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Compassionate Idaho Releasing New Medical Marijuana Petition


compassionate idaho medical marijuanaCompassionate Idaho is releasing our New Petition for circulation to put Medical Marijuana for the Seriously and Terminally Ill Patients of The Great State of Idaho on the 2014 Ballot for the Voters to decide to allow this medicine!

On 3/15/13 Compassionate Idaho will release a petition to address the failed medical marijuana policy of Idaho that is putting seriously ill and terminally ill patients in a position of being a “criminal.” This petition, once law, will protect our Seriously and Terminally ill patients and their caregivers from arrest, prosecution, and forfeiture for using or obtaining Medical Marijuana

The Petition is already available to read in at www.compassionateidaho.org although it does not currently have its Short and Long Title Ballots back from the Idaho Attorney General. Those will be added as soon as we get them.

Once we have the petition back from the Idaho Attorney General we will post a downloadable pdf. file of the petition for circulation around the state. We will also have our Circulation Instructions and downloadable Voter Registration Cards.

This petition will circulate until April 30th, 2014 to appear on the 2014 Ballot. Teams are in place and developing rapidly but we still need more volunteers. If Idaho residents are interested in helping they can go to www.compassionateidaho.org to learn more.

As the people of this great State of Idaho we have got to let our Government know that we can no longer turn a blind eye to the medical benefits of this plant. We can no longer watch other states progress with compassion for their ill while we stand by and continue to let our ill suffer needlessly! These laws need changed now, our Seriously and Terminally Ill cannot keep being arrested for treating their illness or horrible side effects from a treatment in a way that they feel safest.

In a BSU Public Policy Poll 74% of Idahoan’s support medical marijuana. Why don’t our Representatives listen? Why do we not have viable legislation drafted by those who represent us to change these laws? Our Petition is born of these concerns as we watch our patients be misrepresented time and time again. After almost one- hundred years it is really hard to change the perception on a medicine that has been falsely propagated against and made to be an evil taboo. Regardless we can no longer ignore the scientific community that is saying we need this plant for our sick and ill. As Idahoans we need to listen to those of us who know that this is an effective, non-toxic medicine. As Idahoans we can no longer ignore that patients of Idaho need help!

Together we can send a loud and clear message to our elected Government Officials that it is time to treat our terminally and seriously ill family, friends and community members with compassion and let them use a plant to treat their symptoms without fear of prosecution.

Compassion is Not Political, nor should it be!

Compassionate Idaho asks you to please take a few minutes to educate yourself on Medical Marijuana and our efforts. Please start by exploring here!

Source: Compassionate Idaho


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  1. The US Government got a patent on marijuana in 2003… google this “Significance of US Govt Cannabinoid Patent 6,630,507” This is why they are raiding all the medical marijuana shops in Calif. They wanted to corner the market in hash oil so only the Big Pharm. called “Medical marijuana inc.” gets all the profit. They just released their stock profits showing how much money they made last quarter. Thank God Washington and Colorado legalized it. It has stopped them dead in their tracks. 19 states have it legal for medicine. Just because you live in Idaho you have a disease and smoke pot is no reason to have your children taken away like what happened to the mom who runs Compassionate Idaho…. Where is your compassion Idaho? The U.S. Government is in it just for the money. Have left people ignorant on purpose
    Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2013/05/14/2576219/kids-back-with-pot-activist-mom.html#disqus_thread#storylink=cpy

  2. “Together we can send a loud and clear message to our elected Government Officials that it is time to treat our terminally and seriously ill family, friends and community members with compassion and let them use a plant to treat their symptoms without fear of prosecution.”

    In Idaho?? Good luck with that!! Of course when it comes to medical or even recreational cannabis Idahoans seeking cannabis freedom could always go to one of their neighboring states. At least until they grow some brass balls and formally un-elect those there that would say and do otherwise. Last I heard some disturbed & obviously paranoid state senator was playing political games trying to make cannabis illegal FOREVER, he/they are so….afraid of it. And yet they keep electing these kind of right winged fanatics to state office. If the people of Idaho want to see who’s responsible for the continued denial of cannabis freedom in their state all they have to do is to look in the proverbial mirror.

  3. I’ll be signing and sharing with friends and family. As someone in the navy reserve law enforcement who lost a mother and a sister to prescribed medicines that caused harm and lead to their passing less than a year apart. When medical marijuana would have helped them and I could hug them today. I know on my side I was often misinformed about the benefits of medical marijuana. I have regret that day my mother came to me and asked if I could find marijuana to ease her pain and I told her it was bad for her. I can not stay quiet while others may lose loved ones due to misinformation.

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