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Complaint Filed By One Ohio Marijuana Legalization Campaign Against Another Is Dismissed


ohio marijuana medical marijuana legalizationPolitics is a messy business, and I think that can be especially true when it comes to marijuana politics. I’ve seen a lot of things since I co-founded this blog in January 2010 in the world of marijuana politics, a lot of which makes me very sad. In a perfect world, everyone would work together to achieve the overall goal of ending marijuana prohibition. However, it’s fairly rare that everyone can agree about the details, which leads to a lot of tension and fracturing. That tension and fracturing has led to a lot of defeats that didn’t need to happen in the marijuana reform movement.

Ohio is about a contentious place for marijuana politics as it gets these days. The contention started when ResponsibleOhio launched its legalization campaign and proposed giving the monopoly on marijuana cultivation to just ten entities. That provision of their initiative resulted in a lot of backlash from the marijuana community, including from national organizations that typically provide a lot of funding for marijuana reform efforts. It’s worth noting that the campaign has since revamped the initiative language to include a home cultivation provision, but only if people receive a license to do so. It’s unclear what will be required in order to receive a home cultivation license.

There is another organization, Ohio Rights Group, that has been fighting to reform Ohio’s outdated marijuana laws. The Ohio Rights Group filed an official complaint against the ResponsibleOhio campaign alleging sabotage. Late last week that complaint was officially dismissed. Per Marijuana Business Daily:

The Ohio Rights Group (ORG), which filed the complaint last monthagainst ResponsibleOhio, charged that ResponsibleOhio deliberately tried to sabotage its efforts to get a ballot measure before voters. But the commission, while at least one board member expressed sympathy for ORG, voted 6-0 to dismiss the case because it “lacked the authority to rule in the matter,” according to Cincinnati.com.

ORG contended that ResponsibleOhio leader Ian James had infiltrated its group to steal donors and key backers before going on to found ResponsibleOhio, and that James’ actions undercut ORG’s ability to qualify for the ballot this year. James called the complaint “frivolous” in a press release, and lauded the commission’s decision.

I, like many other reform activists, will be watching the situation in Ohio. I’m curious to see how the ResponsibleOhio campaign ends up. They have pretty much decided to go it alone without the help of reform organizations and prominent activists, which would be a first if they succeed at the ballot box. People fear a corporate takeover of marijuana, both opponents and supporters, and this initiative will be the poster child for that fear going forward I’d imagine.


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  1. Krystofer Bakka on

    I’m the idiot?
    I know the definition of Monopoly. Maybe you don’t.

  2. Krystofer Bakka on

    I’m the idiot?
    I know the definition of Monopoly. Maybe you don’t.

  3. Ann Arbor 41 on

    Krystofer is an idiot , if you argue with fools no one will know the difference

  4. Ann Arbor 41 on

    Krystofer is an idiot , if you argue with fools no one will know the difference

  5. Maybe that’s because you are a hyper-liberal political extremist who has never said a single good word about them.
    I wouldn’t interview someone who bashes me on every single website she runs.

  6. Your ENTIRE argument is one big “what if” speculation, when you assume that the ten companies will not compete with one another despite the fact that a special independent commission will be making sure that they follow anti-trust and and amendment-specific laws that require them to do so.

    You criticize others for making predictions, but that’s ALL your argument is; one big PARANOID prediction.

  7. David Bourgeau on

    Here are some facts that those of you supporting RO should be aware of.
    First, 9 of the 10 “investors” have the same address, with the same registered agent, with the same filing date.
    While RO allows for home cultivation, there is a strict limit (4 flowering plants) and a yearly fee.
    There is no provision for what to do with homegrown if you exceed the limit, setting home growers up for violation
    The amendment allows for one new grow site after I believe 2 years. It does not appear to allow for more than that
    There is no employment protection, even for use after-hours (i.e. one can have a drink after work, but cannot smoke a joint after work)
    And while RO can claim that they want signatures gathered honestly, that is not happening. I witnessed several gatherers refusing to allow potential signers to read the amendment and for knowingly allowing those not qualified to sign to sign anyway. This can void the entire petition pack. (O.R.C. 3501.38(E)(1)) I witnessed them misrepresenting what was in the petition which is a felony. (O.R.C. 3599.14(A(1)) They have violated other election law by not advising signers, when asked, who they worked for, or for providing misleading or inaccurate information in response. (And yes, there is video proof of much of this on the Akron/Kent NORML facebook page) It seems to me, that there must be something seriously wrong with the verbiage if they are willing to use these kinds of tactics to push this through so quickly.
    If you have witnessed such activities, and wish to report them, I would suggest you send a letter (notarized if possible) including the date, approximate time, and description of the incident to both the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Secretary of State offices.

  8. Krystofer Bakka on

    The Blue Team was likely her unit name….
    She was probably a paid signature collector.

  9. Krystofer Bakka on

    Well, I know several..
    You just don’t know enough professionals.

    You must be really behind the times…are you still Using Windows 95?… hey..there’s an update you may have missed…

  10. No, I grew up, something you apparently haven’t done yet, I have yet to meet any professional who uses the word “derp” in a debate

  11. Krystofer Bakka on

    And yet…every few hours….
    You feel compelled to reply to me…

    You’re nothing but a puppet…lol

  12. Krystofer Bakka on

    I think its funny..you don’t know what ‘derp’ refers to…
    Have you been living under a rock since 2008?

  13. Krystofer Bakka on

    Why are you looking for a date?
    Do you date pigs?

    Hey, whatever you like…its your personal life….

    But you seem very desperate.

  14. its funny to see you get more and more desperate :) keep putting lip stick on that pig buddy

  15. Krystofer Bakka on

    You dont have any truth …
    Youve made multiple false and inaccurate statements.
    You have proven you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  16. Krystofer Bakka on

    I dont believe you, youre not from Ohio…
    You have no idea what you are talking about…..

  17. Krystofer Bakka on

    Nope….youve made multiple mistakes in your posts, some straight out lies, some must be your misunderstanding of how the laws work….

    I haven’t lost, but you seem to be suffering from massive butt-hurt…. i would expect you get that alot.

  18. Krystofer Bakka on

    So, you now claim its 10 people…..
    Its not…
    Its 10 individual legally identified groups….
    Possibly corporations possibility individuals…
    You dont know….
    In competition…..not a monopoly….
    Words and their meanings escape you.

  19. Krystofer Bakka on

    Ok… go ahead…. it still means the same to everyone else…..
    Being ignorant of the word isnt your fault….

  20. If I wasn’t from Ohio, I wouldn’t give two shits about this, also I”m not the guy posting on weed articles all over the country. I don’t think anyone would be naive enough to believe these ten 10 guys won’t set the market and then everyone in the state will have to live with it forever. Think about it 10 guys are going to be supplying the entire state of Ohio Marijuana, exactly how OPEC works, they NEVER manipulate market do they???

  21. Sorry, I’m an adult, I’m not up on all the adolescent sayings, I think I’ll go ahead and keep “derp” out of my vocabulary

  22. Oh yea, great argument, I’m sure these 10 wealthy guys who conspired together to create and fund Responsible Ohio are going to cut each other off at the knees to drop the price and put each other out of business right?? These 10 people will have a strangle hold on the entire market in Ohio forever, they will be the only ones prospering.

  23. A truth troll, I haven’t said a single word that isn’t FACT. You and your other RO shills however only argue in vague what if’s, and alternate universe possibilities, hell even JohnB who works for RO said it was a money grab, so don’t just take my word for it. It hurts being on the losing side of the argument doesn’t it, no matter how you spin it, I’m right.

  24. Krystofer Bakka on

    Derp…… its a slang saying…kinda like ‘Duh’

    I used it to show how your earlier comment was silly….
    You dont understand how this works do you?

  25. Krystofer Bakka on

    Derp….. you cant grow Cannabis anywhere in the USA without breaking laws…

    Whats this ‘Free Country’ thing you speak of…..
    Im not sure it exists.

  26. Krystofer Bakka on

    How would you know whee I’m from…
    You are again…..making false statements and telling lies…
    Maybe you don’t know any better?

  27. Krystofer Bakka on

    And yet……you make errors in your comments….
    And tell lies….and half truths….

    And you keep on replying because deep in your heart….
    You know I’m correct.

  28. Krystofer Bakka on

    Don’t apologize to me…
    You’re making false statements….
    You lie….

  29. Krystofer Bakka on

    See, you were wrong already ….You’re likely wrong about most of the stuff you’re posting.

  30. Krystofer Bakka on

    Well…. I’ll give you a hint….
    “Mono” mean one…as in ‘single’

    When 10 growers compete against each other for the marketshare….. its NOT a Monopoly….

    A dictionary could help you out……

    Pretty simple….but you managed to get it wrong.

  31. 10 people that worked together to push this through, to supply 1100 locations, will be a monopoly or legalized state protected drug cartel, whichever you prefer…

  32. Derp??? that’s your retort??? derp?? I don’t even know what that is….. the last thing you need is more access to weed either way

  33. Oh I’m sure these 10 individuals are going to cut each other off at the knees after spending millions to buy the marijuana market, get real, nobody’s buying your crap. This would be a CLOSED market benefiting 10 1%er’s, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig

  34. Yeah, it means 10 people own the entire production and distribution for 1100 stores, pretty simple

  35. Krystofer Bakka on

    Ohio…isn’t proposing it….

    A Monopoly Would have no competition…. you keep miss-defining the word….

    And I find that kinda funny…
    For someone to not realize their misuse of words….

    But hey…I’ve told you several times… but you continue to do it..
    Because it serves you story….
    Which is false…

  36. Ohio’s the only one proposing a legal drug cartel that would then be protected by state tax dollars and law enforcement, it’s the most legal drug cartel ever proposed. This is monopoly legislation

  37. The better analogy than agriculture in general is to the alcohol industry. There’s plenty of room for boutique wineries and brewers. It will be the same with cannabis, once there is a free market.

  38. Why the 10 grower restrictions why not what republicans preach about all day long free market capitalism not here they try to sell us that crap while they corner the market and basically own the patent to growing wake up Ohio your being robbed

  39. If you believe that crap i got a bridge i could sell you that is the same thing they are trying to do in Florida a few fat cats cornering the market no thanks its a plant i don’t need your greedy hands in my pocket i can grow it myself

  40. Krystofer Bakka on

    Yah know. ..
    You made some many false statements .
    You know very little about this initiative from what I can tell…
    You are fist a lying & whining punk.
    I’d prefer you NOT reply….
    Because your comments are incorrect and you’re nothing but a troll.

  41. If it was an open market a clause would not be needed to establish funds for incubator projects for entrepreneurs. IF they could grow they could make enough money to do all this on their own!!! But since RO’s 10 will control that part of it the people at the bottom won’t make the margins to create new technologies. Other states doen’t have “incubator plans” for small business and they are coming out with awesome new products and technologies all the time. If RO passes development and entrepenurship will be stymied because they are operating within a closed market.

  42. You’re not worth replying to, you never produce a valid argument, you just rant. Again, more ifs, ands and buts. It CAN be doesn’t say it will be and you can bet your sweet ass IF it ever was increased 1 of the current 10 monopoly holders would get first chance. Also, they will NEVER all for an increase, if in the even demand out stripped what the monopoly holders could produce, they would just expand before they would allow someone else in on the gold mine, nice try. Until you’re intelligent enough for an argument I’m just going to collapse your replies, you’re not worth the text….

  43. MrBelvedere on

    Jontomas you are a moron who literally DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FEDERAL LAW AND STATE LAW. Even if marijuana is legalized at the federal level the terrible RO Ohio law will still be in effect! You need a high school Civics class refresher.

  44. Krystofer Bakka on

    You dont know anything little boy…..
    You’re absolutely wrong on nearly every post youve made……

  45. Krystofer Bakka on

    This guy is an idiot…..doesnt understand the legal language and spreads lies……

  46. Krystofer Bakka on

    Youre a lying idiot…….did you know that?
    A freaking lying idiot…..

    I hope you get your ass kicked.

  47. Krystofer Bakka on

    A Monopoly of 10 competing companies……..

    Do you know what Monopoly means?

  48. Krystofer Bakka on

    10 individual Companies to start……
    The number can be increased…..but you already knew that if you read the RO language.

  49. Krystofer Bakka on

    Qualify….just like getting a drivers license…..those are only given if you qualify…..

  50. Krystofer Bakka on

    And yet…..NORML is a NATIONAL organization, it supports RO to the point of legalization….
    Go read what Keith Stroup had to say about it……

    Sorry…..but It looks like you claim NORML is AGAINST the RO initiative, which simply isn’t accurate.

  51. This “commission” will just the the PUCO which determines rates for utility companies, the members of the PUCO are are all former utility company executives, that’s why the PUCO is a joke and approve every requested rate hike.

  52. Your arguments are hilarious and baseless, apparently your crystal ball is much better than most. Do you even understand how terrible your arguments are?? In a decade IF every other state surrounding Ohio passes marijuana legalization then the prices might come down. How moronic can you be?? To expect everyone to live under a MONOPOLY just in case other states pass something, just in case the feds pass something, etc etc.Here’s what RO comes down to, 10 wealthy people will be able to buy seeds for pennies, grow the plants, and then sell each plant for somewhere between 1000.00-2000.00, that’s why they want the cultivation monopoly and nothing to do with retail.

  53. What the hell are you talking about “when it’s legal nation wide” THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON THAT WOULD INDICATE THAT WOULD HAPPEN IN THE NEXT DECADE!! So your trying to suggest that Ohioan’s should sacrifice their marijuana business opportunities to these 10 people for good of the nation?? Get real, there’s no way you can spin this that makes it look good for Ohioans. As for Colorado being a utopia, I use them as an example of FREE MARKET ENTERPRISE where RO is a MONOPOLY, HUGE difference. Again, tell me why 10 people should be able to own the most profitable part of the business???

  54. Yeah it is a great deal for the 10 people purchasing the most profitable part of the Marijuana business!!! You’re reasoning is all IF’s AND’s OR BUT”S, IF there’s national legalization (which there is no indication there will be) IF some Ohio Legislator proposes a new amendment, IF that fictional amendment is then passed by voters, etc etc. I”m glad you finally admitted what that is A MONEY GRAB and they will make SUBSTANTIAL PROFITS FOREVER because you can be damn sure they will do whatever it takes to protect their monopoly. You keep spouting about national legalization which at this point is a total pipe dream. You want weed so bad you”re willing to let 10 rich aholes have the whole thing??????

  55. OK JohnB JUSTIFY why you think it’s OK for 10 wealthy individuals to be the ONLY ones allowed to operate the most lucrative part of the Marijuana business??

  56. Big money is trying to take over Ohio’s and that’s what many of us are trying to stop, it’s simply not right that 10 people can buy the entire Marijuana market in one state and that’s what’s being attempted here in ohio

  57. Right, RO will obviously set the initial price, and they currently have it (extrapolated) pegged at about $320/ounce after taxes – more or less in line with current illegal market prices.

    That price level gives them a chance to make a profit in the two or three years that they will exist, before national legalization comes along. Once national legalization happens, some Ohio legislator will propose a new constitutional amendment to negate this one and bring Ohio law into accord with national law.

    When constitutional amendments start in the legislature, they don’t have to go through all that petition gathering, and the process is much easier.

    So, yeah, I get it when folks see this as a money grab – because, of course, it is. Good for them; I’d never begrudge a brother from making a buck – it’s what we all want, after all.

    We’re making an exchange; they get to make substantial profits for a few years, while we get legal cannabis and the chance to open retail stores.

    That sounds like a great deal to me.

  58. I think the point that Kyle doesn’t get at all, and that you may have missed here, is that Jon Thomas and I are thinking and commenting about legalization on a broader scale and longer time line that we don’t always make explicit.

    I can’t speak for Jon, but most of the comments that I make are from the perspective of how the market will look in five or ten years, not January 1st, 2016.

    You have to look at this whole thing as a big, long process, and this is just one step (albeit a critical one) in that longer, and much older, process.

    So, for example, when Jon says “they will have to yield to the price levels of surrounding states,” he is talking about years from now, once cannabis has become an interstate commodity.

  59. I like how even two days after I posted the language directly from the amendment, your still have no comment about it other than to continue telling lies that are obviated by the very legislation against which you rail.

  60. When it is legal nationwide – and Ohio is a CRITICAL part of that happening (something you don’t seem able to comprehend) – then, yes, the price of cannabis in neighboring states will indeed affect the price of cannabis in Ohio.
    It’s called interstate commerce, perhaps you’ve heard of it?

    Your post here shows just how short-sighted your comments (and lies) are; you can’t see past day one of legalization, and you don’t understand how important Ohio is politically to the entire national movement.

    I have a suggestion, though, since you seem to think Colorado is Utopia. Move there.

  61. I’m certain those rules won’t be onerous because the amendment begins with requiring the commission to foster the growth of a cannabis industry – even going so far as to establish and fund an innovation incubator to help academicians and entrepreneurs bring new technologies and other ideas to the market.

    The “unreasonably impracticable” clause prevents the commission from creating barriers to the list of things they are tasked with getting started, which includes home grow.

    So, for example, they could require a name and address, but they couldn’t require, say, background checks, both because there is no money to fund such a requirement and because it does not meet the intent of the legislation, which is to make getting a grow permit about as difficult as getting a fishing license.

  62. newageblues on

    How does one go about lobbying an oversight board?

    Oh, for example by hiring their buddies, or buddies of their buddies if you don’t want to be too obvious about it.

  63. newageblues on

    They are talking about “Commission-promulgated rules and regulations”. Why are you so sure those rules won’t mess with us? Why should I have confidence that the commission won’t abuse us and that the rigged cannabis hating courts won’t side with them? Just the other day you talked about how little faith you have in Washington State politicians. So why have confidence in a Ohio politician appointed Commission and the rigged courts that will decide what they can get away with?

  64. jessie james on

    In Colorado clones are not counted until a set height and number of leaf sets this allows you to grow litterally unlimited numbers to sell this allows anyone a chance to share the wealth however seeds are not legal to sell after three years I can say just about anyone can make a living there the industry is amazing there are trimmers trim machine rentals used grow shops Craig’s list has everything you could imagine go on Craig’s list Colorado Denver type mmj so many pages you won’t believe grow shops have Friday night meet and greet so its easy to find who your looking for hope we get it in Texas soon I’m writing letters every week freedom is awesome even the cops there are cool with weed they don’t care makes coming home to Texas suck normal folks need the oppertuinity not big corporations that’s how it is in colorado

  65. I agree with you newageblues with regards to those that need it medically, and I think it’s disgusting the RO is using them as the leverage to purchase this monopoly. Even if it is voted through (which I pray it is not) there is no telling what they will do in the future, they will have full control and WON”T give it up once they have it. I’m still not willing to hold my nose and support it, it’s to important to give to 10 people

  66. You’re not even from ohio, you’re posting on every weed article all over the country so your opinion is pointless…

  67. So once you get the grow permit, you’ll never be inspected? Sounds good, I’ll just grow a 100 plants then.Everyone with a grow permit will be on a list and you’re trying to say that there will never be “compliance inspections”??? Riiiiiiight…….

  68. You’re arguments are nothing but “what if’s” they are baseless and do not further your argument. IF federal prohibition falls then these 10 guys will have laid the ground work for them to create generational wealth for themselves while everyone else gets the left overs.

  69. Criticized the 10 grower option because it’s a monopoly, like everyone knows it is

  70. I’ve been a supporter of NORML for years and RO isn’t a group they are interested in supporting, sorry

  71. THAT IS TRUE!!!! Like these guys are going to spend this kind of money TO BUY THE OHIO MARIJUANA MARKET AND THEN GIVE IT UP???? Jesus, how stupid do you think people are?? They are spending MILLIONS trying to buy it, there is no way they are going to give up their monopoly.

  72. The only thing RO accomplishes is the destruction of entrepreneurship and the creation of a legal drug cartel controlled by 10 people. Apparently the thriving, and GROWING marijuana market in can’t be sustained because it’s to successful???? RO’s initiative will definitely accomplish the OPPOSITE OF WHAT IS GOING ON IN COLORADO so we do agree, hundreds of successful small business will be whittled down to 10 successful individuals.

  73. That’s BS, we don’t have to end up there, the ONLY WAY THAT WILL HAPPEN IS IF YOUR CRAP LEGISLATION IS PASSED!!!! Your trying to sell a self fulfilling prophecy, YES the corporations will take over if RO’s legislation is passed, IF RO IS DEFEATED THE CORPORATIONS LOOSE! So no, your reality is NOT REALITY

  74. Oh yea because the price of weed in KY, PA, and WV is going to drive the market price down in ohio right??? What planet are you living on?? The only people on here saying how wonderful RO is are either WITH them or don’t live in Ohio like Krystofer Bakka who posts on every weed story all over the country. This is BAD for Ohio and BAD for everyone that wants weed.

  75. Well, since Ohio’s Marijuana will be a MONOPOLY controlled by 10 1%er’s of course they will be able to keep the price wherever they want it.

  76. If you qualify……NOTHING RO is doing is ANYTHING like Colorado, there everyone shares the wealth, here it would be ten people sharing it

  77. newageblues on

    “Since marijuana is so near harmless, the ONLY regulation it needs is to prohibit sales/giving to children.”

    Tell it to the RO people. They’re the ones who need convincing.

  78. newageblues on

    Why are you so sure the other states won’t follow the same model of a legal cartel with prices about the same as prohibition levels? That’s the kind of legalization that the Governors and Legislatures and cops all want and are very likely to keep wanting.With basic legalization achieved, and middle class users to whom price is secondary getting what they need, I don’t see where the money and energy to override RO’s monopoly will come from. I could deal with their monopoly and prohibition level prices for a few years, and even that disgusting big brother style requirement to register, but I don’t share your confidence that’s all it would last for.
    At this point my only reason for voting for it would be that seriously ill medical marijuana patients need help now. RO’s got me by the balls on that one.

  79. How will they be able to maintain their “monopoly” after the federal prohibition falls – likely in 2017? Then, marijuana will be a NATIONAL market like every other commodity.

  80. When you fill your post with personal attacks, it means you really have no faith in your argument. You say:

    >>>”We will be slaves to these 10 monopoly holders forever,”

    You know that’s not true. There’s no way RO, or anyone, can control the price of marijuana after re-legalization.

    I can already regularly find $120 an ounce specials at some dispensaries in the Bay area. After the dust settles on re-legalization, average quality herb will sell for around $50 an ounce or less, nationally.

    RO will follow or go out of business.

  81. Colorado is not a model for the future – only for the chaotic moment of re-legalization.
    Since marijuana is so near harmless, the ONLY regulation it needs is to prohibit sales/giving to children.

    The Byzantine morass of regulations in Colorado will not survive a rational, settled market.

    Arriving at that point ASAP is our goal, and RO accomplishes that.

  82. But they will have to yield to the price levels of surrounding states very early in the process. – That’s a non-issue.

  83. It may be easy for them to influence the price at the beginning, but as the rest of the country re-legalizes marijuana, there is no way Ohio will be able to maintain $300 an ounce prices, while the rest of the country is selling at $50 an ounce.

    Their brief advantage in the beginning is well worth the benefit of their huge investment bringing freedom to a state east of the Mississippi. That will likely be the death knell of the fraudulent federal prohibition.

  84. jessie james on

    There must be home cultivation I’ve lived in Colorado for three years back in Texas now Colorado’s program is as good as it currently gets its a starting place

  85. Krystofer Bakka on

    I’m a NORML member….
    NORML is a national organization that supports the States efforts to Reform Marijuana laws….

    They dont disparage RO either…

    the Ohio Decriminalization Law wouldn’t change…. you wouldnt be guilty of a felony with 99gms….before or after RO.

  86. She doesn’t work for ro. She works for the Strategy Network. You have to remember these people are professional petitioners, not activists.

  87. Any distalation of alcohol is illegal . Beer and wine become illegal once in the still.

  88. “Well maybe that’s the point, not to go the way of the rest of agriculture.”

    I hate to bust up your youthful exuberance with my old-man cynicism, but “good luck with that.”

    “Cannabis is more than just a commodity”

    It may be a natural mystic to you (and to me), but to the companies that will control the market in ten years, it’s just another commodity.

    My point is that all this fear and loathing of corporations is just pissing in the wind. We’re going to end up there, so why go there kicking and screaming?
    Instead, try to find a way to make that reality work FOR you…

  89. Please check the post below for actual amendment language.

    NOWHERE does it say that “you must make your grow room available to law enforcment for inspection 24/7.”

    Please stop spreading misinformation. I know you don’t like RO’s approach – and you certainly have every right to make legitimate arguments against them and to vote no in November – but you have no right to willfully spread misinformation or paranoia.

  90. Since you obviously aren’t going to read the proposal for yourself, here is the relevant portion, directly from the amendment:

    (D) Personal Use of Marijuana and Authorization of Homegrown Marijuana

    It is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to purchase, possess, transport, use and share with another person 21 years of age or older
    one ounce or less of marijuana or its equivalent in marijuana-infused products.

    It is lawful for persons 21 years of age or older to grow, cultivate, use, possess and share with another person 21 years of age or older
    homegrown marijuana in an amount not to exceed four flowering marijuana plants and eight ounces of usable homegrown marijuana at a given time; provided,
    however, that such person must first obtain a non-transferrable license pursuant to Commission-promulgated rules and regulations, which include, at a
    minimum, registration requirements and rules ensuring that homegrown marijuana is not grown or consumed within public view and that home-growing takes place
    in an enclosed, locked space inaccessible to persons under the age of 21.

    See, there is no “application”; you just pay the fee and register, signing a permit form that states you understand the rules.

    The commission may not make any sort of rule that obstructs home grow permits, under the “Unreasonably impracticable” clause of the amendment.

  91. NORML, and MPP both support RO, even though they both have criticized the 10-grower portion of the amendment.

  92. Maybe you should stop posting while stoned, either that or proof read, I have no idea what you’re trying to say. If the free market is an illusion, then why are there so many first time business owners in other states killing it?? I can’t help it your lazy and smoke to much hooch to go out and open your own business but to each is own. Also, I’m an Ohioan, not some loser scouring the internet to post on every pot article in every state, you’re a troll.

  93. Do you have anything to contribute or did you just stop in for gay jokes that don’t make any sense?

  94. Yes I am are you for the movement or not quit. Apparently not, since you state “It is not worth it at any cost”. The free market is an illusion or we would all be rich. You need to come down to really. Also responsible adults do not need to pay fines for safe use of an herb. If they are putting people in danger than that is a different story; however, States that have legalized seem to be doing very well, less crime more money and approval of cannabis use is greater now than when initially legalized. Some people seem to think that the only safe heaven is to live in a glass box. LEAGIZE NOW!

  95. newageblues on

    You mean you can grow your own if your landlord allows it? Too bad there’s nothing about community gardens in there, for people who can’t grow at home..

  96. newageblues on

    “The big corporate farms will buy out or price out all the smaller farms, just like the rest of agriculture.”

    Well maybe that’s the point, not to go the way of the rest of agriculture. Cannabis is more than just a commodity. And besides, this isn’t natural market forces acting, for better or worse. It’s a legal cartel relying on cops with guns to enforce its monopoly.

  97. I’m not trolling anyone “Bro”, I”m just doing everything I can to make sure I’m not stuck living under this monopoly.

  98. No it’s not, and I did miss speak, it is a 150.00 if caught in possession of 100G or less, this info is straight from NORML.org, who by the way DOES NOT SUPPORT RO

  99. newageblues on

    They had lotsa paid signature gatherers. that may be the whole explanation right there.

  100. newageblues on

    “Why do they need to see anything other than a business opportunity?”

    $320 an ounce for weed in Ohio without black market hassle would be a big improvement in many people lives, in at least some parts of the state, especially if you’re affluent or don’t use much. But the price for top quality weed should be well under $100 an ounce, and if the investor groups are only in it for the money, and if they’re willing to spend $20-36 mil, or whatever it is to win this year, how much will they be willing to spend in the future to keep the price where they like it, at $320 an ounce? That’s why I’d like to know if they’re only it in for the money.

  101. Krystofer Bakka on

    Ohio state Decriminalization language is 100 grams….not 1 ounce…

    And your statement is false anyway.

  102. If EVERYONE will be allowed to grow, why can’t you just purchase a permit??? The reason there is an APPLICATION is because you have to meet criteria, of which we have not been informed. If what you’re trying to sell is true, you would just be issued a permit, there be no need to “apply”, and hope your application is approved,nice try

  103. You’re obviously someone connected to RO because that answer is BS, to act like there will not be a list of requirements to be met if you want a grow permit is a total lie….

  104. Bongstar420 on

    Heavy users with low paying jobs need cheap drugs. Pure and simple. The “business opportunity” increases prices like taxes.

  105. Yes, that is correct; anyone who pays the fee and returns with it the completed application, in which the grower agrees not to grow in public view and to keep the grow in a locked secured space, will be issued the permit.

    Again, READ the actual proposal.

  106. Sure it is, try and spin it however you like, Colorado is a great blue print if you want a thriving industry creating 100s of small business that foster innovation and growth. The RO plan is a monopoly controlled by a 10 person monopoly that owns the most profitable part of the industry while leaving the scraps for everyone else. No thanks

  107. Well, that’s a sample of one, and it’s dubious at best, since I can find no evidence anywhere on the internet that RO has ever printed or published any pamphlet or “literature,” as the original poster claimed.

    They certainly didn’t have any when I signed at my local Kroger a few weeks ago.

    And, for the record, I asked if it was ResponsibleOhio and got an unequivocal “yes.”

  108. Hyperbole and outright lies.

    Under this proposal anyone may have in their possession up to one ounce – in your car, in your back pocket, wherever.
    So, the trafficking claim is simply a lie.

    And, as far as the hyperbole of being a “slave” to RO goes, well, no one will be forced to buy product from any of the ten corporations.

    You can grow your own – more than any individual consumer could possibly exhaust – and never set foot in a legal retail store.

  109. Please copy and paste the initiative language that says this. Betcha can’t.

    ANYBODY who wants to grow their own can apply, and will receive, their permit.

    And where is the funding going to come from to pay for all these jack-booted government goons going door-to-door to check for one plant over the limit?

  110. Yeah, because drug dealers take the time to douse their plants in pesticides, give me a break…

  111. They keep acting like grow permits are guaranteed, THEY ARE NOT!! At this point we don’t even know what you need to qualify to get one, what the approval proccess and who approves it. This is like Pelosi saying, “we have to pass it if we want to know what’s int it”, I know what’s in it, a big time ass fuking for anyone that enjoys Marijuana.

  112. Yes, they do, and that’s a wonderful model.
    It’s just not a model that the majority of Ohio’s conservative voters are going to approve.

    Also, I said “one day.” But, if you need a number, then my guess is that within five years of Federal re-legalization, cannabis production in America is dominated by no more than a half-dozen mega-corporations, just like any other commodity.

    The big corporate farms will buy out or price out all the smaller farms, just like the rest of agriculture.
    That’s reality.

  113. Really? then why hasn’t it happened in Colorado? Colorado has 100s and 100s of small business growing and retailing their own strains, products, etc, creating jobs and tax dollars this group WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO PRODUCE!!! If you can’t grow it there’s no reason to retail it, the money is in the growing, that’s what the 10 want to grow and not retail, get it????

    Or maybe they got so many signatures because they’re a bit underhanded like the poster above spoke of?

  114. There’s a lot of hyperbole and plain untruth in your post.

    First, no one is a “slave” to RO. If you don’t like them or what they stand for, don’t buy their product.
    Grow your own, it’s as simple as that. This proposal allows you to do so, legally.

    Second, being in possession of an ounce or less will be perfectly legal while traveling in Ohio. To claim that it would lead to a trafficking charge is simply untrue.
    An ounce in your car or on your person, and up to 8 ounces of finished product at home – that’s the new law.
    Please stop lying about it.

  115. Well said, it’s WAY to easy for 10 people to manipulate the price and supply, don’t let the 1%ers get away with this

  116. IF YOU’RE GRANTED A GROW PERMIT!!! Stop making it sound like anyone will be able to grow if they want to, that’s not true! Also, make sure everyone knows that by purcahsing the 50.00 grow permit you must make your grow room available to law enforcment for inspection 24/7 any time they decide to. Nobody should support this,….

  117. Kyle, you and RedBloodedOhioVoter, or “Ohio Voter” as he goes by here, seem to be living in a world of ideals.

    Most Ohioans live in a world of pragmatic reality.

    And, the reality is that the entire cannabis industry will one day be dominated by a handful of huge corporations – just like beer, just like automobiles, just like cigarettes, etc.

    You can rage against the machine all you like, but you should know going in that you are taking a no-win position.

    As far as analogies to Colorado go, well, ask yourself this; why has no proposal even close to a Colorado model ever gained any serious traction whatsoever in Ohio?

    Is it because Ohio is a conservative and business-minded state?

    Perhaps the reason RO’s proposal has garnered such remarkable support so far (over 400,000 signatures already) is because it is the most business-like.

  118. Are you serious??? Legalization at any cost is NOT WORTH IT!!!! We will be slaves to these 10 monopoly holders forever, what the hell people? They want to SQUASH the free market and own the whole thing!!! On top of that this initiative will make current Ohio marijuana laws MORE STRICT!!!! Ohio already decriminalized weed up to an 1oz, if you get caught with that much or less its a 150.00 fine and THAT’S IT!! If this passes you would then be charged with trafficking!!!! JUST VOTE NO!!

  119. Well said sir, I’m soooo glad to see this many people who understand what is going on here, this is nothing but a power grab by the 1% to own the entire MJ market, this is crap legislation that is only going to benefit 10 ALREADY VERY WEALTHY INDIVIDUALS. Does every pot lover on here want to be a slave to these 10??? This is NOTHING like what is going on in Colorado, that is the blue print Ohio needs to follow.

  120. How does one go about lobbying an oversight board?
    They have no political authority to make changes, only to see that the law is being followed, and that the system is operating as designed.

    Further, your point about the board being aligned with the Governor’s stance, philosophically, only reinforces the fact that there is no government-corporate collusion here, as many want to insinuate.

    The board will be antagonists to the growers, if anything, and therefore on the same side as those opposed to ResponsibleOhio.

  121. I want to know that’s it’s grown clean, without pesticides.
    The street dealers aren’t remotely concerned about the growing process, all they care about is putting $$ into their sleazy pockets.

  122. when you are asked to sign a petition the ballot language must be avalable to read on the spot when asked by public, which should show a clear title to the amendment. that entire ballot language would/should be attached to the petition itself… read before you sign…

  123. That’s interesting. Have you let the folks at RO know about this?
    I know for a fact that they want their petition gatherers to be truthful, and I’m sure they will want to stop any such instances as you describe.

    Contact them, and give the organization a chance to make right the mistake of a single individual working for the organization.

    What was the petition location?

  124. I asked the petitioner if she was petitioning on behalf of ResponsibleOhio. She said “no.” She told me she was working for “The Blue Team.” I know there is no such cannabis organization in Ohio called “The Blue Team.” So,I asked if she had any literature about her organization and could I see it. She reached in her “Blue Team” blue fanny pack and pulled out ResponsibleOhio’s literature!

  125. You really need to read the actual proposed legislation. It is available in PDF form on ResponsibleOhio’s website.

    The home grow provision allows for up to half a pound (8 ounces) of finished product at any given time, in addition to four FLOWERING plants at any time, and an UNLIMITED number of plants in the vegetative state.

    If you can’t keep your stash box full under those conditions, then you should probably give up gardening altogether.

    Oh, and it’s not at all “unclear what will be required in order to receive a home cultivation license”; it’s quite simple, fill out a one page form that says you have read and understand the law, and then send it in with your (up to) fifty bucks.

    There is no indication that the fee is recurring, nor has the actual price been established, only the upper limit.

    So, really, you’re telling me that a potential lifetime permit to legally grow cannabis for your own consumption, for fifty bucks or less, is onerous?

    CORRECTION: The home grow fee is an annual one, not lifetime. Still, $50 a year? That’s less than my annual fishing license (KY).

  126. Why do they need to see anything other than a business opportunity?

    If you extrapolate from their 2020 tax revenue figures, it looks as if the retail price is currently predicted to be about $320/oz after tax, which is a better price than I have seen for anything other than schwag in southwest Ohio.

  127. On Saturday, May 23 I was lied to by a ResponsibleOhio petitioner. She lied to me, to get me to sign her petition – which I did not. Even though i am a devoted Medical Marijuana advocate, I do not support lying and manipulating ill informed voters. Therefore, i believe the ResponsibleOhio petitions should thrown out. Legalization at any cost is not a victory.

  128. Greed amongst 10 already wealthy folk who now want to corner the market. As far as I’m concerned weed laws are so archaic as to be a joke. No matter what happens in November life will go on. I will partake as I please. The Constitutions says it’s my duty as an American to disregard this assinine ‘law.’
    Not good when the infighting begins. Let the chips fall where they may. I don’t have a nickel in it.

  129. Who are these 10 investor groups? Do any of them believe in recreational marijuana as more than a business opportunity? Could one of these groups grow enough to drive the before tax price down to normal market level in the whole state if they wanted to?

  130. Scott Dahlstrom on

    I’m glad this complaint was dismissed. ORG has done nothing but piss and moan and campaign against RO ever since RO was formed, and then they have the audacity to claim RO is sabotaging them?

  131. newageblues on

    “There will be a Governor-appointed oversight board that can approve additional growers in the future, or even revoke an original license if there is any impropriety, such as price-fixing.”

    There will be a Governor appointed oversight board that couldn’t care less what most Ohioans think, just like the Governor couldn’t care less about the overwhelming majority of Ohioans who support medicinal marijuana. And RO will be hiring the best scam artists, excuse me I mean lobbyists, that money can buy.

  132. If the cartel sells by supply and demand they can limit amount available and charge more for it, we’d owe our soul to the guy who control the stash.I would learn to grow my own if I have to and still buy a bit to fill in the gaps. If we have a free market competition will drive the prices down to dirt cheap which is a real big win for us all and those who have medical need for it like myself would be able to have a product of choice instead of taking a limited type of marijuana, not all pot is good pot and they might sell just what they want at a high price just to satisfy a few people. Changing the law after a cartel gets in would be almost impossible as once the state gets their taste of the guaranteed income they won’t want to miss out by changing the law. Ohio to End Prohibition is a group that wants a free market like Colorado and it can work if they can get it on the ballot.

  133. newageblues on

    Worry about the details later? The problem with that is that if the legal cartel is willing to spend $20 mil (or it is $36 mil, see next comment) to get their monopoly, how much would they be willing to spend to squelch any change that would threaten their monopoly? They only added the 4 plant personal grow provision under heavy pressure, that sure doesn’t inspire confidence in their motives to me.

  134. newageblues on

    You can make your own moonshine w/ out taxes, without having to register with the state, and in larger quantity than they are allowing with weed.

  135. So the choice is simple:

    Vote YES to ResponsibleOhio and change the Ohio Constitution to make 10 of the richest people in Ohio the ONLY people who can LEGALLY PROFIT from growing marijuana.


    Vote against ResponsibleOhio, and force them to change their amendment to favor an inclusive free market for ResponsibleOhio’s run in 2016

    Here are the facts:

    ResponsibleOhio originally intended to keep homegrows ILLEGAL until public outrage forced them to bend.

    ResponsibleOhio’s constitutional amendment can ONLY BE CHANGED via the same multi-million dollar petition gathering and campaign process. Leaving Ohioans with no recourse to further amend the oligopoly’s market dominance

    ResponsibleOhio’s language is clear. only THE LUCKY TEN corporations can legally profit from growing marijuana. That means if anyone were to sell homegrown marijuana they would black market and subject to felony drug trafficking.

    ResponsibleOhio’s Homegrowing requires a state license with yearly fees, making those who do not comply, black market cultivators and/or criminals. Not to mention the costs, property rights and knowledge required to successfully grow INDOOR marijuana is not viable for most people.

    1100 retail locations will be available to the public, however many people will not be able to afford the costs of starting a dispensary + licensing fees (250k startup+10-50k license). Banks will NOT be loaning people money to start these business’s, leaving most license’s to the most wealthy or connected with responsibleohio loans.

    ResponsibleOhio’s amendment DOES NOT prevent their investors from owning multiple retail licenses, further leaving out the middle class (see above fact)

    ResponsibleOhio knows the BLACK MARKET WILL SURGE and DRUG TRAFFICKING ARRESTS WILL RISE, but ResponsibleOhio doesn’t care about any the consequences of their corporate biased amendment. They simply have too much to gain ass becoming the ONLY legal forefathers of Ohio’s 2 billion dollar+ industry.

    But you dont care, because all you wanna do is spend your paychecks on corporate doobies? briliant

  136. Store left out that the 10 commercial growers put in 36 MILLION dollars to the campaign. Get both on the ballot and the best will win

  137. Once you give up the right to grow, you will NEVER get it back. Moonshine is still illegal 200 years later. Better to do it right.

  138. a lot of the posts are all about greed. Who gets the money, who doesn’t, instead of focusing on the big picture, that is to get cannabis legalized!! If this opinions continue I see very difficult for any legalization effort to succeed, that means prohibition will continue. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND LEGALIZE!!! Worry about the details later, its much easier that way!

  139. newageblues on

    If the legal price is the same as the black market price, it doesn’t make a difference to me. I’d prefer to deal with friends and the grass roots economy than pay extortion to the state and the legal cartel.

  140. I don’t care who wins as long as it is legalized and I can go to the store and buy my weed legally and I can stop going to an illegal drug dealer to get it. I am go to vote for ResponsibleOhio they have to most to sine up to put it on the ballot to be voted on. So that one has the best chance win.

  141. newageblues on

    If the corporations beat the farmers’ markets on a level playing field, that’s one thing. Banning the farmers’ market, like RO wants to do, is another matter. Why worry about competition when you can simply ban it is RO’s mentality The same control freak thought process that led to cannabis being banned to begin with. Why worry about competition from cannabis culture when you can simply ban it. And now Johnny Green is saying “It’s unclear what will be required in order to receive a home cultivation license.” This initiative is a very mixed bag even with a clear right to grow a measly 4 duly registered plants. If that right is not clear, that’s a big problem.

  142. Whose spreading the misinformation? I don’t think it’s me, are you seriously trying to say that everyone involved with this isn’t a 1%, most are .5% and they are the only ones that are going to make any real money if this crap gets pushed through. If you think 10 people supplying 1100 retail locations isn’t a monopoly you need your head examined. As far as my grasp on economics, let me tell you how the economics of this monopoly will work. There will only be 10 grow houses supplying 1100 retail locations, those 1100 locations MUST buy from one of these 10 Monopoly holders, the competition among 1100 retail locations will be severe and since they can’t control their own product costs (those will be determined by the monopoly holders) the only competitive advantage one location will be able to have over another is PRICE. Now, that being the case this will be financially devastating to those on the retail level because it will be a race to the bottom. Now, keep in mind the retailers will be struggling while those that own the monopoly will continue making the same margins regardless of what’s happening with the retailers so they will be insulated. This is CRAP legislation that anyone with half a brain would NOT SUPPORT!!! If it’s not a Monopoly then why not follow the blue print of Colorado???? I know why, becuase the wealthy don’t own the pot market in Colorado like the would here, PLEASE PEOPLE DO NOT BUY INTO THE charade!!.

  143. Take a bath! and sign up for an economics class! Ten property locations with different businesses at each with multiple investors is far from a monopoly, which is already illegal along with cartel and oligopoly activity in the state of Ohio and Federally. You can see the Attorney Generals website regarding antitrust laws to see for yourself. Add to fact that the RO amendment creates a commission with the authority to add additional property locations for commercial growing, which is entirely appointed by an elected official each term, then we have a good start at an open market. Further, over 1100 retail licenses and more based on population, along with caregiver, patient prescription system, dispensary and industrial licenses, as well as home growing, then I’d say competition is coming from different levels not just from among ten businesses and more later, but directly from people who want to grow their own.

  144. Please stop spreading misinformation. First, RO is funded by ten separate corporations, not “ten very wealthy individuals.” Those corporations are made up of quite a few individual investors, almost none of whom qualify as “the 1%.”
    Warren Buffet is in the 1%; Nick Lachey, not so much.
    Second, they won’t “own the entire industry forever.”
    There will be a Governor-appointed oversight board that can approve additional growers in the future, or even revoke an original license if there is any impropriety, such as price-fixing.
    There will also be nearly 1,200 licenses available to retailers and manufacturers who are wholly independent of the ten corporations holding the original ten grow licenses.

    Third, there are NO “better options” anywhere close to getting on the ballot in Ohio, not even in 2016. The organizers of those other efforts are amateurs, unfunded, and working toward their efforts on a part-time basis. Some of them have been trying for as many as five years and have never even gotten close to getting on a ballot.

    ResponsibleOhio, as of last week, had more than 400,000 signatures – four times as many as any other competitor has gathered in the same time frame, and nearly 100,000 more than the minimum number required to make the ballot.

    Finally, and most importantly, those who campaign against RO are in effect campaigning against legalization nationwide.
    Follow this:
    Ohio is a political bellweather state, or as the saying goes, “as Ohio goes, so goes the nation.”
    For Ohio to go from complete prohibition to complete legalization in one step will be historic, and it will lend impetus to dozens of other conservative-leaning states’ legalization efforts in 2016.
    In other words, Ohio legalization is a dam buster, unleashing a flood of legalization in other states in 2016, which will in turn finally lead to capitulation by the federal government.

    Legalization in Ohio is important to nationwide legalization; its defeat in 2015 could set back the national movement by as much as five years.
    Conversely, it’s passage virtually guarantees nationwide legalization within the next three years.

  145. I, for one, do not “fear a corporate takeover of” cannabis. Instead, I recognize that it is inevitable.
    Anyone who thinks that a potential 50 billion dollar a year economy is going to develop into a gigantic farmer’s market is just delusional.
    Legalization is going to happen via commercialization – especially now that ResponsibleOhio has put out a template that will be copied and modified in other states.

  146. Responsible Ohio’s proposal is a constatutionally protected monopoly comprised of 10 very wealthy individuals who will own the entire industry forever, DO NOT SUPPORT THIS!!!!! There are other MUCH better options trying to get on the ballot, Don’t let the 1% buy it!!!!

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