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Comprehensive Hospice To Provide Medical Marijuana To Patients


grandma marijuana senior seniors cannabis grandpaComprehensive Hospice in Phoenix, Arizona is the first care provider in Arizona to offer medical marijuana to patients in its care. The new service has resulted in the staff of Comprehensive Hospice being licensed and trained to handle medical marijuana. I have heard of a few places in other states that allow medical marijuana to be consumed by patients being cared for by hospice providers, but this is the first time I have heard of hospice staff getting involved at this level. From ABC 15:

“I’ve tried medications and that don’t help,” a patient named Samaniego said.

Now, as a patient at Comprehensive Hospice, he’s considering trying medical marijuana.

“I need something to take this pain away from me, please,” Samaniego said.

I’m hopeful that hospice staff at other companies will follow Comprehensive Hospice’s lead. People that need hospice care would benefit greatly from using medical marijuana. Most patients suffer from some type of pain or discomfort, and medical marijuana can help relieve their suffering. I know a lot of companies shy away from medical marijuana for fear of prosecution, but those fears are not well founded.

I have a friend that relocated from Illinois to Oregon so that she could use medical marijuana legally while receiving hospice care. She still has to get medical marijuana herself, which is not easy. If the staff that provided her hospice care could also provide her with medical marijuana, I know it would help her a lot. Hopefully this becomes a service offered by more companies sooner than later.


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  1. Richard Elvers on

    federal law prohibits any one who uses marijuana for their meds is screwed. but booze and other drugs hur ray they can rely shoot em up. doesn’t make any sense at all. I had a sheriff standing beside me and telling me straight out he’d rather have me shooting than some of those asses. they don’t use their heads.

  2. Richard Elvers on

    at last there realizing it helps,!! and the seniors get the relief from some of their pain and if they have seizure problems and can’t take the pharmaceutical’s at lest the have what works for them.!!! its about time

  3. Walla_Walla_Weed_Man on

    Maybe the new retail stores in Washington State could donate their 3 gram samples at the end of each month to a local hospice…..

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