connection in Minneapolis and doubting if I will get there.  I get there, and Oh Shit!  The Delta section is as big as Boise’s airport.  I get a ride to the gate, and am grateful!  I see no plane.  I panic.  I go to the lady.  The plan is an hour late.  THANK GOD!!  Who is happy for a late flight??  ME.  So I get to come home.

I wake up from an awkward rest on the plane in a haze.  My body is stuck.  I had crossed my arms in front of myself and tucked my hands in to it too.  The muscles are stiff and stuck.  I felt like I could have been in a straight jacket being stuck like that.  I had to relax them as much as I could.  That last part of the flight, It’s what got me.  My writs Still hurt two days later, elbows, shoulders.  This girl with MS… I think I prefer the car.  Takes so long though..

I’m happy and grateful that it all went so well, and now I know I can go back and not be scared.  I hope that I get the chance again to tell more of our story and share more truth.

Thank you for all of your support.  If you have read this long I wish I could hug you!  I hope you enjoyed The View.

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  1. Fred Flinstonded on

    that’s prohibition…not proabition….sorry. My spelling is terrible.

  2. Fred Flintstoned on

    Nice segment…I hope it resinated with the viewing audience, but just as the interview was gaining momentum it ended. I was disappointed to see that none of the hosts spoke out for the women and their use of cannabis for medical purposes. They just kept their mouths shut and listened. I also didn’t get why they cut Whoopi out of the interview. Interesting time for her to take a break…I’m sure she would’ve spoke her mind on the topic.Also, I wish they would’ve asked Lindsay to expand upon what her medicine does for her MS symptoms.Cheryl Shuman was of course promoting her line of vaporizors which was fine, but I wish they had gotten to really talk more about what the use of cannibas did for them physically and emotionally. Oh well…better to have some argument on this show FOR cannabis than none at all. Hopefully more shows like this will begin asking the questions about this bullshit proabition and help move the cause forward. Putting this topic in front of women on these types of shows will eventually win the day in my opinion.

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